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Good Daily Exercises You Can Do to Lose Weight

Why do Americans gain weight at an astronomical rate as compared to citizens of other industrial countries? What are the true causes of obesity in our citizens? You can tell people want to lose weight when you analyze the sales of diet pills, weight loss programs and other falsely marketed quick weight loss programs on television.

When did we become a “quick syndrome” society? If you’ve tried all the quick weight loss scams that promise you can lose weight without dieting and exercising, this review might point you in the right direction. Weight gain is a slow and deliberate process, so will your effort to shed the extra pounds.

Truth be told, the only way to gain weight is to eat too many calories without any physical activities to burn them up. The only and truly successful way to lose weight and keep it off is to gain control of your appetite and pay attention to what you consume on a daily basis.

If you burn up more calories than you consume, you’ll eventually lose all those extra pounds you’re carrying around your body. The steps recommended in this article is based on common sense, and will help you remain active as you sculpt a new figure for the world to see and admire.

Before we get to some of the best workouts for weight loss lets examine the role food plays in our society. If you like to eat, you’ll have to curtail your glutinous ways if you want to write your own successful weight loss stories.

The Foods We Eat

The foods we eat can be divided into two categories; good ones and bad ones. The human body is an intelligent organism that warns us the first time we consume foods that will do our body harm.

The warnings might be in the form of additional bathroom breaks, stomach aches, headaches, respiratory problems, etc. In fact, it is safe to say that every human ailment can be traced to our food consumption.

Bad Foods

Bad Foods

It will be impossible to list all the bad foods, but we’ll try to point out the most popular and dangerous types.

Most of the stuff sold by the fast food restaurant are bad for your body. Most of the foods you eat in fast food restaurants are laboratory created concoctions that only tries to mimic what nature has to offer. Just take for an example, hamburger meat. If you knew what is included or watch the process you’ll be sick for days.

The cannibalism that goes on within the meat industry is a closely guarded secret, but many whistleblowers have posted YouTube videos if you care to watch some of them. Dead sick chickens are grounded up and being fed to other chickens as food. The Same process occurs with other animals kept and used as meat.

Do you know that animals are the biggest recipients of chemically created drugs, which are then passed on to humans? The hormone injection given to chickens to make them grow up fast and bigger will be transferred to the eaters regardless of how long you cook the meat, for it is within the DNA of the slaughtered chicken.

Another perfect example is the so-called chicken nuggets that are heavily marketed to kids and adults alike. Do you know that chicken nugget probably only contain 40 to 50% real chicken parts? Here is a Voice of America news article if you care to know the details.

Stay away from canned and packaged foods. Most foods packaged and preserved in cans or containers are not good for your body. The preservatives used are borrowed from science, and the ingredients will do major damage to your internal organs as they accumulate.

A good industry trick that is fully supported by the FDA is to say in small quantities the chemicals are harmless to the human body. But the truth is that the chemicals accumulate within the human body because they are used in so many products that we like to consume on a daily basis.

If you care to educate yourself about the chemicals used in preserving foods, start looking closing at the ingredients list of the most popular food items you buy on a daily basis. Not only would you learn to read food labels properly, but the nasty stuff you discover in our food supply will shock you.

Stay away from canned and packed drinks. The same preservatives used in making the bad foods are also used in making those highly sweetened drinks. Real sugar from true sugar cane plant might do your body good, but food manufacturers could not get enough of the real stuff so the creation of more addictive sweetened additives that go under different cool sounding names.

You’re not supposed to be eating too much sweet stuff anyway, especially the industrially created ones. If you have a sweet tooth, you can satisfy yourself by eating real organic fruits that are sweet, and most would do your body much good, plus supply you with superior vitamins from nature itself.

Stay away from drinking and smoking. Do not let people fool you that drinking red wine is good for you. Any positive that is created by red wine can be countered with at least ten negatives. So you gain one benefit to losing ten, it is a losing proposition even if you’re not a gambler.

Any type of intoxicant will do major damage to your internal organs in due time. The symptoms that start to manifest themselves as you get older can be traced to all the bad foods that have accumulated within your body over the years.

The health care industry is a booming business, for Doctors are trying to cash in with the wrong diagnosis that does not cure people in the real sense of the word. Most of the medicines they give you to take while you’re sick have dangerous side effects.

We all know that smoking is bad for you, so it is pointless bringing that intoxicant into the discussion. If you smoke and drink, you’re simply committing suicide with all the health woes coming your way in the latter years of your life.

We can point out many other bad foods, but careful analysis of what we listed above should get your creative juices moving in the right direction. Think for yourself, do your own research and you’ll discover the toxic ingredients included in our food supply chain.

Good Foods

Good Foods

If you can, it is far better to eat mostly fruits and fresh vegetables. Within fruits and vegetables are all the natural nutrients and vitamins your body needs to grow and stay healthy. If you can afford it, try to eat only organic natural fruits and vegetables.

As a precaution, be sure to wash your vegetables and fruits properly as the growers are known to spray them with chemicals so they can stay fresh longer.

While we would not advocate you go meatless in all your dieting, doing so is probably the only way to avoid consuming some of the toxic stuff fed to the animals before slaughter.

Just ask yourself, why is it that we humans love our cats and dogs and yet we consume other animals with the same DNA and feelings” That hypocrisy has always bothered me, to say the least.

You need to start preparing your own food on a daily basis, or you can continue to eat the sweetened poison masquerading as food that is sold to millions of gullible consumers all over our great country.

Please do not give me that common excuse that you do not have the time to cook. If you realize that your life and future well-being depended on it, you’ll find and make time to prepare your own meals with lovely ingredients that are sourced from nature.

Now we move on to the best exercise one can do to lose weight. The food we eat is the key to most weight gain and unless you understand what you’re eating on a daily basis, the other steps to lose weight now will be just wasted.

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

The following exercises one can do to lose weight are based on common sense approach, rather than the usual gym based approach. It is not only how many minutes you spend doing them that matters, but also how often.

Walk Part of the Way Home

If you take public transportation to work get in the habit of stopping a few destinations from your home and walk the rest of the way. Walking stretches all your core muscle groups. It will not only lead you on your way to faster weight loss, you’ll become healthier in the process.

Ride Your Bicycle

Do you know that the majority of Americans own one or two bicycles, yet most only ride it once or twice every year? Get in the habit of using your bike to do local errands. The pedaling will not only allow you to burn more calories, you will also be working out your key muscle groups in the process.

best workout for weight loss

Take up Swimming

If you know how to swim, do your best to engage in swimming sessions at least once or twice every week. It is one of the best exercises to lose weight. Do not underestimate each stroke, for each one will help you burn calories faster than you know it.

Run or Jog for Fun

If you live near a public park with running tracks, consider yourself very lucky. Get out of your comfort zone, which is usually your home and jog or run to burn those calories. You can run or jog for all we care, but the key point is that calories will be eliminated every time you do it.

Try Your Practicing Yoga

The key benefit of practicing yoga is not the poses, but the steps to regulate your breath and calm your mind down. If you can calm your internal mind down, you might find yourself more conscious of the foods you eat on a daily basis.

good weight loss exercises

Buy Yourself a Spin Bike

If you find it hard to get out or you just don’t have the time, having a spin bike in your home might just be the type of equipment you need to lose weight now. It is better to spend a few minutes on the fitness equipment every day than to have it seat in one corner collecting dust.

Other good weight loss exercises include hiking, joining a spinning class at your local gym, weightlifting, playing basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. I am sure you get the idea, and you probably can come up with dozens of other activities you can do to stay in shape.

In Conclusion

I am fully aware that the human mind is a contradicting one. Most people want to lose weight but they hate dieting or physical activities. The key to any weight loss success is to burn more calories than you consume every day.

The only way you’re going to lose weight is if you truly want to. The diet pills will not do you much good unless you make significant changes to your lifestyle choices.

Obesity is the root cause of the majority of our illnesses, and the sooner you realize that the more dedicated you’ll be to lose weight and staying in shape.