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What is a Tactical Flashlight? We Found the Best Brands with the Most Impressive Features

When most people hear tactical flashlight the first thing they think of is it must be designed for use on weapons. True, some of the best tactical flashlights can be used with an attachment on a high-powered rifle, while others are for everyday use. A good flashlight is always appreciated during an emergency situation when you need to see in the dark. In this review, we’ll give better definition to the best tactical flashlight and the features needed if you want a brand with the brightest lights in the world

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

As most of you know, a regular flashlight is a mechanical device designed to utilize different types of batteries to output bright lights through a switch. A tactical flashlight functions the same way, except that some will use the latest in LED technology to output intense bright lights. The beam from a tactical flashlight is quite powerful and can travel much further than your regular flashlights.

Another aspect of a top tactical flashlight is that it is quite unique with the versatility features embedded within. Most will be designed to use more powerful batteries and LED bulbs. It is also true that you cannot judge a tactical flashlight by its size. In this niche industry, bigger does not always equal the brightest lights.

Some of the best brands of tactical flashlights are smaller and can almost fit the palm of your hands, while also packing the features needed to beam lights that could turn darkness into daylight condition in an instant. The key to the brightest tactical flashlight is the type of battery technology used.

Keep in mind that the top manufacturers of tactical flashlights can add additional features for military or police needs. I am sure you’ve seen the small tactical flashlights carried by cops in your city, they do pack intense bright light capabilities.

What is a Tactical Flashlight? AA5ASDTRE7

The Types of Tactical Flashlights

Just like with any product that can be used to generate light in darkness or used in an emergency situation, tactical flashlights have some uniqueness that makes people ask about the different types one can buy online.

Instead of calling it the different types, it might be appropriate to refer to the different dimensions a tactical flashlight can come in as classifications. Since the mechanism for even the best tactical led flashlight is the same, it is right to separate the different units into size and battery power technology.

Furthermore, some of the custom or exotic tactical flashlights can be classified based on weapons applications, and other accessories that can be used to extend what it can do.

So, it is vital to know why you need your own tactical flashlight with bright lights power, especially if you want to buy from the highly rated brands found on the top ten tactical flashlights list.

The Selection Process for the Best Tactical Flashlights

Just like with every product that can be used to turn darkness into daylight conditions, everyone is looking for the best top tactical flashlights capable of emitting beams of light to make it easier to get through what might be an emergency situation.

Before we get to some of the features you want in a good brand, the tactical flashlight you bring home should at least be easy to deploy, and emit powerful bright lights in an instant. The reliability of the flashlight is only as good as the battery technology used

Here are the features you should be looking at when searching for your own brightest tactical flashlight that you can call the best in the world:

How Much Are You Willing to Invest?

Setting a spending limitation on how much you’re willing to invest to get a good and highly functional brand is a wise move. At least, you’ll stick to brands of tactical flashlights within your price range, which might be good or bad based on your budget.

Having said that, this is not an item you want to shop for based on price alone. You should also consider the reputation of the brand and how long the tactical flashlight batteries would last until it is needed.

It is hard to give you specific numbers as to what a good tactical flashlight should cost, because of the variables in design and performance.

The Power of the Flashlight

The Power of the Flashlight

The tactical flashlight you buy is just as effective as the power of the brightness of the lights it can output in an instant. It would be nice to get one that can emit intense white lights, which is also capable of shining the beam further than your regular flashlight.

Luckily, there is a feature called the lumens, which indicates how powerful the brightness of the light outputted by the flashlight can be.

Most often, the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the lights shined by the tactical flashlight will be. That is why it is important to consider the many ways the flashlight will be utilized.

The Type of Batteries

Just like water is important for life, the type of batteries required to run your tactical flashlight is just as crucial. The battery is one of the key components of how bright the lights shined by your tactical flashlight will be.

This is an important feature and should be considered with the seriousness it deserves. The most common battery types found in top tactical flashlights are:

Alkaline Batteries that are Disposable – This is the standard most flashlights will be designed to utilize. The mini tactical flashlights will require AA or AAA batteries, while the medium to larger sized ones will require the use of C or D alkaline batteries.

Disposable Lithium-ion Battery Cell – This is similar to the battery pack used by most of your top computer laptops. They usually last far longer than even you best alkaline battery. Some will have a shelf life as long as ten years or more.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Cell – This is the best type of battery to get if you choose a tactical flashlight that uses Li batteries.

Since it is rechargeable, it would last you many years with minimal maintenance. The higher cost you pay for the flashlight unit would be recouped with lower operating cost. It would be nice if the Li battery pack can be charged through a USB cable, which opens up many avenues of getting the required power.

Would Like One with Waterproof Qualities

A tactical flashlight with waterproof qualities might be desirable based on how you intend to use the device. I would suggest the brand you select should at least have water resistant material within its makeup.

I have seen high-quality tactical flashlights with waterproofing features to a certain depth. If the flashlight is for outdoor use all the time, this is a feature that’s worth having.

Other Features to Consider

One of the best accessories worth having with your tactical flashlight is a belt clip. Some brands will throw this item in for free, while others will not. It is an accessory that will allow you to carry the device around with your hands-free to do other things.

It is also possible to get one with different patterns for the emitted bright light. When used as a flood light it can illuminate a larger area around you. Also, a tactical flashlight with a beam thrower feature can direct the bright lights travel a further distance.

If the device is for use on your high-powered rifle an attachment would be required to make that possible. Also, most will not just fit any type of rifle or gun, for you have to ask the weapons manufacturer for the right attachable tactical flashlight brand.

The Brightest Tactical Flashlight Reviews

It is not that easy navigating through all the wild claims by tactical flashlight manufacturers. There are dozens of brands and some have several products for the buying public. Keep in mind that the best tactical flashlight is the one that works for your unique needs.

I took into consideration the features a good brand should come with and the feedbacks from current users of the product.

The tactical flashlights reviewed will all have good ratings from most of the current users and clicking the image or the link below it will take you to the page where you can read some of them.

From the data collected and the experiences of my friends that love the outdoors, the following tactical flashlight brands have higher performance metrics, which means they deliver better value for the money.

1 – Vizeri LED VZ230 Tactical Flashlight

Vizeri LED VZ230 Tactical Flashlight AA5CVBNM90

The Vizeri LED VZ230 is a type of focusing tactical flashlight with the right lens. Some have called it one of the brightest tactical flashlights that are made to use LED technology. So do not judge this flashlight by its size, for it is capable of generating a beam of light that could illuminate a large dark area, which is what a good flashlight should do.

The LED lighting used is from that famous company called Cree, which the manufacturer says can last up to 80,000 hours because it has no light bulb to burn out or replace.

The hard anodized finish of the Vizeri VZ230 is also coated with anti-abrasive elements to give it the ability to withstand the abuse from regular use. This is one of the best pocket-sized tactical flashlights sold online with a holster for easy wear on your belt.

The manufacturer of the Vizeri focusing tactical flashlight claims the intense brightness of the lights outputted by the device is made possible by the use of optical reflector technology, which is enhanced with vacuum coated aluminum.

If you find a way to hang the Vizeri VZ230 tactical flashlight in your tent it will disperse the created bright evenly, which will make anyone looking from the outside think that you’re using a lantern.

Apart from the VZ230 lumens boost technology this device also has a memory mode, strobe mode, and flexible power option features. It is waterproofed up to three feet, which means regular rain will not impact its performance negatively.

While the manufacturer claims the VZ230 tactical flashlight by Vizeri can be weapon mounted, we advise you double-check if it can correctly fit the type of weapon you have in your possession.

This is a good tactical flashlight from a reputable manufacturer, and most of the feedbacks from the current users lean towards the positive. It will also make a nice addition to any emergency preparedness kit.

2 – EcoGear FX Tactical Bright LED Flashlight Review

EcoGear FX Tactical Bright LED Flashlight Review AA5SDFGH679

The next item in this review is the EcoGear FX tactical LED flashlight kit, which some have called the best compact flashlight in the world. It is also manufactured using the latest Cree Led lighting technology and is capable of outputting up to 1200 lumens of bright light, which the manufacturer claims it’s only possible when you use the 18650 battery.

This TK120 LED flashlight kit comes with a specially designed reflector, which makes it possible for the device to increase the intensity and the distance the outputted bright lights can travel.

The EcoGear FX flashlight uses a voltage circuit with constant current design, which offers the right protection to the LED emitter to prevent damage. It is made from aluminum alloy, a material that is resistant to scratches or damage, especially when dropped accidentally.

The on and off switching mechanism of the EcoGear FX flashlight is made from soft touch materials, and it is the feature that allows you to easily change to a different lighting mode.

I remember reading on another Bright EcoGear TK120 flashlight review how a camper would not step out in the dark without this device, even when back at home. The zoom function is ideal for those into hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or targeted searches.

Within your EcoGear FX flashlight kit, you get the following items: the flashlight itself, a rapid battery charger, two rechargeable lithium batteries, the sleeve to hold the 18650 battery, and a battery holder for AAA or AAA batteries.

While you also have the option of using Triple-A or Double-A batteries in this flashlight they’re not part of the items included in the kit. I like the fact that there are two types of battery methods one can use to power the EcoGear TK120 flashlight.

3 – Solaray PRO ZX-1 Professional Series Flashlight Review

Solaray PRO ZX-1 Professional Series Flashlight Review AA5XCVBNM90

The Solaray PRO ZX-1 is another tactical flashlight brand with the ability to output up to 1200 max lumens of bright lights. The zoom lens comes with a zoomable focus feature. You can easily switch between the five light modes found within the Solaray Pro ZX-1 professional series flashlight.

Some have speculated it is the best and brightest LED tactical flashlight one can buy online for less. The ruggedness of the body of this flashlight from Solaray is made possible since it is made out of aircraft grade aluminum.

It is powerful enough to light up a dark room or you can zoom the bright lights towards the direction of distant objects. The mode selection for the power and memory options can be accomplished with just the click of a button.

4 – PowerTac X3000 LED Flashlight Review

PowerTac X3000 LED Flashlight Review AA5VBNM7669

The next product is called the PowerTac X3000 LED flashlight and it is probably the most expensive instant lighting device one can buy online. It is capable of outputting up to 3000 lumens of bright lights, which some might find hard to believe it’s from a small flashlight.

It has an interface that looks like a ring, and it is from there you can easily switch between the included six modes and the strobe function. You get a 2600 mAh battery pack that is also rechargeable. The charger base you need to accomplish such is included with your purchase.

Despite the fact that the PowerTac X3000 is compact, handy, versatile, and capable of generating instant powerful bright lights, is it really worth the asking price? Believe me, it is the best small tactical flashlight with such a price tag, and it is up the individual to decide.

5 – Fenix PD35 Compact Tactical Flashlight Review

Fenix PD35 Compact Tactical Flashlight Review AA5BNMU90

Another compact tactical flashlight with enviable sales and customer feedback record is called Fenix PD35. It is made using Cree LED technology, which the manufacturer claims can last up to 50,000 hours.

You have two types of battery choices to power up this device, two Lithium batteries or one rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Fenix PD35 compact flashlight output is digitally regulated, which guarantees the brightness will be constant. Even if you install the battery the wrong way, the inclusion of reverse polarity protection ensures no harm or damage will come from it.

It is quite impossible to forget to replace the battery since it has a low-voltage feature that will constantly remind you. The body of this tactical flashlight from Fenix PD35 is made to be slip-resistant and hard to roll.

The Fenix PD35 compact tactical flashlight is made using aircraft-grade aluminum, which ensures better durability. The clear glass lens has an anti-reflective coating and not easily breakable.

Your purchase entitles you to a holster and a smart charger that is capable of identifying battery type and the best charging mode to use.

Within the tactical flashlight industry, the name Fenix is slowly becoming a powerhouse, and the feedbacks from most of the users give it high ratings for performance and durability.

6 – PeakPlus Brightest LED Tactical Flashlight Review

PeakPlus Brightest LED Tactical Flashlight Review AA5SDFG76890

This tactical flashlight from PeakPlus is another product claiming to offer intense brightness with compact packaging. It is capable of delivering up to 1000 lumens of brightness and made to be water resistant. The included five light modes include one for SOS signal.

It is made to use a Lithium Ion Battery that is also rechargeable, and you get the right type of charger to keep it fully juiced up. The focus from the zoom can be adjusted to better direct where you want the brightness of the lights to shine on.

It will take about 6-hours to fully charge the battery. The aluminum alloy body of the PeakPlus brightest LED tactical flashlight is the reason why it is capable of withstanding shock and abrasion from regular use.

7 – Captink Q1 Outdoor Waterproof Tactical LED Flashlight

Captink Q1 Outdoor Waterproof Tactical LED Flashlight AA5CVBNHGF

The last product in this best tactical flashlight review is from Captink Q1. It is designed to use 18650 rechargeable battery and it has five different modes to regulate the brightness of the outputted lights. Not only is it waterproof, it is also made to be resistant to vibration and cold temperature.

This handheld tactical flashlight is only able to output up to 700 lumens of bright lights, which is the lowest of all the brands reviewed in this article. It is made from aluminum alloy material, which is the type commonly used in aviation.

The rechargeable battery and the charger base are both included with your online purchase of the Captink Q1 outdoor waterproof tactical LED flashlight. The customer feedback rating numbers for this product is quite good, and you can read some of them on Amazon.com.