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Camping Gear Reviews: More of the Coolest Camping Equipment Needed to Create a Memorable Experience

“This is part two of the continuation of the best camping accessories and part one can be found here.The idea behind this camping gear reviews guide is to have a well-organized content that can be shared by all who love camping outdoors”

More of the Coolest Camping Equipment Needed to Create a Memorable Experience

I am not claiming to have all the camping accessories one can use for the list, but it is meant to get your creative juices flowing in the right direction. So sit back and enjoy, as we help you compile the most important equipment you want on your camping supplies list.

Camping Cooking Equipment

After the discussion about camp lighting in part one of this article, the next most important camping gear is the cooking equipment. If you want to keep it simple, you can always bring along snacks, protein bars, or just plain old homemade sandwich, but what fun would that be.

There are many ways you can cook your food ingredients while outdoors, but we want the modern cooking convenience without having to bring along our stove at home. I would urge you to keep your camping stove design as simple as possible, and the type that comes with burners will make a good fit.

Single burner camping stove should serve a couple well, but two burner stoves will be the ideal choice for enjoying your cooking time outdoors. With two burners you can prepare two different meals at the same time.

Just a word of caution, do not try to use your camping stove inside your tent cabin. Fire has a life of its own and it can develop momentum based on the type of food ingredients you’re preparing. Keep your food preparation to the outside of your camping tent.

For those of you seeking a more detailed look at the various cooking options, one can use while camping, check out our detailed the best camping stove reviews article.

The fuel or gas needed to get your camping stove going will not be supplied with any of the units for safety reasons due to shipping. Just to enhance the flow of the camping supplies information, I will be continuing with the numbering system used in part one.

Best Camping Cooking Equipment

7A – Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range Review

Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range Review aa5XCVBNMUIOPL

Remember when I told you the camping stove you select should be simple, but I forgot to mention also functional, and this unit has it all. Apart from the simplicity in design, I like the Camp Chef Explorer double burner store for three good reasons:

It has a stand to rest the cooking burner on, which is a good thing to have as some of the most popular camping sites will not be equipped with cooking tables or chairs. The legs are also removable if you can find a stable place to rest the double burner stove.|1|

It has adequate protection for the wind, which can come at your cooking flames and try to put it out without any prior warning. Forget what the weather forecasters would tell you, for when you cook outdoors it will get windy and you better have a way to keep your cooking flames steady or your frustration at re-lighting the gas stove might get the best of your emotions.

You can use gas canisters on this cooking gear for camping, which you can buy at many gas stations on your way to your camping site. Also, the regulator and the heavy-duty hose you need to connect the bulk propane tank are included with your purchase.

Each of the burners can output up to 30,000 BTU’s, which is enough to prepare just about any type of meal you might have in mind. The versatility of this camping stove from Camp Chef can be enhanced with different accessories, but the one I would suggest you get is a strong, durable carrying case like this one – carry bag for 2 burner stove.

7B – Coleman Classic Propane Stove Review

Coleman Classic Propane Stove Review aa5123WEDR

While it is disheartening that the Coleman double burner classic propane stove does not have a stand and outputs lesser BTU’s than the unit reviewed above, there are many features to like, which made me include it in this best camping accessories review.

I like the fact that it comes with the right type of wing guard to protect your cooking flames while preparing meals outdoor. The wind block panels also can be adjusted so that you can use larger pan sizes on the burner.

Despite the low pricing for this outdoor cooking device, the manufacturer took the time to include adjustable flame features, which means you can cook on low to simmer your ingredients or full blast when you want to bring a pot of water to boil very fast.

The grates for the burner is chrome plated and also removable, which means less cleaning time after meal preparation. Best of all, the unit comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

8 – Camping Cookware and Utensils

It will be impossible to cook anything on your camping stove without any cookware and utensils, so that is out next focus, as we help you compile a camping supplies list you can use to have the most fun during your outdoor adventure.

Again, simplicity is your goal when seeking the best products for cooking outdoors. I would suggest you get a frying pan, a small kettle, and regular pot pan. The frying pan can be used to fry stuff including eggs, while the pot pan can be used for the preparation of a traditional meal.

The kettle will come in handy when you want to boil water for your beverage. Now, that was the complete cookware we brought along on our camping trip and all went well with meal preparation.

Do ensure that your frying pan and pot have covers, as the pesky flying insects will be attracted to your nice smelling food ingredients. They get hungry too, but there will be powerful products to use, which can keep them away from your camping territory.

For good camping utensils, it is nice to have spoons, forks, and knives, within your camping supplies. Personally, I am not a fan of using plastic utensils when consuming my food, but everyone is different.

Even if you buy a pack of plastic utensils I would suggest you also bring along a regular steel knife for cutting purposes.

First, we look at the best cookware brands for camping, and then we review some of the most desirable utensils you can use while outdoors.

Best Cookware Brands for Camping

8A – Extreme Nomad Camping Cookware Kit

Extreme Nomad Camping Cookware Kit aa1SDC34212

First of all, do not let the images of this cookware fool you into thinking it is that big. The Extreme Nomad camping cookware set is probably ideal for one or two people max. The pots and pans included in this kit will do better if used on the small camping stove reviewed above.

Despite the smallness of the cookware kit from Extreme Nomad, there are several features that caught my attention, which means it will be suitable for cooking different types of meals while outdoor camping.

cookware kit from Extreme NomadThe entire kit weighs less than one pound. When you consider the other camping supplies needed to make your trip a success, the lightweight nature of the cookware makes a big deal. Based on your camping site location, carrying supplies can get on your nerves if it is too heavy and too far.

The Extreme Nomad cookware kit is made from anodized aluminum, which the manufacturer claims is non-toxic. You also get a loofah cleaning sponge to make it easier to keep the entire set clean after cooking.

I also like the fact that a carrying bag is included, despite the low pricing offered. It is an ideal camping cookware if you want to travel light and still enjoy cooking your own food while outdoor camping in the wilderness.

There is also a 30-days money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the camping cookware kit.

8B – Texsport Kangaroo Camping Cookware Review

Texsport Kangaroo Camping Cookware Review aa3XCVB78

If you like your camping cookware to have enough room to accommodate all your food ingredients this is the set to invest in. It is made from lightweight aluminum and the entire kit weighs less than two pounds, which is good for the type of regular sizes offered.

The non-stick interior makes it easy to keep the cookware set clean. While it is compact and nice looking, the absence of a carry handles for the pots and pans can be challenging, so you better come with a highly insulated pot holder to enhance your cooking experience using this brand.

Best Camping Utensils Set

8C – Stansport 24 Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set Review

Stansport 24 Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set Review aa5VBNC4123

It will be impractical and almost impossible to enjoy your cooked food without the right plates and utensils. This brand is a complete camping utensil set and comes with the right number of plates, bowls, forks, spoons, coffee cups, and knives, to make eating your prepared meal an enjoyable experience.

Using real plates instead of the ones made out of paper is my suggested alternative. Paper plates create the need to cut down more trees and the resulting trash will eventually clog up our landfill.

The Stansport 24-piece enamel camping tableware is made out of gauge steel and has well-configured stainless steel edges. Apart from the sturdy construction of the various utensils found in this cookware kit, the manufacturer claims it is also dishwasher safe.

8D – KitchenAid KTEN20CBER Kettle Review

KitchenAid KTEN20CBER Kettle Review aa3XXCVBN57

I decided to include a kettle for boiling water because it creates an appealing presence on any camping site. For some odd reason, I do enjoy when the hot water for my mocha is made using a tea kettle.

The KitchenAid KTEN20CBER Kettle is available in 9 different color choices and the Curved handle gives you the ability to have a comfortable grip while using it. It weighs less than 9-ounces and the included lid is removable, which makes it easier to fill it with water and helps with faster cleaning. [2]

Also, the audible whistle noise that it makes when your water is boiling will create the right excitement needed to change what might be a sour mood during your camping trip.

9 – Camping Toilet

If you’re human, sooner rather than later all that crap or good food you costumed will be seeking an exit and you better come prepared with a plan on how to deal with peeing or pooping. I know it is an uncomfortable subject to bring up, but it is a fact of life and everyone does it, including the president.

A good alternative to bringing a suitable product for your NO-2 will be to use a shovel and dig a small hole about 200-yards from your camping tent for your poop. I saw a few people do it during my camping trip and it was not a pretty sight, to say the least.

Apart from the pooping bucket, it will be nice to also have a privacy screen to ensure the whole world is not observing your private parts, or secretly taking pictures and making videos.

It will be quite difficult to find camping products that will totally recreate the comfort you feel while using the bathroom in your own home, but the following items will at least make it easier to eliminate waste while also having some privacy during your camping trip.

9A – Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet aa3VBC3425

If you desire a suitable portable toilet while outdoors this product will create probably the best comfort you can have while camping. The Cleanwaste Portable toilet comes with three locking legs and it is quite easy to setup. The manufacturer claims it requires no assembly to use it.

It is compact and portable, due to the fact that it can be folded into the size of a briefcase and the built-in handle can be used to carry it. While it only weighs seven pounds, it is capable of supporting user weight up to 500-pounds.

Keep in mind that you also need a strong durable bag to hold the waste and clicking on the image should take you to the page with the pricing information and the accessories you can use with this portable toilet.

9B – Reliance Products Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

Reliance Products Portable 5 Gallon Toilet aa112WEDRT

This is how simple a portable toilet for camping can be. This human waste collection product is made to use the regular standard double doodle bags. It weighs about 3-pounds and should support user weight of at least 300 pounds or more.

What I like the most about this product is the simplicity of design and the way the lid is made to snap on, just like your regular toilet seat setup at home. Is it the most comfortable camping toilet one can use, probably not, but it beats the idea of digging a small hole before you can poop?

9C – GigaTent Portable Pop-up Pod

GigaTent Portable Pop-up Pod aa3CVBNMKL

Unless you want to use your portable toilet inside your sleeping tent, it would be nice to bring a separate tent for waste elimination. Please do not put the portable toilet inside your tent, especially if you have another person with you.

This convenient tent from GigaTent is easy to deploy and can be used to create the required privacy as you take care of business. The GigaTent Portable Pop-up Pod can also be used for other activities other than camping.

Since it has no lighting, wearing your headlamp would be a great way to brighten the small space and it will not interfere with your doing NO-1 or NO-2.

9D – Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes aa5CVB578

I know some of you might be surprised to find a baby wipe on this best camping accessories list, but doing any type of human waste elimination requires you wipe your behind clean and the best product from my testing is a scented baby wipe.

Think about it for a minute, the baby wipe is moist, wet, and probably has the right scent to take out the stench of what you just did. The Amazon Elements baby wipes belong to that giant famous online retailer that is remaking shopping as we know it.

It is available for purchase in three different styles scented, unscented, and sensitive. Personally, I prefer the scented version, as it leaves me smelling like a newborn after doing NO-2. It is far better than using regular toilet paper, and also strong enough to be used for other cleaning duties.

Amazon also claims this product is free of harsh chemicals like dyes, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, and many others. When you reach the product’s page you can read about the list of ingredients and the amazing feedbacks from current users.

10 – Camping Shower

The biggest discouragement for camping outdoors is how to keep your skin clean and free of germs. While I have located two unique products for showering, you still have to solve the problem of getting your own water supply, which is not an easy thing to do depending on your camping location.

The right location with the right type of camping supplies will give you encouragement to do it again, while the wrong location can kill your desire to ever go camping again. It is up to you to calculate if your camping site comes with easy access to water supply.

Even if you have access to dirty river water, the next section will be dealing with water filtration products you can use to remove the carcinogens that might be present before bathing, using it to cook or drinking it.

10A – Advanced Elements 5 gal. Summer Shower

Advanced Elements 5 gal. Summer Shower aa3SCDFG

This camping shower is able to hold up to five gallons of water and uses solar technology to warm the water up for you. It comes with a large opening valve to make easier to fill it with water.

The on/off switch found in the showerhead is nice, but it has no mechanism to reduce the water flow. Included in the design is a side pocket, which you can use to hold your shampoo, soap, or shaving products.

You do have to find a way to hang this portable shower up before you can use it. Hanging it on a tree or a pole as suggested by some of the current users make sense. It is one of the best outdoor camping showers considering your location.

The Advanced Elements 5-gallon Shower has an embedded water temperature gauge, and the product itself weighs only 1.4-pounds, without the water of course.

10B – Zoeson Camp Shower Bag

Zoeson Camp Shower Bag aa1XCV57

The next portable shower bag is bigger and can hold up to 10-gallons of water. It also uses solar technology to heat up the water before you can use it. The manufacturer claims it is made out of non-toxic materials.

It is suggested you rinse the inside of the shower before use, by applying a mixture of baking soda and warm water. It is better to do the initial cleaning at home before embarking on your camping trip.

I also like the fact the rope system and the hanging bar you need to attach it to a tree are included with your purchase. Using the Zoeson camp shower bag is as close as you’re going to get to a real shower while in the wild camping.

11 – Hiking and Camping Backpacks

Even if you have a trolley you can push along to your camping site it is always a good idea to invest in a durable backpack to carry some of your most valuable camping supplies and intimate personal items.

The best camping backpack will have hidden pockets for your electronic gadgets, wallet, money, and other key possessions you would rather have on your person while hiking to your camping site.

The ideal backpack for camping will not do you any good without a clear and precise estimate of what you’ll be carrying and the distance to be traveled. Your endurance will be tested, and those out of shape might not complete the trip, so choose carefully whom to include in your group.

I have selected two camping backpack brands with an enviable and solid reputation within the industry and both are noted for outputting solid products. The mountain top backpack review and the Teton backpack review will explore the merits of adding this two products to your best-camping supplies list.

11A – Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack Review

Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack Review aa3XCZ23445

Is this the best ultra-light backpacking gear? Probably not, because it is designed to hold more supplies than your average backpack. The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 weighs about five pounds and has 4000 cubic inches of space for your supplies, which means it can hold 65 liters of stuff.

It is a backpack with internal frames and the different compartment can hold your sleeping bag, camping tent, and other supplies needed to make your outing a successful experience.

I like the addition of several smaller pockets, which are suitable for you digital devices including your smartphone. The fact that it has a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer makes it the best backpack for camping in my humble opinion.

The inclusion of a bright yellow rain fly with your purchase of the Explorer4000 internal frame backpack provides some form of protection should it start raining on your way to your camping site.

11B – Mountaintop 40 Liter Hiking Backpack Review

Mountaintop 40 Liter Hiking Backpack Review aa5ASDXXCF

When you search online for some of the best backpacking bags the products from a company called Mountaintop will be on the top ten list. It is just as durable as the brand reviewed above, but it has less cubic space for your camping supplies.

In this Mountaintop Adventure 40L review, we’ll see how the inclusion of a rain cover means your most prized camping supplies will be protected from at least one of the environmental elements.

The adjustable straps and the zipper mechanism are some of the convincing features that made me included this brand in this review. The bad itself weighs only two pounds and has 2,440 cubic inches of space for your hiking or camping supplies.

I also like the fact that the 40-liter backpack is available in 11 different color choices. The only bad issue with this backpack is the lousy short warranty period, which is only 90-days, and probably the lowest within the industry.

12 – Solar Chargers for Your Digital Devices

Since most people cannot survive a few hours without their digital devices, the need to keep them charged will become a problem on your camping trip, unless you have one of the two products reviewed below.

Depending on your camping site, cell phone service might not be available but at least you can read books on your Kindle or tablet computer. Anyway, none of that will be possible without a way to keep your devices fully charged.[3]

12A – PowerGreen 21W Portable Folding Solar Charger Review

PowerGreen 21W Portable Folding Solar Charger Review aa1SCXF54

I like the simplicity of this solar charger and the fact that it comes with a dual USB port. While it has some water resistant features, I would advise you make sure it is not left out in the rain for long as that might damage the USB port, because it is not water protected.

The manufacturer claims the unique design of the solar panels will result in at least 24% more power conversion than other brands.

The PowerGreen 21W portable folding solar charger weighs less than two pounds, and all you have to do is point it towards direct sunlight for it to accumulate the power needed to charge your electronic devices.

12B – Horizons Tec HT-747 Weather Radio, Solar & Hand Crank Charger

Horizons Tec HT-747 Weather Radio, Solar & Hand Crank Charger aa512WASER5

Another camping product that you could use to charge your digital devices is the Horizons Tec HT-747. In fact, it is able to perform different functions in one unit. It is a weather radio station, a LED flashlight, and also a digital device charger.

Not only can it be powered using the solar panels, but you can also use hand cranking to create the energy needed to make the radio and flashlight function. The manufacturer claims just one minute of cranking can provide up to 20-minutes of flashlight and radio power.

The charging of your device can be done through the provided USB port. It is also possible to fully charge the product with a USB cable. The included ABS clasp can also be used as a whistle in case of an emergency.

Inside the clasp is also a magnesium fire starter. The radio station will get the weather channel broadcast by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and you should be able to get any disaster or weather related alerts for your camping area.