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Waste King Legend 8000 Review

Any modern kitchen is not complete unless it comes or contains a built-in food waste disposal unit. It is also possible to install one yourself as long as you have a regular kitchen sink with underneath cabinet and some space to spare.

Waste King is a company with a dominant position in this niche market, and we’ll take a closer look at the pros, cons, and the embedded features that come with the unit.

The Waste King l-8000 legend series is a continuous feed garbage disposal system that uses a one horsepower motor. It is one of the most popular do it yourself food waste disposal units since it can be easily be installed to your existing kitchen drain system.

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This garbage disposal unit from Waste King can reach 2,800 revolutions per minute, due to the high-speed magnetic motors. Most of the current users give it high marks for being very quiet when it is operating.

To prevent jamming, the swivel impellers are constructed from high-quality stainless steel. The grinding components are also made using stainless steel, which helps to keep the noise level down during usage.

It comes with all the needed accessories to accomplish a worry free installation.

Best of all, the lifetime warranty on major mechanical parts and against corrosion, is the best within the industry.


Since it is a continuous feed unit you’ll have to pay close attention to your little kids, by making sure they do not play around with it.

It is slightly larger than other units, so be sure you have the required space before purchasing one.

Some of the existing users claimed the installation was not as easy as one should expect. If you can follow technical directions you should be fine, or you can pay a few bucks and have an expert do the installation for you.

Features of the Waste King 8000 Legend

The popularity of the unit can be traced to the installation accessories included with your delivery. The included mount system comes with a short learning curve.

The inclusion of complete installation hardware is impressive to say the least. Some of the other units do not even bother to provide you with a power cord, but this one does.

Another impressive feature is the jam-proof swivel impellers that are made from durable stainless steel. Other parts of the grinding components are made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel is far superior at resisting rust, but just too quiet any concerns you might have, the included lifetime warranty covers any corrosion problem.

The included 1.0-horsepower motor might sound small to you, but it is far superior and outperforms some of the top selling brands.

To make your installation seamless, you need to have 115 volts. The waste king l-8000 is one of the quietest food waste disposers one can buy online.

Is it a Worthy Investment?

You can certainly look at the unit as an investment that would enhance the value of your dwelling. If you’re not handy with simple home repairs you should consider purchasing the expert home installation offered during the buying process.

A poor installation will cause the unit not to perform as intended. The company even produced a well-documented installation video showing the steps.

To make it a worthy investment in our opinion, the lifetime warranty makes it easy decisions to buy one now for your kitchen sink.