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What causes people to stay awake at night rather than falling asleep naturally? Are you one of those that toss and turn with sleep impossible to come by? The tips listed in this article will share steps needed to fall asleep instantly.

Troubling catching some zzzs? Just when you need to be early the following day, sleep seems to evade you. What’s most annoying is that the more you force yourself to get that much needed shut-eye, the more you stay awake.

Onset insomnia is a common disorder wherein a person finds himself unable to sleep at a time he should be ready. This is often triggered by anxiety, lifestyle change, noise, or poor hygiene perhaps. As such, I have a number of simple ways that can help you overcome your difficulties in sleeping and at the same time, achieve that deep and restful slumber you deserve.

Establish a Sleep Schedule

Setting your sleeping time is helpful when you want to fall asleep effortlessly. Circadian rhythms dictate that your body is awake during the day and asleep at night, among other bodily functions. When you go against this internal clock by sleeping at different times, not only can it affect how you catch sleep, but it can impact one’s metabolism as well.

That is why you will find that those who follow a schedule of waking up and going to bed at the same time each day, do not have much trouble finding sleep when they should. Moreover, they often don’t need an alarm clock anymore to wake them up on their set time given this routine.

Set Your Ideal Room Temperature

How warm or cold the climate is in your bedroom could be a matter of preference. Finding what’s best for you may help in falling asleep much faster. Usually, many people find that to be anywhere from 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

A person’s internal body temperature changes during sleep. Your hands and feet get slightly warmer while your core experiences a drop in temperature. Having a cool yet comfortable environment can make it easier for you to drift off into dreamland. Just make sure not to set your A/C too low, which can disrupt an otherwise peaceful sleep.

Employ Controlled And Deep Breathing Techniques

Also called belly breathing, doing this type of breathing method before you sleep is a great way to clear your mind that may facilitate a sleep surrender.

By breathing in with your nose and keeping your mouth closed, you fill your stomach with air. Hold it in for a few seconds, then exhale through the mouth and make that whoosh sound. This mindful breathing where you divert your mind from thinking about work and other things, and just focusing on your breathing, can relax and set the mood for sleeping.

Avoid Napping as Much as Possible

When you are not able to sleep well at night, you find yourself involuntarily compensating for it by taking nap breaks during the day. Catching a nap may have its own benefits such as improved well-being and alertness, but it can affect your ability to sleep at night.

It is said that regular napping for more than two hours and done late in the afternoon may cause poor sleep quality at night, and worse, sleep deprivation. If it can’t be helped, try to limit your forty winks to 30 minutes or less early in the day.

Other Things That Can Help

Watch a TV Show That Bores You – You know how when you are watching a really nice movie at home keeps you all engaged even when it’s past your bedtime? Doing the opposite by tuning in to a tv program that is so boring, it can actually make you fall asleep while at it might do the trick.

Go to Bed Only When You Are Sleepy – Sometimes, even when you lie in bed and fight off being awake by trying to conjure sleep, the more it doesn’t happen. Hit the sack just about the time that sleep is actually calling you that is, when you have already fallen asleep doing what you are doing.

Take a Quick Warm Shower – About thirty minutes before you are scheduled to sleep, do something that can relax you such as taking a bath and slipping into your soft and light sleepwear afterwards. Or you can perhaps sip a cup of sleep-inducing chamomile tea just right before.

Have Some Sexy Time – Either with your partner or on a solo flight, sex can actually help you sleep because of the hormones released while in the act. Having an orgasm releases prolactin hormone that makes you drowsy and relaxed, making falling asleep a breeze.

Put Away Your Clock – When you find it difficult to sleep, you tend to look at your clock just to monitor your time. This habit makes falling asleep a challenge even more so keep it away from your field of vision when you lie in your bed.

Use a Filter for Blue Light – Your mobile phone and tablet emit blue light which is known to wreck the chances of falling asleep immediately. When you can’t put them away, switch them to night mode, a feature which most modern devices have. This shifts lighting from blue to yellow; you can even use apps that can tone down the blue light of your device.

Wear Socks For Cold Feet – Some individuals literally get cold feet as they sleep,which can disrupt its duration as you are awakened by your shivering toes. Aside from wearing socks, you can also place a heating pad underneath your feet, or cover them with another fleece blanket to keep them comfortably warm.

Invest in Good Quality Pillows And Mattress – Maybe the reason of every toss and turn while wishing for sleep to come upon you is because of your shoddy pillow and worn mattress. There are many varieties available nowadays that cater to the many types of sleeper.

Listen to Some Relaxing Music – Sedative sounds are said to promote deeper sleep in individuals. Alternatively, blocking all noise can help achieve sleep faster.


Rather than asking how to sleep better at night naturally, you should be looking at activities that’s preventing sleep. Refrain from consuming intoxicants before bedtime. When laying on your bed mentaly project yourself to a serene scene or a flowing stream to calm the active mind down.

While the above mentioned tips may help you in your quest for a good night’s sleep, this article encourages you to take a proactive stance towards the subject. Sleep tight!