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Camping Hammock Reviews of 7 Top Brands for Best Fun in the Wilderness

The difference between using a most comfortable hammock and a camping tent is quite obvious to those that pay attention to such details. One enables you to rest and enjoy some of what outdoors have to offer, while the other is designed as a place where you can get some rest while camping in the wilderness.

You do not have to only use hammocks on your backpacking trip to enjoy some of the benefits it offers. With the right hammock stand you can set one up in your backyard, just be ready for more people wanting to try it out, especially your neighbors.

Resting on the best camping hammock comfortably takes time to master, despite the simplicity of it. It took me several tries to understand the need to let go and create an even balance, which guaranteed I did not fall off.

The key to resting comfortably on a backpacking hammock is to find the middle spot and rest your whole body right there. It is even trickier to have two or more people use an outdoor hammock at the same time, simply because other dynamics like weight come into play.

What is a Hammock?

It is simply a lengthy cloth that is normally infused with other materials to give it better strength. Hammocks can be hung using two close by trees, but the preferred method is to get one with a stand.

A hammock with a stand offers you a better way to control the setup, while one tied to two trees offers natural dynamics that cannot be replicated. To decide the best camping hammock to get, you have to know your wilderness trails.

If your outdoor location lacks the right trees you might have to get one with a durable stand. Where you can hang your hammock is open to your imagination, but do not take an undue risk by hanging one over a dangerous spot.

This is one outdoor activity where your appetite for risk comes into play. I have seen outdoor adventurists using hammocks high above two trees or in a location where a simple fall can lead to serious injury or death.

Before we get to the top rated camping hammock reviews, a guide to some of the necessary features that one should come with is in order.

Best Backpacking Hammock Buying Guide

This camping gear can be bought in either a sleeping or day version. Personally, it would be hard for me to fall asleep while resting on one, regardless of how comfortable it is. Some of the key factors you want to keep in mind while searching for the best hammock are:

Know Your Location

Before you buy one, take some time to scout out the locations where you’ll be using one. Your choice of location for your hammock will determine what brand to buy and if you need one with a stand.

Do not neglect to be thorough when scouting ideal spots, for it is the key to having great fun outdoors while resting on one. Do not select your locations based on assumptions for that might impact your backpacking camping hammock experience before it begins.

Know Your Weight

Do not assume what you weigh, for you need the exact number to buy the right kind of camping hammock. Even some of the best camping hammocks found reviewed in this article come with weight limitations that should not be ignored.

Good hammocks are designed to hold up to a certain weight and anything over that number might lead to your hammock disintegrating right before your eyes, which might also cause serious injury.

If you’re buying one that can accommodate two people get the exact weight of the other person. This key factor is one of the main reasons people buy the wrong product, which ultimately leads to a lousy time while outdoors.

The Size and Dimensions

The size and the dimensions of the hammock you select are crucial, for the wider ones provide better comfort while resting on them. If you buy one that is not wide enough, the time spent resting on the backpacking hammock will be short lived at best.

Other Considerations

If you’re looking for a camping hammock that can be used as a shelter, the factors you should be looking at should be similar to shopping for a good brand of outdoor camping tent.

Best Hammock Brands

It takes a certain type of individual to decide to leave the comfort of your home and try to enjoy all that nature has to offer by resting on a camping hammock in the wilderness. With dozens of brands in the marketplace, the durability of the product will help determine your experience while outdoors, so choose wisely.

1 – Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series AA51456789

The name itself is a sign of expected excellence in design and durability, and the product meets the high expectations with flying colors. Most of the current users gave high praise to the side zipper closure, which is asymmetrical in design and operation.

It can accommodate someone as tall as six feet, but the user weight is limited to only 250-pounds. The Hennessy outdoor hammock is constructed out of different fabrics, which include nylon and polyester that contains polyurethane coating.

The dimension for this hammock is 7 x 9 x 4 inches and it comes with a built-in mosquito net, which is activated once you zip up the enclosure. Do keep in mind you need two close by trees to properly install the Hennessy hammock.

The manufacturer also claims it is rain-proofed. For outdoor nature lovers seeking the best hammock for sleeping, this brand is worthy of your consideration due to the glowing feedbacks from some of the existing users.

2 – Clark NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock

Clark NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock

Another brand with impressive features is made by a company called Clark. The internal net is protected by a breathable and waterproofing material to complete a durable and rugged hammock.

It has several internal pockets you can use to store some of your personal belongings. It is suitable for someone less than 6-feet, 9-inches tall and weighing 300 pounds or less.

It is quite expensive as compared to other top rated outdoor camping hammocks, but you do get an extra layer of insulation, which provides warmth during the colder weather months.

3 – OuterEQ Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock

OuterEQ Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock

This strong camping hammock is made from nylon fabric, which makes it easy to keep it clean and dry after your outdoor activities. The manufacturer claims the material used is the same used to make parachutes.

The OuterEQ outdoor camping hammock is available in 17-different colors and comes with two strong ropes you can use to attach the hammock to trees or poles. It is one of the best lightweight travel hammocks one can buy online for a decent price.

4 – TripWorthy Premium Outdoor Hammock for Hiking

TripWorthy Premium Outdoor Hammock for Hiking

This one is also made from parachute quality nylon fabric, which makes it compact and lightweight to carry around to your camping site. It is capable of supporting user weight up to 400 pounds. The manufacturer claims you can assemble one in two minutes or less.

While the larger dimension means it can hold up to two hikers, do keep in mind the user weight limitations. It is only available in just one color. This lightweight hammock from TripWorthy can be used in your backyard, hiking sites, or in the wilderness. You get sturdy hanging straps to make set up a cinch!

5 – WildHorn Outfitters Outpost Camping Hammock

WildHorn Outfitters Outpost Camping Hammock

What a name for a camping hammock! The WildHorn outdoor hammock is available in eight different colors and comes with tree straps that are made from 100% polyester material. It is available for sale in two sizes; double or single.

It is recommended for users weighing four hundred pounds or less. The dimension for the hammock is 8″ x 6.5″ x 4.5″ and weigh less than two pounds. The best outdoor camping hammock from WildHorn Outfitters is our preferred choice, due to the simplicity in design and the glowing feedbacks from some of the existing users.

6 – Apriller Double and Single Camping Hammocks

Apriller Double and Single Camping Hammocks AA52189

If you can get past trying to pronounce the name the right way, it is a good hammock for those seeking the ultimate comfort while outdoor camping or hiking.

Not only is the ultra-light hammock from Apriller easy to clean, it is also capable of holding user weight up to 600-pounds, which is one of the highest within the industry.

It is made from parachute quality nylon materials, but can only be purchased in one color. To make it easier to carry the best hammock from Apriller, within your delivery package is a carrying sack.

7 – Legit Camping Double Hammock

Legit Camping Double Hammock AA50012456

The last best backpacking hammock to be reviewed is from a company called Legit Camping, and it is suitable for just about any type of outdoor activities you can come up with. If it is your desire to rest comfortably in the wilderness, this hammock will accommodate your desires.

The included steel carabiners and the straps make it easier to setup to poles or nearby trees. It is designed to support user weight up to 400-pounds, and you get a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer to cover any factory defects.

The Legit camping double hammock is available in 12-different colors. This brand is bound to be found in other camping hammock reviews online due to the amazing feedbacks from most of the existing users of the product.