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How to Remove Odor from Shoes with the Best Shoe Deodorizer

There are millions of searches on just Google alone by people seeking how to remove odor from shoes. Do your shoes smell really bad? The actual and effective remedy for smelly shoes might depend on the condition of your footwear in the first place.

Some of the methods for removing odors from your shoes are quite easy and effective, but not everyone will be successful at implementing them. Before we get into the nitty, gritty, of home remedies for shoe odor or the effectiveness of the best shoe deodorizer, this needs to be said.

It is just a fact of life, for some shoes are just so worn out that you’ll be wasting valuable time trying to clean out the bad smell. Just a word of advice, throw the old worn out shoes you have in your closet into the trash rather than trying to find the best way to deodorize them.

A good way to tell if your shoes are beyond repair is to look at the lining. The inner lining might be so infected by bacteria that removing them might actually lead to the destruction of the shoes.

Before investing your hard earned money in a good disinfectant spray for shoes, take a look at the soles of your shoes. If the soles are so worn out that it requires the services of a shoe repair shop it might cost you less to just get rid of them and get a new pair of brand new footwear.

For the shoes that can be saved but just have bad odor there are home remedies for smelly shoes that might work for your situation, but first, let’s discuss the primary reasons why shoes get smelly in the first place.

Best Shoe Deodorizer

What Causes Shoe Odor?

Let me ask you this when was the last time you let your feet air out? The fact is that most of us are either wearing socks or shoes all day long. I know several people that don’t even like walking around inside their home with just bare feet.

The bad odor that occurs inside your shoes can be traced to the activities of the sweat glands on your feet. Scientists have discovered that each foot contains over 200,000 thousand sweat glands. Most people that have smelly feet will eventually transfer that bad odor into their new shoes.

Another major factor that causes smelly shoes are the types of footwear you’re wearing. Some of the poorly made shoes are made out of toxic materials that are masked with fragrances. The fresh smelling fragrance will wear off over time.

With so many different fake leather materials been sold as almost genuine, you never know what your footwear is truly made out of. The toxins used during the manufacturing process will eventually emerge once your feet starts sweating.

Having said all that, the main blame for smelly shoes can be traced to the smell of your feet. Your food odor problems will be transferred to the shoes regardless of how many fancy socks you wear.

So in a nutshell, unless you take the time to find lasting solutions to why your feet smell so bad, your investment in the best shoe deodorizer spray might just be a temporary solution.

If your footwear is too tight chances are the sweat glands on your feet are finding it hard to breathe and ventilate. Foot odors and smelly shoes can be traced to the tightness of your footwear.

How to Maintain the Right Odor inside your Shoes

If your feet smells pretty good, then your footwear might be the main culprit for the odors. The following tips will help you keep your shoes from smelling bad.

Change Shoes Often

I had a roommate in college that mostly wore one pair of shoes every day, and the smell was atrocious, to say the least. This guy was so cheap that he did not believe in investing funds on fashionable clothing or footwear.

He will only buy a new pair of shoes when the old one breaks apart. You need several pairs of shoes to keep one from acquiring that bad smell from too much use. Your shoes need time to breathe and that will not happen if you constantly wear the same pair daily.

Use Odor Eater Inserts

Thanks to modern technology, there are now odor eater inserts one can put inside footwear to absorb the bad smell from getting worse. The odor eaters inserts need to be kept fresh to ensure they do an effective job at removing the bacteria that can cause the bad smell in the first place.

Change Socks Often

I kid you not, but there are millions of Americans that wear the same socks for several days before hanging them. If you want to stop smelly shoes before it occurs, you should wear a pair of socks only once and then throw them into the dirty clothes bin for washing.

Wearing the same socks like you did yesterday only encourages the invisible bacteria to pile up and then start causing smelly feet and shoes. Just like you put on new underwear every day, well, I hope you do, you should also be wearing fresh smelling clean socks on a daily basis.

Get your Feet Scrubbed

When was the last time you got the calluses from each foot removed? The cause of smelly feet might be all the dead skin that’s residing around and underneath your feet. There are different types of callus removers you can invest in to get the job done properly.

Also, take a good look at the nails on your feet. Do they look well taken care of or they look neglected? It matters not if you’re a man and woman, feet care should be considered a priority that is if you want to solve your smelly feet problem permanently.

When you shower you have to make an effort to get to the skin around the feet and underneath. Unfortunately, the more obese you’re the less chance you have of adequately washing your feet to get rid of the odor causing bacteria. It is also crucial to dry your feet completely, before putting on your socks or shoes.

What to do With Stinky Shoes

How to Maintain the Right Odor inside your Shoes

If you shoes are worn out and beyond repair why even try to save them? A pair of shoes that still looks new but just smells bad might be salvaged with the following home remedies.

Put the Smelly shoes inside a Freezer

Some have suggested that putting smelly shoes inside a very cold freezer will result in the killing of most of the germs causing the bad smell. That might be partially true because germs are known to hibernate in cold weather and then continue to thrive once the weather gets right.

Remember that not all shoes will remain whole after being inside the freezer for many hours. I can assure you that genuine leather might just fall apart once it is frozen solid for many hours.

If you do choose this route to get rid of the smell inside your footwear, be sure to wrap your shoes tight inside several plastic bags.

Thoroughly Wash the Shoes

Some have suggested that thoroughly washing the smelly shoes might make the odor to go away, but that might not be possible for all types of footwear. Some of the high-end footwear might just fall apart if submerged in water for too long.

Even a good pair of sneakers are not immune from the destructive power of water. Have you noticed how your expensive sneakers look dull once you wash them for the first time?

Now, it might be more effective to get a small soft/hard brush and methodically clean the inside of your shoes with odors using disinfectant water solution. Afterward, you can leave the shoes to completely air dry.

Use a Shoe Freshener

When you must wear that pair of shoe and you need that bad smell temporarily gone, using a shoe freshener is the only way to go. A good shoe odor spray will introduce a burst of freshness that will temporarily remove the odors.

Use a Shoe Deodorizer

Shoe deodorizers are more effective at preventing shoe odors than the freshener spray. A deodorizer requires you leave it inside the shoes for several hours so that it can absorb the bad smell over time.

A good brand will not mask the bad shoe smell but actually remove them completely. Below, you’ll find some of the top rated shoe deodorizers one can buy online.

Best Shoe Deodorizer

1 – Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags Review

Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags Review

The first odor remover for shoes is the most highly rated product on Amazon.com by current users. It is designed as a purifying small bag to be placed inside your shoes to help make them odor free.

The most active ingredient used in making this product is bamboo charcoal, and it is not only free of toxic materials but also free of fragrance. These odor eliminator bags from Mini Moso are safe to use around people and indoor pets.

The powerful absorbing power of the Mini Moso natural air purifying bags is guaranteed to last about two years, which means you can use it day after day to keep your footwear odor free and smelling fresh.

Since it is made from a sustainable resource this odor eliminator for shoes will recycle easily into the soil. {1}

2 – Jalousie Mini Bamboo Charcoal Bags Natural Air Purifier Review

Jalousie Mini Bamboo Charcoal Bags Natural Air Purifier Review

If you’re looking for a shoe odor eliminator with value, this is probably the most affordable brand to get, due to the fact that you get 12 pieces with each order. It is both an odor eliminator and shoes deodorizer.

Best of all, the Jalousie mini bamboo charcoal bags can be used in other places to remove bad odors like inside your gym bag, travel luggage, kitchen, pet room, sporting equipment, etc.

It works by helping to reduce the excess moisture needed by odor causing bacteria to thrive. The most active ingredient in this shoe odor eliminator from Jalousie is bamboo charcoal.

3 – Freegrace Premium Activated Carbon Air Purifying Bag Review

Freegrace Premium Activated Carbon Air Purifying Bag Review

This is set up almost like the other two brands reviewed above and it uses coconut shell charcoal to get rid of the bad smell inside your shoes. The manufacturer claims the most active ingredient in this product is far more effective at removing odors from footwear than bamboo charcoal deodorants.

It is capable of absorbing the allergens and moisture that cause bad odor in your footwear. Some of the current users said it has more absorbent powers than most of the other highly rated shoe odor removers.

You get a package of four pieces of this product with each order, which is good for use on two pairs of shoes at the same time. I have a friend that uses it and he swears it is quite effective at making your shoe smell fresh and odor free.

This product can also be used in your home or car to absorb some of the dangerous emissions from your electronics devices and chemical cleaners. The manufacturer guarantees that the power of this odor eliminator will last for at least two years if properly deployed.

4 – Elemart Portable Electric Footwear Dryer Warmer Review

Elemart Portable Electric Footwear Dryer Warmer Review

This is quite an easy name to remember for a shoe deodorizer and odor eliminator. It is designed like a shoe horn and uses electricity to function. While the concept is not new, the design style is revolutionary.

This footwear dryer and odor eliminator is not only portable but will function quietly and quickly when removing the bad smell from most shoes. The idea is to use warm air to dry out your smelly shoes, which also results in the elimination of the odors once dried.

With dampness, the bacteria that causes odors will be able to thrive and multiply inside your shoes. If you want a chemical free solution to your shoe odor problem the Elemart portable electric footwear dryer is affordable for you to try it out.