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Carpet Vs Hardwood Floors: Pros and Cons that Might Surprise You

The first thing that catches your eye in any home is the type of flooring, be it carpet or hardwood flooring. If you’re presently looking for a home to call your own, do you find yourself more attracted to wood flooring or beautiful patterned carpets? There is no denying the fact that carpet is soft to the feet and will muffle your footsteps. One cannot deny the allure of wood floors with their natural beauty and the fact that when carefully installed it can last many decades.

Unfortunately, most homeowners are left without a choice what type of flooring to get for the living room or bedroom, but if you’re among the lucky few confronted with the decision to choose between carpet vs hardwood, the following advantages and disadvantages will help you make a better decision.

Things to Consider

Your finances will probably dictate the type of flooring your end up with especially when you consider the cost of hardwood floors vs carpet. I am not a fan of getting into debt to have an aesthetically beautiful floor, which means it is wiser to live within your means.

Keep in mind the occupants of your residence. While both carpet and wood floors can take abuse, the one made out of natural materials will probably stand the test of time. Keep in mind the type of damage that can be done by your pets or kids. Big dogs can scratch wood floors while urine from your cat might not be easily removed from your carpet.

Your health or that of the occupants. One is more able to keep allergens away, which means fewer infections to deal with over the years. Now, let’s look at the carpet vs wood flooring pros and cons.

Carpet Flooring


Most people choose to carpet over wood because they’re soft and comfortable to walk on. It is the right type of flooring to protect your feet from the cold temperature outside. Also, let’s not forget a plush carpet will probably protect your porcelain dish from shattering into pieces if dropped on the floor.

The cushioning materials that carpets are made out of offers better stability and support for those dealing with pain in the knees or joints.

Another advantage of installing carpet in your home is the lower cost. The cost of carpet vs hardwood is not even close by any stretch of the imagination. Wall to wall carpeting for your home will always be cheaper as compared to using natural wood.

One must not forget the noise cushioning factor offered by carpet. The right padding can be added to mitigate the noises made by upstairs occupants. When you add it all up, carpets are better noise absorbers than hardwood floors.

If you’re a stickler for color coordination, you’re more likely to find the right carpet color to match your home decor style. Carpets can be found in dozens of colors, with some having intricate designs and patterns that would be almost impossible to replicate on a wood floor.


Due to the type of materials carpets are made out of, chemicals of all kinds will be present in the final product. It is not the best flooring for those with severe allergies as the fibers will shed over time and get into the atmosphere within your residence.

Carpets can be soiled easily and getting that dog urine or feces out entirely is more difficult than it sounds.

It is also the ideal hiding spot for germs and dirt that will not find a welcoming spot on a hardwood floor. Even regular vacuuming and shampooing will not remove all the carcinogens, which means over time they’re bound to accumulate and multiply.

Petroleum is a widely used ingredient in making carpets, which means its production contributes to the degradation of mother earth.

Caring for Carpeted Floors

With diligence on your part, you can prolong the lifespan of your carpet. First, you’ll need a good and durable vacuum cleaner to ensure your rug cleaning is as easy as possible.

Get a darker color carpet if you have many occupants in your residence. Light colors will display dirt vividly, while the opposite will be true for darker color carpets.

If your floor is made out of carpeting get in the habit of cleaning as you go. The last thing you want is the spill to be absorbed into the fibers of the rug, which makes it harder or almost impossible to remove.

Try your best to vacuum often with regular shampooing for heavily trafficked areas of your carpet.

Bottom Line:

Most often in life, our finances will determine the products we end up with. Despite the downsides, let’s not forget carpeting offer more warmth as compared to wood floors. You have limitless color combinations to choose from, which gives you the ability to create modern decors for any room in your house.

While a carpeted floor will have a shorter lifespan, it is also far cheaper when compared to hardwood floors. It is the right type of noise absorber that will mitigate the noises from upstairs tenants.

Hardwood Flooring


Your beautiful wood floor is your ally when it comes to spotting spills, pet hairs, and other debris. Spills can be completely wiped off when caught in time. The hairs from your pet have nowhere to go but stay on top of the wood floor for you to vacuum or sweep off.

Another distinct advantage when looking at carpet vs hardwood floors is that the latter can be completely made germ free. It is the right type of flooring for allergy sufferers.

A home with hardwood floors will generate more buzz and fetch higher a resale price. The allure of wood floors to make prospective real estate buyers fall in fall with your home should not be underestimated.

The beauty of a wood floor is also matched with its longevity. With the right care, a hardwood floor life span is limitless, which means the higher installation cost will more than pay for itself.


Installing natural wood flooring can be expensive and out of the reach of the average homeowner.

Hardwood floors will not keep your feet warm during the cold winter months as they tend to act like regular a floor surface.

Wood floors and water make a toxic combination. Spills must be clean up in time or it can get into the wood causing untold damages over time.

Caring for Hardwood Floors

You should look at your wood floor as a worthy investment that will keep paying dividends way into the future if treated and cared for the right way. You can find a more detailed hardwood floor cleaning plan, but here are a few tips to get you started.

You should keep damp cloths handy for those spills that just have to be cleaned up right away. A sweeper might also come in handy when you do not want to fully vacuum.

Hardwood floors require less cleaning solvent than most people realize. In fact, sometimes just plain tap water and a cleaning cloth will get you the shine that you want.

Bottom Line:

Unless you bought your home with hardwood floors you might have to bear the initial investment cost to get one installed. Unlike carpeting, a wood floor has limitless lifespan with the right care. It is also far easier to keep one clean than carpet flooring.

The Winner for Best Flooring is Wood

If you had to choose between carpet and hardwood floor knowing the benefits offered by both the winner will be the one made out of natural wood. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhances the value of your home in more ways than one.

Wood flooring is far easier to keep clean than carpeting since germs will not find a welcoming spot to hide. Unlike carpets that can hold germs and allergens, a floor made out of the natural wood product is the ultimate solution for allergy sufferers

Apart from the prestige that a wood floor confers on your home, the longevity of the floor is probably the most appealing selling point. It is a fact that a well-installed hardwood floor will last as long as the home is still standing.