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Effective Training Tips to Lose Weight As Fast As Possible

I remember vividly the quiet conversation that started among friends at a local restaurant that soon degenerated into name calling and a broken friendship. A good friend that was getting married in a few months wanted to know the fastest way to lose 20 pounds in less than three months. Someone suggested he stop drinking so much beer and get his ass into the gym, which soon elicited protest and counter-reactions from the seven guys present.

I told you that little story because Americans are getting fatter on a daily basis despite the desire of many to stay thin. I suggested to my friends that since the advent of numerous digital devices obesity among our citizens is now at alarming proportions.

Millions of people don’t do fun things that do not include digital devices anymore. I lost that argument as my buddies did not see the relation between digital devices and weight gain.

Google recently confirmed that apart from porn searches, millions of people regularly search for weight loss tips that work. Not only do I know what causes weight gain, but the tips listed in this article will give you ways to shed those unwanted pounds in a short period of time.

Before we get to the suggestions that would work for anyone that put them to use, weight gain is a slow and deliberate process, so will be the steps needed to reduce it. Once you reach your ideal weight you have to remain vigilant as the lost pounds will come roaring back if you revert back to your old ways.

Why Do You Want to Lose Weight

I know a good neighbor that some might call fat but he never seems to behave that way. You need to come up with valid reasons why you want to shed a few pounds. It is a mental exercise that would bring into focus the core reasons for your need to lose weight.

The worst thing you can do is to try to lose a few pounds just because you’re getting married. Would you be able to keep the pounds off after the wedding? Did someone insinuate you look too fat for your height, or are you trying to lose a few pounds to impress the opposite sex?

Only you know the true reasons why you want to shed a few pounds and you should not delude yourself while compiling the reasons. The best reason to want to lose weight is to do it for yourself and no one else.

Doing it to impress others will soon lead to failure, which will lead to more weight gain. Do it because being in shape will improve your health and make you more energetic rather than curry approval from people you know.

Please, do not bypass this little mental exercise for it will put into proper perspective your weight loss desires and why.

Things that Contributes to Weight Gain

Contrary to what some of you might think, weight gain is a slow and deliberate process. You did not just wake up to find yourself fat, it took a few months or years for the excess fat to become noticeable. Let’s take a closer look at the forces that contribute to weight gain among Americans.

A – Bad eating habits is one of the main reasons people become overweight. Nowadays, in this age of lab-engineered food, it is not the quantity of the food that determines calorie intake but the included ingredients.

There are snack bars that contain more calories than you will get from a regular meal. Have you analyzed what you eat on a daily basis? That cup of cappuccino from Starbucks is packed full of unhealthy calories despite the fact that it satisfies your taste bud.

B – Excessive consumption of prepackaged drinks. How many glasses of pure natural water do you drink on a daily basis? If you’re into drinking juice from containers you should know that most are lab engineered despite all the questionable claims on the packaging.

That orange juice in a container contains sugar and other additives despite the false claim on the bottle that it is 100% juice. Freshly squeezed juice will only have a shelf life of a few days. Do your own research for the information is available online if you care to know more. Try to make water your fluid of choice, and you should lose a few pounds from just that little change.

C – Fat friends will make you fat. Some of you might laugh at that analogy but it is the truth, for people you hang around have more influence on your behavioral choices. Now you know why rich people run from the poor despite the rhetoric they want to help.

If you want to lose a few pounds find friends with the same mindset or your old buddies will create roadblocks to negate your progress. This same analogy can be applied to wanting to be rich. If you constantly hang around rich people you’ll acquire rich thoughts that will change your financial situation.

I am telling you, your fat friends will not encourage your desire to shed a few pounds regardless of the words they speak. People are capable of speaking the right words and then create distractions to through you off your weight loss goals.

D – Smoking of any kind will not only destroy your internal organs but also increase the chances of you putting on additional pounds. Do not kid yourself, for every time you puff any type of smoke it impacts your internal biology in more ways than one.

It is your life and you’re free to do what you want with it, but my encounter with obese people confirms there is a correlation between smoking and weight gain. There are exceptions to the rule that smoking can make you gain weight, but exceptions should not be used as an excuse to engage in that nasty bad habit.

E – Alcohol is likely to make you gain weight. From my observations, most of the people I know gain a few pounds just from drinking alcoholic beverages.

Remember weight gain is accumulative, so the person you see that is presently thin should be watched closely, and see what happens in a few years. I don’t drink but I do meet friends at local bars, which gives me an added advantage watching how people change over time from alcohol consumption.

There are probably more weight gain factors you can come up with, which I would encourage you to do, for the first step to solving any problem is acknowledging that it exists. If you’re in denial about what caused your weight gain the following weight loss training tips might not be that effective.

Tips to Reduce Weight

If you’re seeking how to lose weight quickly it would behoove you to approach it in a sensible manner. Many have rushed out to join a local gym and yet lack the motivation to attend on a regular basis. So to begin, the tips to reduce weight will incorporate your daily activities to help create a new physique.

1 – Start by Walking More

How often do you go for walks? This is probably the easiest and simplest weight loss exercise you can begin right away. Walking requires no additional tools and can be done free of charge. The right approach is to start slowly and increase your pace every day.

If you walked one city block today increase it to two the next day. Every time you go for walks go further distance than you did yesterday. The gradual increments will get your body accustomed to walking on a regular basis. Every step you take will burn up a few calories.

Walking is so effective and yet so many people looking to stay in shape negate to do it on a regular basis. Please do not bring along a snack to eat on your walking route, for that would be defeating the main reason for walking in the first place.

Unless you have a business that needs your constant attention, go for walks without any of your digital devices. The world would not burn down if you used two or three hours to just do you.

Go for walks in your Local Park or bike trail and enjoy the greenery as you take each step. I can assure you that the pains you feel within the first few days will subside if you continue with this weight loss routine.

2 – Ride Your Bike to Work

Bike riding is another weight loss activity that can help you shed a few pounds. If you can, you should adopt bike riding to work one or two days during the week. On weekends, go for bike riding at your local park. Again, start slow and increase the pace every time you visit.

Consistency is what determines weight loss results not how many hours you spend. I would rather you do one hour bike riding each visit three to four times in a week that just four hours in one day. Each activity will impact your body a different way and continuous sustained effort will help you build that new figure in no time at all.

Again, leave the snacks at home and your fluid of choice should be water and nothing else! Water usually contains zero calories, which is a good thing as you’re trying to get rid of calories not cause an increase.


3 – Swimming Will Help

Swimming Will HelpSwimming is one of those activities people refuse to do more of because some might think it just leisure activity. Ask any good swimmer if this activity is a body rejuvenator of idle muscle groups.

If you reside in any big city in America, you can find Olympic size swimming pools at your YMCA or Local Park. Consider yourself lucky if your apartment building includes the use of a swimming facility. It is a physical activity that is underrated, but it will help you shed more of those unwanted pounds if you pursue it with vigor.

4 – Take up Yoga Classes

Yoga is an activity that is not only good for the mind but also can lead to weight reduction if approached with honest intentions. I have seen people come to yoga classes with coffee cups and fruit juices, which is detrimental to losing weight fast.

The exercise routines in a good yoga class will not only work your mind but also your core muscles. The first few classes are the toughest, but you must persevere for it gets easier and the results will blow your mind. Not only will you lose weight but some of your negative desires will start to subside or disappear.


5 – Take up Dancing Lessons

Dancing involves the movement of both the hips and all other body parts. If you can learn to dance without drinking alcohol that is when you’ll start to experience a reduction of your weight. I once took up Salsa dancing lessons to get closer to a love interest and I still remember the dance moves to this day.

Please do not delude yourself that you can take a sip of your cocoa puff drink and yet see a significant reduction in your total weight from dancing. Bring along a bottle of water and let that satisfy your thirst as you learn different dancing moves.


Before You Join a Gym

The weight reduction tips listed above should be given your best efforts before rushing out to going a gym. Once your body is conditioned to expect different physical activities during the week your gym membership will be used more effectively.

Inside the gym, you can use a treadmill to simulate running or walking. There are also stationary bikes you can ride to get the same benefit as riding a regular bike on the city streets or park. Gym membership will also allow you to use equipment that can tone core muscle groups.


Summary: Weight Reduction Tips in a Nutshell

Learn about some of your activities that contribute to your weight gain and limit them as much as you can. Come up with your own reasons for wanting to shed a few pounds. Do not lose a few pounds to impress others or the opposite sex, do it for yourself.

The good vibes you get from others after reaching your weight goals should be considered side benefits. When you get in shape you’ll experience increased energy levels, which will lead to higher productivity that might lead to a pay raise. The tips that can help you lose a few pounds will only work if you implement them into your daily activities.

Begin slowly, for it is continuous and sustained efforts that will get you that lovely figure you dream about. Do not forget that people around you play a significant role in how you live your life, so surround yourself with like-minded folks to increase your chances of writing a successful weight loss story.