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Your Guide to Buying the Best Pressure Washer

What you can do with a well-designed power washer is only limited by your imagination. You can find one being used to clean off the stain from a sidewalk or the deck of a yacht. It is the right tool one can use to keep your business sign clean, your high glass window clean, or turn your vehicle into a clean ride again.

Power washers are now so popular that most firms involved with offering cleaning services utilize them. While there are many variations of pressure washers, most brands can be classified as either powered by gas or electricity.

Before we get to some of the buying metrics you should pay attention to as you seek the best brand, let us examine the two types of power washers and the advantages and disadvantages offered by each.

Types of Pressure Washers

As you look closely at any top rated power washer, you would notice that it is either powered with electricity or some type of gas. Let’s examine the pros and cons offered by a gas powered pressure washer and electric power pressure washer.

Best Pressure Washer AA57

Pressure Washers Powered with Gas

A portable pressure washer that is powered by gas has increased flow rates and greater pressure, which makes it the ideal tool for industrial applications. Due to the fact the design for even the best gas power washer produces carbon monoxide, it is more appropriate to use it outdoors.

Since they do not require the use of outlets, you’re able to use one almost anywhere outdoors. The mobility offered makes them ideal to use on driveways, trucks, outdoor windows, sidings etc. The latest modern design for a gas powered pressure washer can be started manually using a pull start mechanism, or an electric starter setup.


Since they output more pressure and power, they are suitable for tackling industrial and heavy duty type cleaning jobs.

Most of the units you’ll find available for sale will not only offer mobility features, but the volume and pressure will also be adjustable.


Affordability might be an issue since most are priced higher than other types of pressure washers. They tend to be more costly to maintain based on the type of fuel needed to make one run efficiently.

Not only are they more expensive, but the bigger sizes generate more noise when in use.

Pressure Washers that Run on Electricity

While some might say most of the top brands are limited by the total power output as compared to the gas models, it is also true that the vast majority are made to use electricity.

The power source is readily available and it is possible to perform same cleaning duties that can be done with the gas powered brands.


The power source is readily available and most of the best pressure washers are designed this way. Most of your affordable electric power washers are made to be more efficient while producing less noise.

Apart from emitting less noise, you’re able to use the unit both indoors and outdoors because of the lack of any emission of pollutants.

Electric power washers contain less moving parts and most will require fewer maintenance steps for optimal operation.


Some of the top models can be pricey, some cost as much as the gas powered models. Some of the designs might appear bulky, and the limitations offered by the cord design restrict where and how you can use the unit.

Having water and electricity in such close proximity, requires caution on the part of the user to avoid a combustible mixture.

Buying Guide for Pressure Washers

When you’re looking at several brands of top rated pressure washers it might be challenging to choose one to suit your needs. To make the selection process easier, there are features you need to pay attention to.

Knowing exactly why you need to buy one, will make it easier to find the pressure washer for your unique needs.

How Would You Use It

If you’re seeking best pressure washer for cars, you narrow down the available choices to just a few brands. The one that can clean your vehicle is also capable of cleaning your sidewalk and home windows.

On the other hand, the top pressure washers one can use for industrial cleaning jobs can be counted on both hands. Regardless of what you read in other pressure washer reviews, this initial step should not be looked upon lightly, for it is the key to buying one for your specific needs.

Industrial or Commercial Grade Power Washers

Once you’ve determined how and what you’ll be using the unit for, your next step is to determine if you prefer an industrial or commercial grade pressure washer. While both types can enable the right cleaning, the pressure and water flow are significantly different.

Industrial grade power washers cost a little bit more but deliver a lot more power to make it easier to accomplish your cleaning task with ease. Commercial grade power washers are cheaper, but you’ll have to cope with less pressure and slower water flow.

If you need a pressure washer for your home cleaning needs, a well-designed commercial grade pressure washer should have more than enough power and pressure settings to keep your residence clean.

If your intention is to seek out cleaning jobs, you definitely should consider buying an industrial type of pressure washers, which guarantees you will be capable of handling any cleaning task thrown your way.

Portability Considerations

A power washer that uses electricity should be good enough for your home needs while you should consider the portable merits of a gas powered power washer if you need it for commercial purposes.

Wired connections have their own limitations even with an extended cord. In fact, most cleaning establishments that offer services have both units at hand, just in case the electrical connection is not close to the assigned task.

Other Considerations

Other important features to consider include the size, cleaning power and cost of the unit. Do not make cost the ultimate deciding factor when looking at a power washer to get the job done right.

It is far better to pay a little more and get a unit with the right features and settings than pay less to get one that will limit your ability to accomplish your cleaning task with ease.

7 Best Pressure Washers

With so many pressure washers to choose from, we took the time to do the analysis and bring you the models we thought delivers top value for the money spent. The first three reviewed are gas powered pressures washers and the remaining four are powered by electricity.

Gas Powered Pressure Washers

The following brands are designed to use some type of gas to function, so be sure to read the owner’s manual for the right kind of fuel.

1 – Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot

This is the ideal pressure washer that requires the least investment on your part. When you look at other gas pressure washer reviews online, you’ll discover the tool is simple to use and can be used to clean any type of deck.

You can use this unit to do just about any cleaning stuff outside. Simpson gas pressure washer is compact and lightweight, and can be easily transported by just one person.

This pressure washer powered by gas uses a Honda OHC engine, which is valued for reliability and dependability. It has a frame construction that’s welded and the mobility is enhanced by the pneumatic tires.

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot gas pressure washer comes with a 2-year limited warranty on the engine, one year warranty on the pump and frame components. The many accessories provided are only guaranteed for only 90 days.

2 – Powerstroke PS80519

Powerstroke PS80519

Another powerful and compact gas pressure washer is called Powerstroke PS80519. It is powered by a 140cc motor with an axial cam pump made from aluminum.

This unit can be bought in four different models with some having unique PSI (pounds per square inch) powers.

The many accessories that come with this gas pressure washer make it ideal for doing all types of outdoor cleaning duties. It is certified by the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association (PWMA) and requires minimal assembly to get it running.

3 – Generac 6565

Generac 6565

If you can get past the short unusual name, this highly valued commercial pressure washer outputs 4200 PSI. The triplex pump that it comes with has been known to last longer that your regular axial cam pumps.

It is powered by a 420cc engine, which makes it easier to accomplish your cleaning task with ease. It has a feature that shuts down the engine when the oil is low, which helps to prolong the life of the powerful engine.

Many of the provided accessories including the oversized Pneumatic Tires enhance the shock absorption and mobility capacity of the pressure washer. There are also two other lower priced models with less PSI.

Generac 6565 gas pressure washer is the unit you buy if your intention is to offer cleaning services to homeowners and industrial establishments.

If you reside in the state of California, this gas pressure washer cannot be sold or shipped to you, due to the use of an engine that is Non-CARB Compliant. Simply means, it generates more pollutants than its allowed in that state.

Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

There are more electric power washers than the gas powered ones. Here are the 4 brands we though deliver more value for the money.

4 – GreenWorks GW1501

GreenWorks GW1501

GreenWorks is able to deliver 1500 PSI, which gives it the ability to remove almost all grime and dirt found on the surface you want to clean.

Unlike other pressure washers, it is capable of being used horizontally or vertically, which provides better stability during the cleaning process.

It has a soap applicator with a 20-feet hose that can withstand high pressure. The power cord measures about 35-feet, which allows it to go further to clean most of your outside surfaces.

This best electric pressure washer is PWMA certified and comes with many different accessories to make it easier to deal with any cleaning task.

5 – Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000

Another great pressure washer is from a company called Sun Joe. It delivers 2030 PSI and has a selection dial for your detergent. The included powerful 14.5-Amp makes the motor output 1800 watts.

Some have called this essential cleaning tool the ideal dirt power. You get a high-pressure hose that measures about 20-feet and a power cord with a length of 35 feet.

Apart from the included garden hose adapter, the included trigger feature gives it the ability to shutdown itself when not in use.

Ultimately, this will save you energy and water usage. The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer is guaranteed for two years.

6 – THE FORCE 2000


The name for this best electric pressure washer is most appropriate and made by a company called Powerhouse International.

The power of the included two different nozzles is enhanced by the detergent dispenser. It also comes with a 20-feet hose and a total stop system (TSS) gun.

The motor found in the Force 2000 has an advanced thermal sensor, which helps to keep the unit from overheating. Below is a great video explaining how to assemble and use the electric power washer.

7 – AR Blue Clean AR390SS

The AR Blue Clean AR390SS is an electric pressure washer that is capable of delivering 2000 PSI, and it is recommended you only use cold water with this unit.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS

The included functioning hose reel is a good way to keep it organized as you perform your cleaning task.

You also get an onboard storage system one can use to keep all the included accessories organized and within easy reach when performing your cleaning task.

This affordable best pressure washer has all the required features to make cleaning even the tough dirty surfaces as easy as can be.