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Insinkerator Evolution Excel Review

There is one kitchen tool every home that loves eating in the confines of the residence should have, and that is a well-designed food waste disposal unit.

If you’re lucky to get one installed, you’ll probably be wondering how you got along so long without one.

The unit we’ll be reviewing is made by a company called Insinkerator, and they also have many other models for sale in the marketplace.

This company has been manufacturing waste disposal units for the last 75-years, which means they know a thing or two about how one should be designed and built.

Insinkerator evolution excel 1.0 is well regarded by industry critics and thousands of customers worldwide, due to the high-quality materials it is made from.

This disposal unit is able to grind food waste fast while making as little noise as possible. Let’s examine the pros and cons, along with the features that might help determine if it is worthy of your time and investment.

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It is designed to utilize 120 volts, which is widely available in most American homes.

The use of the latest sound seal technology design guarantees the unit is ultra-quiet, as it helps get rid of some of your food waste.

This best disposal unit comes with three unique grind stages using patented multi-grind technology, which ensures your food waste will be turned into liquid form in the shortest time possible.

Most of the accessories and tools you need to accomplish a safe and timely installation are included with your purchase.

The one horsepower induction motor is quite powerful and the 7-year limited warranty is generous by industry standards.


If you’re looking for the cheapest best garbage disposal unit, you might be disappointed by the price of this one. It is pricey, and can only be appreciated if you prefer high-end kitchen helper tools.

It is quite disappointing to discover the unit does not come with the needed power cord or the dishwasher connection kit. You can get both for less than twenty bucks!

The unit is on the bulky side and requires the right amount of under the kitchen sink space for the right fit.

A poor installation will definitely guarantee poor user experience, so follow the detailed written instructions and video steps carefully.

Features of the Insinkerator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal

Insinkerator is certainly a well-established brand and they have mastered the art of making good garbage disposal units with high-performance metrics.

The sound sealing technology used is one of the best within the industry, which ensures quiet operation regardless of the quantity of food waste you have to process.

The three-stage grinding concept is quite revolutionary and has other manufacturers playing catch-up. With the right grinding components, you’ll have fewer jamming issues to report or deal with.

When the unit senses a problem with stuck food particles it will automatically increase torque power to break it up. This is made possible due to the jam-sensor circuit included in the unit.

Depending on the design of your sink and underneath cabinet space this disposal unit can be installed in mere minutes.

You do need to get your own power cord and a dishwasher connection kit. Luckily, both cost less than twenty bucks.

The included accessories are a sink restraint called baffle, a tail pipe with anti-vibration features, a durable sink stopper that’s made from stainless steel and a quick lock system for the sink mount.

You get a limited 7-year warranty with guaranteed home repairs during those periods. The extensive list of qualified repair technicians makes it possible to offer such generous warranty terms.

Should You Consider Buying One?

From all the information we gathered, this unit should be on your buying guide list, especially if you can afford one.

It is somewhat disappointing they did not include a power cord; neither does it come with a dishwasher kit.

It is one of the top rated kitchen disposal units one can find in the marketplace. It is guaranteed for seven years and fully manufactured in America.