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Keter Folding Workbench Review

If you enjoy working with tools one of the major decisions you would have to make is what type of utility table to purchase. There are numerous advantages to having one that is light, compact, easy to setup and durable enough to hold up to 1000 pounds of weight.

The most affordable workbench that comes to mind is the Keter 17182239 folding work table. Before I get to some of the advantages offered by this product, a synopsis of a period during my youth will give you the right motivation to consider building things with your hands using tools.

My dad was the type of guy that thought he could build anything we needed at home. Truth be told, he built a few items that proved to be almost dangerous to the whole family, but he also built a few functioning products.

Since I was the last born, my dad made it his duty to teach me about exploring with different types of woods and how to properly handle mechanical tools. The most memorable time was when he designed and built for me a collapsible table that I took to college.

This table had legs, storage spaces, cup holder and enough space to hold my laptop and several books at the same time. He did most of the measuring and wood cutting on the Keter work table. I still have the constructed table to this day and will never sell it regardless of price.

The reason for my story is not to brag that I can work comfortably on a workbench, but to let you know about parent/child bonding techniques that will withstand the test of time. All my siblings are proficient using any type of workbench and utility tool.

The initial resistance you encounter from your little one will subside once you start producing fun products for the benefit of the whole family. Now let’s get back to this Keter folding work table review with all the good things you can do using it inside or outside your home.

Keter 17182239 Folding Work Table Review

Features of the Best Portable Workbench from Keter

A good work table can be measured in how sturdy it is, and this one happens to come with excellent design metrics that allows it to hold up to 1000 thousand pounds once properly assembled.

This workbench made by Keter is as simple to assemble by just snapping two clearly marked buttons. To increase sturdiness there are various parts you need to snap into place. You probably can deploy this table fully assembled in less than two minutes the first time.

This is a portable workstation every home should have and you get two twelve inch clamps for holding woods and other items you need to cut or slice.

The built-in legs are designed to deploy once you push the set up buttons at the same time.

There is a large tool holding space underneath the workbench, which comes in handy especially when using wood cutting and drilling tools that require precision and careful handling.

The folding work table from Keter is not only sturdy and steady, it is designed in such not to take up much space with full assembly or when ready for storage.

About the Manufacturer of the Keter Folding Compact Workbench Work Table

With online commerce booming at an alarming rate the products pedaled are only as good as the reputation of the manufacturer. This workbench is produced by a global enterprise called the Keter Group.

This firm is one of the leading creators of a garden and household consumer friendly products made from a unique combination of wood, plastic, and other materials.

The notoriety of creating portable and easy to deploy home and organization solutions has resulted in many distinguished international awards since it came into existence over sixty years ago.

The Keter Group maintains over 18 factories and large distribution centers in at least nine countries. The products can be found in leading stores in over 100 countries including online.

Keter Folding Compact Workbench Work Table

Customer Feedback about the Keter Folding Workbench

One thing I have learned over the years shopping online is that every product comes with pros and cons, but there are things you should be on the lookout for to ensure you do not buy one that is incapable of performing as advertised.

A good sign of a reliable workbench is the aggregation of the total feedbacks from some of the paying customers. Keep in mind that less than 25% of the paying customers will even bother to leave a review.

I looked over dozens of feedbacks and below is a summarization of the major positive and negative aspects of the work table from the Keter Group.


The overall rating number for this product is quite good with a total score of over 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. The vast majority of the users called it a suitable workbench for the do-it-yourself crowd.

Most praised how easy it is to set one up and the ability of the work table to hold a heavy load.

It would not be an exaggeration if I summarized the positive feedbacks of the Keter utility table as the right type of workbench that will not occupy much space at an affordable price.


While the workbench is suitable for the DIY crowd few of the current users complained about its sturdiness. Despite the low pricing for this workbench from Keter, some of the users wish it was even cheaper.

Bottom Line:

If all you want is a workbench that would allow you to learn how to build various products for home use in your own backyard this product comes with all the right features. From my analysis of other workbenches with the same metrics, I have no complaint about the pricing.

It is easy to put together and take apart after each use, and will not occupy much space during and after use. Also, the reputation of the manufacturer is quite good, which in this internet age means a great deal. The most competitive Keter Workbench price can be found – HERE!