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Rug Doctor Reviews: Two of the Best Deep Carpet Cleaners from this Great Company

That shiny new carpeting you just installed in your home will soon get dirty and you might as well be prepared with the right cleaning tools to get it looking like new again. Regular vacuuming can only get but so much dirt out, which means you do need to find a way to eliminate the odors caused by pets and the deeply embedded germs inside the fibers of the rug. The Rug Doctor line of deep carpet cleaners will allow you to do regular shampooing of your carpet with ease.

Why pay commercial carpet cleaning companies, when you can use that money to get your own rug cleaning tool? In this Rug Doctor reviews, I will be evaluating the two best deep carpet cleaners made by this great company.

What about the Rug Doctor Brand

What about the Rug Doctor Brand

A few years back, the deep cleaners for carpet made by the Rug Doctor were only sold to commercial establishments that either rented it out on a daily basis or used it to professionally clean paying customer’s rugs. Things started to change when the internet became widely accepted as a reliable commerce portal.

The Rug Doctor brand was started over 45 years ago in a private garage in Fresno, California. It was the brain-child of a professional carpet cleaner named Roger Kent, who got tired of the shortcomings from the carpet cleaning equipment he used on a daily basis.

The first Rug Doctor Carpet cleaning machine that he made was for his own use as he cleaned carpets for a living. After selling the machine to a fellow carpet cleaner he soon realized there was a need that was yet untapped for durable machines that could get grime and dirt easily out of rugs.

He soon realized that millions of Americans would love to do the carpet cleaning themselves if only they had the right equipment, which made him launch the first ever successful rental program for powerful rug cleaning machines.

This service created an uproar within the carpet cleaning business. While it was possible then to buy one of the Rug Doctor’s cleaning machines during those days, not only did they cost a fortune, it was mostly sold to commercial entities.

That all changed when the internet made it possible to market directly to the consumer. Within the carpet cleaning industry, this brand is well respected. Consumers worldwide are now able to get their hands on the same type of carpet cleaning tools used by the professionals.

Now, there are several carpet cleaning machines from the Rug Doctor but we’re only going to be reviewing the two top ones. The first I will call the best junior carpet cleaning machine for the do it yourself, homeowner.

1 – Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner – Model 931461 Review

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner – Model 931461 Review

When you look closely at the name it represents what it will allow you to do. Among all the cleaning machines made by this company, this one is the model 931461 and comes with an enviable list of features that would allow anyone to get a deep cleaned carpet.

It is not as powerful as the commercial grade version but it will allow you to get the job done with ease. This is the right machine to use to maintain that new look after your carpet has been professionally cleaned. It is available for purchase in three different configurations, which means you can buy one with more or fewer accessories.

Key Features:


The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Model 931461 weighs about twenty-five pounds.

The length of the cord is 28-feet, which gives you the ability to cover more areas within your living quarters without having to change AC outlet.

The capacity of the tank that holds the water and cleaning detergent is about 1.1 gallon.

The effectiveness of this rug cleaner is made possible by the inclusion of both 14 rows of front and side bristles.

Other notable features include a boost spray button, a handle that can be collapsed for easy storage, and a specially designed tool to use on upholstery. The length of the hose is 7.7-feet.

Benefits of Using the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner 931461

Benefits of Using the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner 931461

Most of the dirt and germs on your carpet can be found inside the fibers and threads, which is why you need a cleaning machine with a rotating and vibrating brushing system just like the one found in the Rug Doctor model 931461. This feature alone will help shake the dirt and germs loose before sucking it up through the lengthy hose.

The claim by the Rug Doctor that this machine has more suction power than your average vacuum is supported by the 11 high power amps. With the high amperage suction power, all the grime on your carpeting will be sucked up with just one pass.

The two tank system ensures you’re always spraying clean liquid solutions on your carpet. One of the tanks will hold the water and the detergent while the other will hold the waste water with all the dirt and germs.

Another attachment worth mentioning is the handheld brush, which is perfectly suited for cleaning car upholstery, tight corners of your carpet, and regular home furniture. The attachments can be easily carried in the provided detachable tools caddy.

Bottom Line:

While it is not as powerful as the commercial grade Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 cleaning machine it is far better than most of the rug shampooers currently sold online for almost the same price. It is quite easy to use one due to its sturdy build and maneuverability. You can read about one of the top industry certifications awarded to the Rug Doctor for the durability of the Rug Doctor Model 931461 Deep Carpet Cleaner.

2 – Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Reviews

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Reviews

The next best carpet cleaning machine from the Rug Doctor is the Mighty Pro X3. It is the workhorse of the carpet cleaning industry and you can find one for rent at a local hardware store nearby. Before we get to all the awesome features you should know that this machine is heavy as it weighs 39 lbs. and might be difficult for some of you to lift upstairs especially while containing the cleaning fluids.

It is also available for sale in three different configurations. If you have a large indoor space that is covered with carpet, then investing in a powerful rug cleaning machine like this would make sense.

Key Features

It has the ability to spray the detergent into the fibers of the carpet before scrubbing to loosen the dirt and germ before the powerful sucking mechanism pulls all the grime into the recovery tank. The three step cleaning set up is what makes this machine so popular with carpet cleaning professionals.

If you have stains and soils on your furniture or car upholstery there is a special attachment you can use to loosen and remove them.

The tank in the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 for the solution detergent has a 3-gallon capacity, while the recovery tank for the dirt and germs can hold up to 3.9-gallons. The additional storage capacity of the recovery tank will accommodate all the debris that will be sucked up from your rug.

Your purchase of the Mighty Pro X3 professional carpet cleaning machine entitles you to a 5-year limited warranty coverage. You also have 30-days no questions asked guarantee, which means you can try it out, and if not satisfied send it back for a complete refund of your purchase price.

Benefits of Using the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

The vibrating brush technology is the key to its effectiveness at deep cleaning carpets. The brush will go into the carpet and loosen up the dirt, bacteria, and pet odors that have found a comfortable home.

Next, will be the sucking power that is made possible due to the high horsepower motor. With just one pass on your rug, you’ll notice a significant difference. For heavily soiled carpet you might have to do a few passes to get it to look like new again.

The large separate tanks for the detergent and the sucked up liquid dirt allows you to cover a wider surface area before emptying and refilling.

Unlike other rug shampooers that come with a wimpy hose, the one attached to the Pro X3 is sturdy and will not buckle under pressure.

Bottom Line:

The versatility of this carpet cleaning machine by the Rug Doctor is not in question neither is the powerful suction power. The unique three step dirt extraction process is the best within the industry, which means the only thing stopping you from investing in one might be the price.

Despite its ease of use, it will not make sense to buy one if you just have a room with carpeting, but if you have wall to wall carpeting in your residence this is the ultimate deep rug cleaning tool to get. On the downside, it is heavy and difficult to move around if you’re not strong enough.

Conclusion: Rug Doctor Review

From the Gold Seal awarded to the Rug Doctor it is quite obvious this is a highly reputable brand. If you find the Pro X3 too bulky for you to carry around you should consider the merits offered by the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner model 931461.

If you reside in a big home with lots of wall-to-wall carpeting the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is the deep cleaning machine you should get. Eventually, it would more than pay for itself as you do not have to pay the fees charged by professional carpet cleaning firms, and you can find some of them listed on AMAZON.COM