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The Top 7 Best Shoe Storage Options

When I used to live in New York City Upper East Side, the apartments available for rent were tiny and most had closet spaces that would not even allow for a full-size shoe organizer. To get a bigger space I had to find suitable roommates.

There was this gorgeous three-bedroom apartment with an incredible view on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. It was suitable for the three of us (two girls and a gay guy), and the price was good due to rent stabilization laws.

While my other roommates were enthusiastic and ready to move in immediately, I noticed the absence of adequate closet spaces.

While I was thinking about where to put all my shoes, ideas on how to assemble all my shoes kept flying at me as if they could read my mind. I stayed in that apartment for six years, and that was how I learned about the best storage solutions if you lack the right closet space for your shoes.

The best way to organize your shoes is only limited by your imagination. If you lack the right closet space in your apartment you can invest in a shoe organizer that can hang over your closet door. It is also possible to buy one of those stand-alone shoe racks.

Nowadays, you can find many different types of racks for your shoes. I have seen racks that can hold as little as 12 shoes or one that can hold several dozens.

If you notice your apartment is lacking in space for all your shoes you should buy a bedding system with space underneath. There are shoe organizers designed specifically for use under the bed. Even if you’re looking for the best shoe organizer for small spaces you should keep in mind that an ideal brand is the one that fits in with your living style.

The Best Shoes Rack

As you explore the storage solutions reviewed below, keep in mind that the best shoe organizer is the one that accommodates the most footwear, while taking up the least amount of space in your living quarters. I am confident you’ll find some of the best shoe storage ideas that would work for your situation from the products reviewed below.

1 – AmazonBasics 50-Pair Shoe Rack

AmazonBasics 50-Pair Shoe Rack AA5095423

Just like any growing conglomerate Amazon came up with the idea of selling products under their own brand name, called AmazonBasics, and this 50-pair shoe rack is one such product. If you have a growing shoe collection but lack the right space to store them the right way, this shoe organizer is the ideal alternative to having your footwear create a mess in your living quarters.

Features of the 50-Pair Shoe Rack from AmazonBasics

First of all, the design of this shoe rack allows you to store all types of footwear including loafers, boots, slippers, high heel shoes, sneakers, and more.

Unlike other shoe organizers that would go nameless, this brand has a non-slip tube like design to hold your shoes securely in place. Your shoes will be positioned in a forward-looking position to make it easier to view them.

The best 50-Pair Shoe Rack from AmazonBasics comes with four rolling wheels, which means you can move it around with ease, even when completely filled up with your favorite footwear. Rarely do you come across a durable shoe organizer with wheels like this one? The locking mobility feature is probably one of the best reasons to get one now.

This shoe rack is made from strong metal materials, which means it will last many years. It has a gleaming chrome finish, which means it is very easy to keep it clean. Best of all, it can also complement any modern decor you might have going in your living space.

The AmazonBasics 50-pair shoe rack comes with the following dimensions length 31.3, width 14.6, and height 59.5 inches.

This is an ideal and well-constructed best shoe organizer for small spaces that can be rolled anywhere with steady locking wheels. The metal construction guarantees longevity, and the 50-Pair Shoe Rack made by AmazonBasics comes with a one-year limited warranty.

2 – Whitmor 6044-13-CTF Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer

Whitmor 6044-13-CTF Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer

I know that when you’re living in a tiny space having enough funds for other things like a shoe rack might be considered a luxury, but this shoe organizer from a company called Whitmor will change all that. It is probably one of the cheapest over the door shoe rack holder you can buy online.

It is made from see through vinyl plastic material with twenty-four pockets, which means you can hold about a dozen pairs of shoes with no hassle. It is designed to snap into place over any standard closet door size. The dimension for the product is 25″L x 19″W x 64″H.

Not only is this shoe rack easy to assemble, it would not take up any of your precious living space. It will hand over any regular sized closet door. While it is limited to holding just twelve pairs of shoes, the pricing is just as cheap as you can find one.

3 – Seville Classics Resin-Wood Composite Utility Shoe Rack

Seville Classics Resin-Wood Composite Utility Shoe Rack

This shoe rack is made from wood resin and the amount of footwear you can put on it might depend on the type and make of the shoes. From a design perspective, the shoe organizer is well made and will not take up much space in your living quarters.

The dimensions for the Seville Classics resin-wood composite utility shoe rack comes with at 27 x 12.8 x 19.2 inches and you get a one-year limited warranty against any factory defects.

If you get several of the shoe racks, the included removable panels can be used to create an interlocking bridge between two or more units. Some might even call it a customizable shoe storage solution due to the fact that you can fold it flat when not in use for easy storage.

If you buy your shoe rack base on looks and beauty alone, this brand offers the best design specs. Take a good look at the picture and imagine how many shoes it can hold. When buying your shoe organizer based on value, the 50-pair shoe rack from AmazonBasics holds more footwear and will deliver better performance metrics.

4 – Songmics 7 Tiers Portable Shoe Rack Closet

Songmics 7 Tiers Portable Shoe Rack Closet

Based on looks alone this shoe rack is very beautiful and functional and comes with a fabric cover to give it the mystery look. It is made from a fabric material that is not woven. It is a well-designed plastic connection system, which makes it possible to organize your shoes in unique ways.

Due to the use of the strong materials you’re able to store about 36 pairs of shoes. The design allows you to store this shoe organizer anywhere you choose in your living quarters. You require no tools to assemble this product.

The Songmics 7 Tiers portable shoe rack closet is the ideal shoe organizer, but it is advisable you only move the rack without any footwear assembled in it. Apart from the steel tube used in making the product, the dimensions of the rack is 45.3 x 11 x 43.3 inches. From the feedbacks from some of the existing customers, it will be better to put your heavier shoes on the bottom rack shelves.

5 – Sorbus Shoe Rack Organizer Storage

Sorbus Shoe Rack Organizer Storage AA50012456

The way you can set this shoe rack up is open to your imagination. Not only is it easy to put together, but it is also detachable and stackable. It is made using high-quality polymer plastic materials and has the right type of shoe shelf rails that can accommodate all your footwear.

The Sorbus Shoe Rack looks very pleasing to the eyes and you can use it to stack or arrange quite a lot of your favorite shoes. This stackable shelves will help you prevent clutter within your living space regardless of the size. The dimensions for this product is 36.3 x 10.3 x 5.3 inches.

6 – Honey-Can-Do 10-Pocket Hanging Shoe Organizer

Honey-Can-Do 10-Pocket Hanging Shoe Organizer

This shoe organizer can be bought in either a 10-pockets or 24-pockets capability. It is available for purchase in three distinctive colors. It is made using strong durable polyester with an infusion of cotton materials. You can hang this shoe rack easily in your closet, and can probably co-exist with your other clothing materials.

If you have very limited space in your apartment, this shoe organizer from a company called Honey-Can-Do is well made and functional with pricing that makes it affordable to most consumers. Best of all, the product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

7 – Home-Complete Best 24 Pairs Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench

Home-Complete Best 24 Pairs Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench

This looks more like a bench one can use to store up to 24-pairs of shoes with very minimal living space occupied. Not only is it reliable and sturdy, the assembly of this product requires no tools and quite easy to put together.

It is appropriate to use this shoe rack for both men and women shoes, which means you can keep your footwear out of the cluttered mess that can be created in any living environment. The product dimensions are 40.9 x 11.8 x 29.1 inches and can be used to keep your home organized by giving you a well-designed structure for your footwear.