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Leaf Blower Reviews: 7 of the Best Brands You Can Use To Blow Away Your Yard’s Debris

I never really appreciated what a leaf blower can do until I moved into my own home with a very big lawn and yard. I moved in during the winter months and the most annoying thing that was messing up my well-manicured lawn was all the dead brown leaves. My home is surrounded by big trees, and I seem to get all the leaves from the neighbor’s home.

In this leaf blower reviews, I will examine the features you should be on the lookout for when searching for a good brand. Finally, I will review 7 of the best leaf blowers one can buy online, and all will come with high-performance metrics.

What Exactly is a Leaf Blower?

A leaf blower is a uniquely designed small machine that can blow away the dead leaves that can make mowing your lawn an arduous task. While they’re commonly called leaf blowers, you can also use a well-designed brand to blow away other debris that might clog your lawn, pavement or patio deck.

A few of the best leaf blowers we reviewed do come with vacuum functions and can be used to pick up small debris that is not leaves. I also use mine to get rid of the large sand deposits on my driveway after every rainfall.

Keep the concerns of your neighbors in mind, as you seek the best electric leaf blower that can do the job most efficiently. You do not want one that is too loud, but you do want a unit with all the right features to make it a worthwhile investment.

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Your Buying Guide When Searching for Best Leaf Blowers

Power of the Unit

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make during your search is the way your leaf blower should be powered. For regular homeowners, you can choose between a corded electric leaf blower or one using battery power. If you need one for commercial purposes, you should look towards the powerful metrics offered by one using gas.

Your selection will come with some obvious advantages and disadvantages. The electric leaf blower will come with ample supply of instant power, but you might be limited by the length of the attached cord especially if you have a large lawn or yard.

The battery powered leaf blower will offer you greater mobility choices since you can use one just about anywhere, but the battery power might limit how long you can use the product before it needs recharging.

A gas powered leaf blower will come with a higher price tag, but offers the most powerful blowing power, which is why it is highly prized by lawn care companies with a large collection of clients. While it offers good portability features, you might be limited on how long you can use one if you do not have enough gas to keep the unit going.

In some states, there are emission control laws that the gas unit must meet before it can be shipped to those states. I know California and Oregon are two of the strictest emission control states, and the gas leaf blower you purchase must be CARB compliant.

Deciding on the Noise Level

Even a good leaf blower will make some noise, but some are louder than others. Believe it or not, some municipalities have restrictions as to when you can use leaf blowers, due to the noise decibel. I know gas powered units tend to be noisier than the other types but check with your town to see if there are any restrictions as to when you can use the leaf blower in your area.

Deciding on Other Features

Some of the high-end leaf blowers will come with other amenities like vacuum capabilities. The ones with vacuum functions will come with a small bag to collect the debris that is vacuumed up. Also, pay careful attention to how the unit handles. You can determine that by reading some of the reviews from existing customers to get their point of view.

Company Reputation and Customer Feedbacks

Pay careful attention to the reputation of the manufacturer to make sure they will be around to honor the warranty terms. A good brand will also offer customer friendly resources on a well-designed and easily navigated website.

It is also wise to take some time to read some of the feedbacks from some of the existing customers that have taken the time to write them down. The best gas leaf blower or any other type should come with a higher approval rating from those that have paid and used it. Do not neglect this portion as it might keep you away from some of the brands with headaches.

7 of the Best Leaf Blowers

It is always wise to invest in a leaf blower before fall gets to your state or area. There are many durable brands of leaf blowers in the marketplace, and from the other leaf blower reviews we examined online, the following units come with high-performance metrics and offer the best value for the money.

1 – Echo PB-250LN Handheld Gas Blower

Echo PB-250LN Handheld Gas Blower

The Echo PB-250LN is a handheld gas blower with a low noise decibel. This is probably the only gas powered leaf blower with noise output lesser than some of the highly rated electric or battery powered models.

This handheld gas blower from Echo delivers about 391 cubic feet of air volume per minute (CFM). The speed at which the generated air escapes through the end of the nozzle is clocked at 165 miles per hour (MPH).

Echo PB-250LN handheld gas blower comes with a curved blower tube, which makes it easier to handle the unit without any fatigue. The controls are grouped together including the throttle, plus an easy to deploy cruise control.

The engine size of this best gas leaf blower is 25.4cc, and the product weighs about 9.5 pounds. The fuel capacity is about 16.9 Fl. oz. while the noise decibel level is clocked at 65. You get a 5-year warranty if you use the gas blower from Echo for your own personal use while those using it for commercial purposes will only get two years coverage.

2 – Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac

Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac

This is a corded leaf blower from a company called Toro. This best electric leaf blower can be purchased in different MPH settings. Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac delivers air that is clocked at 250 miles per hour.

It has a larger metal impeller than most brands, and it helps to deliver better power while also improving the mulching capacity of the unit. While an extension cord is not included, you do get a power insert, Vacuum tube, concentrator nozzle, bottom-zip bag, and a hook you can use for cord storage.

The variable speed control is another feature worth mentioning because it allows you to have better control of the device in both the Vacuum and blower mode. It can also be used as a leaf shredder. Among all the leaf blowers reviews we looked at online, this brand stands out for durability, based on feedbacks from some of the current users of the product.

If you base your buying decision on the reputation of the manufacturer, Toro is a company with an enviable track record in the industry. The product is covered by a full two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Just remember to get a very long electric cord to stretch the mobility of the unit. Here is a 120-Feet Outdoor Extension Cord from Yard Master at Amazon with all the right features, for instant electricity transfer to your leaf blower from Toro.

3 – Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Blower

Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Blower

In this Makita BHX2500CA Review, we’ll examine how this handheld blower from a company called Makita is making inroads into this niche market, simply because it comes with all the right features to blow your yard debris away.

It has a 4-Stroke 24.5cc engine with commercial grade applications. The air speed delivered from the nozzle is clocked at 145 miles per hour. This best gas blower from Makita is also CARB compliant, which means it is embedded with features that help limit the environmental pollutants emitted.

Makita BHX2500CA handheld leaf blower can be started quickly due to the fact that it uses a low compression engine. The large 17.7 oz. fuel tank means you can run it outdoors far longer than other brands, and the improved design makes refueling as easy as can be.

The emissions system has been totally reconfigured to make it EPA Phase II compliant without any adverse effect on the power outputted by the unit. This top rated gas leaf blower weighs less than ten pounds. You get a 2-year warranty on all the parts connected with the emissions while other components are covered by a one-year limited warranty.

4 – Black & Decker BV5600 Review

Black & Decker BV5600 Review AA51456789

The company called Black & Decker has been around for over 100 years, and they currently manufacture hundreds of products like the BV5600, which is an electric leaf blower with awesome features. Not only can this product be used to blow leaves away, it can also function as a powerful vacuum, and can also perform leaf mulching.

The Black & Decker electric leaf blower model BV5600 has a 12-amp motor with two speeds selection option. The air outputted from the nozzle is clocked at about 250 miles per hour, which is more than enough to blow away any debris from your yard or lawn with ease.

During the mulching process, the included high impact metal fan will prevent clogging, and the unit is capable of reducing 15 to 16 bags of mulch into just one. You do not need any additional tools to change the unit from leaf blowing to vacuuming function.

The blowing mode of the Black & Decker BV5600 will allow you to clear even hard surfaces of all the debris, including those pesky dried brown leaves during the fall season. The vacuuming mode can be used to pick up all the leaves, including other debris resting on your lawn.

This is a true three-in-one machine, for the unit can be deployed as a Blower/Vac/Mulcher with ease. The product is covered by a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. You can use this 100 feet outdoor extension cord from AmazonBasics to stretch the mobility of the unit.

This is a YouTube video that demonstrates the power of the Black & Decker BV5600 leaf blower and Mulcher in action.

5 – Hitachi RB24EAP Review

Hitachi RB24EAP Review

Another reputable manufacturer of highly rated leaf blowers is a company called Hitachi. This handheld Hitachi RB24EAP gas leaf blower is CARB Tier III compliant, which means it emits less pollution than other brands that are not.

It uses a 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered engine that is powerful enough to deliver up to 441 air volumes per minute, which means all your yard debris will be gone in no time at all. The speed of the air outputted is clocked at 170 miles per hour.

The unit feels comfortable when you’re holding it since it only weighs 8.6 pounds, meaning you’ll be less fatigued during your yard work. The low emission engine embedded within the Hitachi RB24EAP will allow you to handle both small and big jobs with ease.

This brand is one of the best handheld leaf blowers powered with gas. You get an impressive 7-year warranty if you deploy the unit for personal use while the warranty for commercial and rental use is two years and one year respectively.

6 – GardenHome Compact Electric Blower and Vacuum

GardenHome Compact Electric Blower and Vacuum

This electric leaf blower from a company called GardenHome is another unit that is making significant inroads into this niche market. This is one of the cheapest electric leaf blowers with vacuum function you can find online.

This cheap 600 watts electric leaf blower delivers about 16,000 revolutions per minute, which translates to awesome blowing power. This unit weighs about less than three pounds and comes with variable speed settings.

The cord provided is about 6.5 feet, but you might need an extension cord depending on the size of your lawn or yard. The vacuum function is suitable for picking up dust not leaves. Since it comes with a rubberized nozzle, you can use the blower to dry your car without fear of scratching the paint.

Not only will the ergonomic design ensure the right comfort while using the 600 watts leaf blower from GardenHome, some of the components can be detached for easy storage.

7 – Husqvarna 965877502 350BT Review

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT Review AA5000987

This company called Husqvarna is now a leading manufacturer of so many products that it would take several pages just to list them all. If you run a lawn care business or have a huge home with a large impressive lawn, this is the right commercial grade unit to get.

It certainly surprised us to discover the unit is also CARB Compliant, due to the large powerful motor it uses. It uses a 2.1-horsepower engine and can deliver a maximum speed of up to 7,500 RPM.

The engine on this best gas leaf blower is more powerful than the other units reviewed, and it is able to consume at least 20% less fuel while delivering fewer emissions, as compared to units using 2-stroke engine technology.

This unit comes with an integrated harness that is also ventilated. The included hip belt and harness guarantee a better fit and reduced load, which means you can use the product for hours before fatigue sets in. The soft grip handle has adjustable features and you can easily maneuver the leaf blower to get rid of debris from your lawn.

The embedded 42.27-ounce high volume fuel tank is probably the largest within the industry. It weighs about 22.5 pounds, and some of the existing users have called it one of the best-rated leaf blowers that are powered by gas. The Husqvarna 965877502 350BT leaf blower is covered by a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Below is a really good video showing you the merits of the Husqvarna 350BT

This is more of an industrial grade unit and will deliver incredible leaf and debris blowing results for many years with just the right care and maintenance.