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The Best Video Baby Monitor Reviews: Top Brands with Two-Way Audio Communication and Customizable Features

Nothing compares to the joy of welcoming a newborn into this world, for it brings out the emotions of joy and concern for the safety of the newly created life. Apart from the worry of giving the new baby good nourishing foods, the issue of his or her safety will also come into play, which is why I have created a detailed guide for those seeking the best baby video monitor.

This is not just a baby monitor reviews, but a comprehensive look at the type of questions you need to be answered, if you want to bring home a brand with excellent features.

What is a Baby Video Monitor?

What is a Baby Video Monitor?

Initially, it was only possible to listen to what you baby is doing in the crib, but now it is also possible to both see and hear your baby’s actions at the same time. The latest top rated baby monitors will give you the ability to observe your baby from another room, and also the outside of your home.

Some of the best brands will come with customizable features like zoom lenses, two-way communication, high resolution, and even recording. Some of the latest video cameras for monitoring your baby also come with an App so that you can do the viewing on your smartphone.

Thanks to the rapid advances in technology, the prices for these devices are dropping like a rock. So, in your desire to get your hands on a monitor that allows you to keep a closer eye on your bundle of joy, what exactly do you want the device to do for you?

That questions might sound basic, but it is the foundation step before you could determine what brand is better for your needs. First, let’s explore some of the most important features you want to have present in your baby video monitor.

Top 5 Baby Video Monitors

I have looked at several top 10 baby monitors online and the top five with video capabilities are reviewed below. I had to make a judgment call as to the brands that deserve inclusion into this review.

The good thing is that you can explore other brands not mentioned in this article by clicking any of the images or the link below them.

The criteria used for inclusion are familiarity with the product either personally or through friends, the number of units sold, the industry reputation of the brand, warranty terms, and the feedbacks from existing customers.

The products with high enough performance metrics to be worthy of inclusion in this best baby monitor reviews are:

1 – Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Review

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Review

This is the number one selling baby video monitor product on Amazon.com for two years in a row. I kid you not, for I tell you this is a good product one can use to keep eyes on your little one.

Not only is it designed to use several lenses that can be easily interchanged, the audio and video quality is nothing short of amazing. The user interface is as simple as can be, which means almost anyone can operate the device.


The optical lenses included with this device are interchangeable as can be, which gives you the ability to see the complete interior of any room your baby might be using. Most of the users said the lenses can be switched quite easily.

Apart from being able to use the adjustable lenses just as found in a professional camera system, the video is also streamed in real time, in a color LCD display screen.

There is a talkback option the parent can use to communicate with the baby in the crib. This is a great option the parent can use to sing or calm a little baby down with a soothing voice or calming music.

In the top Infant Optics DXR-8 review available online, there are many advanced features that can also be easily customized.

The battery power can be enhanced with two modes to operate the unit. When in a saving mode the battery power will last up to 10 hours, but can also be used as an audio monitor only. Using it in a complete full mode with video and audio, the battery will last about 6 hours.

I am also glad it can determine the actual temperature of your baby’s room, and it is displaced on a colorful display panel.


It is not able to take snapshots, neither is it able to record the action of what your baby is doing.

Another downside is the actual digital display screen, which is smaller than average.

Bottom Line:

This is one of the most durable top rated video baby monitors with easy to deploy plug and play features. The camera on this device does not use the internet to operate, which makes it harder for outsiders to hack and snoop on your activity with your baby.

Below is a great video from an actual new parent explaining all the amazing features found in this best baby monitor with a camera from Infant Optics. The design of this product is compact, which makes it easily portable. {1}

You have the ability to tilt, zoom, and pan, this baby video monitor. The camera can also be expanded to four to further increase the square footage area covered.

2 – Summer Infant Secure Video Baby Monitor Review

Summer Infant Secure Video Baby Monitor Review

Another product that is selling like crazy online is the secure baby video monitor from Summer Infant. It is among the top video baby monitors one can buy on Amazon at a reasonable price. The customizable features of this product are just as impressive as the one from Infant Optics.


The audio two-way communication offer clarity that will shock most parents, for you can clearly hear your baby giggling or crying, and it is also possible to sing or talk to your little bundle of joy.

Any noise coming out of your baby’s nursery room will activate LED lights.

The digital technology used to send the video and audio communication is based on the 2.4GHz platform, which is quite hard for the average hacker to penetrate.

The coverage area of the Summer Infant Baby Secure Video Monitor can be extended easily since it allows you to include up to three additional cameras.

There are indicator lights that will come on if you’re going out of range or running out of battery power for the video monitor unit.


While the video quality can be considered excellent, some of the users experienced skipping or interference based on the distance from the base unit.

The lack of a Wi-Fi capability means this monitor cannot be used with any of your digital devices. Also, the 2.5-inch display monitor is quite small when compared to other top rated video baby monitors.

Bottom Line:

The claim that the communication can be received clearly at a range of up to 600-feet will depend on physical and natural barriers within your vicinity. You’re able to extend the power of the rechargeable battery based on the modes used.

The included remote control can be used to customize and control some of the features included in this video monitor from Summer Infant. You get a handy kickstand and a well-made clip belt. The warranty length is not the best, but it is within the industry standard of one year.

Buying Guide for Baby Video Monitors

The marketplace for video baby monitor is filled with dozens of brands all claiming they have the right features. First, you have to answer the premier question in your search for a durable brand.

What Do You want it to do?

There are many different types of video monitors that can be used to monitor the activities of your baby. What do you want your baby’s monitor to do? There are brands with many customizable features like zoom lenses, tilt, and two-way communication.

Let how you want to watch your baby be your guide in your search for a very good product.

The Best Video Baby Monitor Reviews

What about the Resolution?

The video resolution for even the cheapest baby video monitor is way more advanced than what was available ten years ago. I have seen newer models using liquid crystal display, which can show images of your little one in his or her crib clearly, without any distortions.

The Range for the Device Makes a Difference

I assume you’re buying the video monitor so that you could get work done probably in your bedroom or living room. You want a unit that can deliver the images to a certain distance without interference. The video range for baby monitors should not be overlooked in your search for a very good brand.

Intercom System

A very good friend of mine with a newborn bought a top rated baby monitor with a two-way integrated communication system. I have watched her sing to her baby while sitting on the porch. The audio on this device is so clear you could even hear her baby’s response to hearing the voice of mama.

Is the Wireless Communications Encrypted?

Nowadays, you never know who’s really a creep or not. Your sweet talking happily married next door neighbor might enjoy snooping into people’s lives. Encrypted communication is worth the asking price for both the image and audio broadcasting.

While encryption for baby monitors is not available in some units, the high-end brands include this feature. Encryption will guarantee your privacy, while also making sure no one is monitoring your movements within your own home.

It must be Easy to Use?

The most frustrating thing about digital devices is poor user features. The steps to get any function to work must be precise and straight to the point without any assumptions.

Also, I would encourage you to take the required few minutes and read about the functionality of the best video baby monitor you purchased. Better to know what each button will do than to discover its function accidentally.

We’re all different, some will enjoy knowing what each function stands for and how to use it, while others will wait until they encounter an unfamiliar functionality before they take a look at the manual. This is why you need to buy a baby video monitor with an intuitive and friendly interface.

Reputation of the Manufacturer and the Warranty Terms

There are many manufacturers in this niche marketplace, which means you have to exercise caution in your search for a very good unit to monitor what your baby is doing.

An excellent sign that might indicate a good brand can be found in the additional resources provided for the owners online.

The brand manufacturer must have a website with ample resources that can be accessed easily. I have seen a few of the top best baby monitor makers offer an App that makes it easier to use the device on your digital devices.

The minimum warranty should be one year or longer. The terms of the warranty is also a thing you want to examine if you have the time.

Feedback from Current Users

The opinion expressed and written down online by current users might be the best way to determine if the baby video monitor will perform as advertised.

While it is almost impossible to find a video monitor for babies that is loved by everyone, a high-percentage of the current users must be happy with the device.

When looking through the feedbacks pay close attention to mention of the same issues with the monitor. To make it easier to get a durable baby video monitor you can just select from the vetted units in this review.

3 – VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor Review

VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor Review

VTech is a well-known brand with many different products in the marketplace including this video baby monitor. I have seen this product among the list of top ten baby monitors in a review on a popular blogging site.

The digital communication from this monitor uses the 2.4GHz frequency, which is quite hard for hackers and snoopers to break into. The range for this video monitor for your baby’s room can go up to 1000-feet.


The high-resolution images can be viewed through a color LCD display screen. It is capable of transmitting video images in full motion mode using 22 frames per minute, which is one of the best within this niche industry.

The camera angle can be easily adjusted and there are six different sound indicators for various features.

There is a sensor that monitors and displays the current temperature in your little one’s room.

Not only are you able to talk back to soothe your baby, there are several lullabies you can also deploy remotely. {2}


Some of the current users wished the camera came with tilting and panning features. Also, the pricing for the model with two cameras is on the high side of things.

Bottom Line:

This is a good baby video monitor as my good friend has used one for several months. The only drawback, she said, is the high learning curve from all the included features. If you do not take the time to read about the right way to operate each function, you might destroy the unit.

The included LED lights are capable of detecting dim lights, which makes it possible for this monitor to transmit video images with amazing clarity, even in darkened rooms.

4 – Philips Avent SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor Review

Philips Avent SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor Review

You would expect Philips technology to have the best-selling baby video monitor in the world, but that is not the case from my research.

This video monitor from Philips emits excellent sound quality and the 3.5-inch LCD display screen allows you to see your baby clearly, both day and night.

The baby monitor Philips Avent SCD630 is a good product with the right encryption technology, which ensures the transmission from your monitor will be harder for hackers and snoopers to penetrate.


The manufacturer claims the range for this video baby monitor can reach up to 900-feet.

The use of the latest FHSS technology will help maintain the privacy of your communication with your baby.

Not only is it wall mountable, you can also use a voice activation mode.

The included LED lights will let you know when the device is fully synched and operating flawlessly.


It is quite pricey, and the feedback ratings from some of the users point to several shortcomings. The biggest complaints revolve around poor audio and video quality, which can manifest once you step away from the base unit camera.

Bottom Line:

It is not the best affordable baby monitor one can buy online, but it does have some features worth mentioning. The color screen comes with zoom features, and you’re also able to monitor the temperature in your baby’s room.

Some of the complaints from users might be due to poor installation. Be sure to read the owner’s manual before deploying it full blast.

5 – Summer Infant WIDE VIEW 2.0 Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

Summer Infant WIDE VIEW 2.0 Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

I saved one of the best video baby monitors for last. There are two unique models, one with a single camera and another with two. The good thing about this device is that the digital technology used will guarantee your privacy during video transmission.


You get to keep an eye on your baby through the 5.0-inch digital display screen with color LCD video technology.

The included wide view lens makes it possible to see your baby’s room in its entirety.

Another good feature is the digital zoom with its ability to display what your baby is doing with perfect clarity.

If you feel like calming your baby down with your soothing voice there is a talkback intercom system you can use to make that happen.

Other good features include LED lights that can be activated by sound, indicator lights for battery and out of range issues, plus both the brightness and volume are adjustable.


The lack of a sensor to display the temperature in your baby’s room is a feature you’ll have to decide if it is worth having. Another missing feature is the pan/tilt, which some might consider not as important.

Bottom Line:

This is a good brand with excellent feedbacks from most of the current users. While it is not the cheapest, it is certainly among the best-rated baby monitors one can purchase online at a reasonable price.