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How to Clean Your House From Top to Bottom Like a Professional

There is no denying the fact that your home is where all the dirt you come in contact with come to rest. The dirt that accumulates on your shoes and clothes end up somewhere within your residence. Now, when you add to it the dirt from your kitchen and bathroom you can find yourself living in a filthy house.

The ideal way to keep your living quarters clean is to adopt the attitude of clean as you go, but that is easier said than done. I have come up with the tips for cleaning house and all can be implemented in just a few hours.

Cleaning House Checklist

Before you commence your cleaning routine there are few things you need to first do. Put on your least favorite clothes and find yourself a good pair of gloves to cover your hands. The next step is to determine where to begin your cleaning. I would urge you to start from the top floor, but let’s get the home cleaning steps started.

1 – Go Through Your Home for Loose Clothes and Dirty Dishes

I would you to start at the bedrooms and pick up any loose clothes and place them in the right dirty laundry hamper. This step should also be applied to all your closets. It is like doing prep work before painting your walls.

The next place is your bathroom, pick up any loose stuff and put them in their appropriate places. You should also go through your living room and pick up any visible items you want to keep or throw away.

The remote control belongs somewhere and looking through your couch you might find that earrings you thought you lost. Now, you should wash the dirty dishes because you’re going to need the sink for collecting water and washing dirty washcloths.

2 – Cleaning tools to Have

A – You need two small buckets that can hold water. One will be for water with cleaning solutions and the other for holding just clean water. Best to use lukewarm water in the beginning.

B – You need small washcloths and one or two sponges.

C – You need a spray bottle that should contain general purpose cleaning fluids that can be used on both the night stand and windows as you go from room to room.

D – You would also need a good vacuum cleaner if you have carpeting or a wood floor cleaner if your flooring is made out of natural wood. You can save the vacuuming of the entire house after the cleaning or you can vacuum as you go along. Experiment with both styles to discover which one is better and faster for cleaning your home from top to bottom.

3 – Do the Bedrooms First

First, wipe down the top of your nightstand and any other top cabinet top inside your bedroom. After wiping them down spray some general purpose liquid solution but do not wipe off yet. Spray the same liquid on the windows.

It is better to vacuum first if you have rugs on your floor rather than after wiping. Dust will rise and attach to the top of your stand. After vacuuming that room, now you can wipe off all the solution from the stand and the windows.

If you pay careful attention you’ll notice there are more dirt than when you first sprayed the liquid solution. Once done with that room close the door to keep debris from coming back in. It is also the right time to turn on any humidifier if you have one. Go through each bedroom and conduct the same cleaning steps.

4 – The Living Room is Next

The living room is usually just as dirty as the bathroom and the kitchen. Spray the top of all the cabinets including the windows. Let the cleaning fluid set in and commence your vacuuming like you did in the bedrooms.

If you have rugged floor more dust will get on the counters as you vacuum. As you wipe off the dirt and dust, your cleaning steps will become more noticeable.

5 – Tackle the Bathrooms Next

Considering that the bathroom is usually where you go to wash off all the dirt you brought home, it might be the dirtiest place inside your home. Take your time to clean every surface including the tiles. If you have rugs on the floor of your bathroom you should take it off before you start cleaning.

6 – Now the Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably just as dirty as the other areas of your room considering it is one of the most visited places in your home. You saved it for last because there are many items to clean.

Best to commence cleaning your kitchen by going through the cabinets and discarding old food and other food droppings that might attract roaches. A small vacuum might come in handy while cleaning out the cabinets.

The refrigerator should be the next item to clean out. Pull out all the draws and throw out all the old drinks and food. As you clean out the fridge add a few drops of pine-sol into the cleaning fluid. Clean out the inside of the fridge first and leave the outside for last.

Any other small appliance should be the next item to be cleaned. Toaster, microwave oven, can openers, etc. will fall into that category. You save the stove for last because it might be the dirtiest appliance inside your kitchen.

7 – Now You Vacuum the Whole House

Vacuuming the entire house is probably the part most people postpone for later, which will be a big mistake as all the dirt in those areas will be trafficked to the other rooms. So, take time and give your home the thorough vacuuming that it deserves. You’re almost done, and all your hard work is reflected in the sparkling clean environment.

8 – Other Cleaning Duties

As you look around inside your home you might find spots you missed and this is a good time to clean it out. A wood furniture or cabinet will require waxing every now and then. It is the appropriate time to wax since you already vacuumed most of the dust-out.

If you have a laundry room this is also a good time to sort out the dirty clothes into the right colors and commence washing. If you have a good duster, this is a good time to apply it to the high ceiling and other hard to reach areas.

This is also the right time to take out all the accumulated garbage from your cleaning efforts. You should time your house cleaning day to rhyme with the garbage collection schedule. The worst thing is to have all that smelly garbage and nowhere to put them but inside your home.

Tools to Clean a House Professionally

Even if you have stronger arms and willing to use your elbow grease power there are many tools you can deploy to get your home cleaned in a professional manner. The listed tools will allow you to get awesome home cleaning results when you do it yourself.

Ettore 65000 Professional Progrip Window Cleaning Kit

Ettore 65000 Professional Progrip Window Cleaning Kit

If you’ve ever wondered how a window looked so clean that you could run through it on a clear day, get yourself a window cleaning kit to get the same results. It comes with a microfiber washer sleeve and a silicone squeegee blade. It has an ergonomic handle that allows you to grip it in a non-slip manner. If you have a higher window setup in your home you’ll be needing an extension pole and the bucket to use it outside.

18″ Professional Microfiber Mop

18″ Professional Microfiber Mop

If you have tile floor or one made out of wood you need a microfiber mop to get that professional look. This particular tool has a stainless steel handle, extra mop pads, and extra microfiber cloths. The pads and the cleaning cloths are washable. It will definitely make your cleaning routines less stressful and your house will look sparkling clean. If you want to get pro results you have to start by using the house cleaning tools used by the same professionals.

Boardwalk 9008 Grout Brush

Boardwalk 9008 Grout Brush

The next essential tool is one you can use to clean grout lines and tiles. The Boardwalk 9008 Grout Brush comes with bristles that are made out of nylon. It can be used in all conditions and capable of resisting holding odors and stains. If you want the grout and tiles inside your home looking like it was cleaned by a pro, get this brush as soon as you can.

Other Cleaning Tools You Might Need

A good vacuum is needed to handle all types of carpeting. A hardwood floor cleaner is also needed if your flooring is made out of wood. I will leave the right the cleaning solutions to your imagination as there are dozens of brands you can find online. Try not to use pure bleach solution as it might invite more bacteria than it eliminates. Better to add a little bleach to your cleaning solution rather than all bleach solution.

Clean House Tips

The number of hours you spend cleaning your home will depend on how you keep your house clean on a regular basis. The following clean house tips will help you maintain a cleaner environment.

Clean as you go – You need to develop an attitude and behavior of cleaning as you go. Simply means you clean up your mess as you make it. That is a hard thing to implement but will deliver a cleaner home even if you just do it 50% of the time.

If you have little ones at home be mindful they would emulate what you do. Kids are quite perceptive of what is going on, so do try to practice what you preach.

Get a large enough trash container to hold all the garbage made by your household until collection day.

A recent study concluded people only wear twenty to thirty percent of personal clothing and shoes they own. Look through your closet before going out and buying more stuff. Discard a few stuff to create the needed room.

Go through your medicine and kitchen cabinet on a regular basis, especially before grocery shopping. Discard the items with past expiration dates.

Conclusion: Tips for Cleaning House

The only true way to keep your home clean all the time is to control the dirt you bring home from the outside. I have been to homes where everyone is required to leave footwear at a designated area next to the front door.

Shoes carry so much dirt and it would shock most of you to discover the number of deadly germs you step on. If you want a cleaner living space you need to find ways to control the dirt that is trafficked from the outside. If you find that hard to implement you just might find yourself always cleaning your house from top to bottom on a regular basis.