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Best Rated Bathroom Scales You Can Use to Monitor Your Weight Loss Progress

When you look at the best bathroom scales for sale online, you can tell that modern science and technology have caught up to the weighing tool in a big way. I am sure you remember in the 70s when the idea of a home analog weighing scale was rare and only reserved for the rich. Not only were early models bulky, the reliability of the displayed numbers was always in doubt.

Then came the analog scale that you found at your local supermarket, which required a nickel to tell you your exact weight. I think the advent of the modern bathroom scale can be traced to when the store body weighing scales increased their prices to twenty-five cents.

By the early 80s, China became a low-cost manufacturing powerhouse and cheaper brands of analog scales started to emerge. They were small, cheap, and you can now use one in the comfort of your own home.

To increase the accuracy, modern digital bathroom scales can now be bought in various designs and sizes. There are even models that could talk to you with an announcement of your latest body fat and weight.

Now, there is no arguing with the bathroom scale if you’ve gained weight or lost weight. It is now possible to monitor your weight loss goals right in your own home with one of these devices.

In this bathroom scales reviews, we take a closer look at the known differences between analog and digital bathroom scales, and some of the key factors you need to keep in mind as you search for a durable brand to help determine if you lost or gained weight.

Finally, we put it all together with seven of the top bathroom scales with durability and higher performance metrics.

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Known Differences Between Digital Vs Analog Bathroom Scales

Despite the popularity of digital scales, you can use in your bathroom, you can still find a high-quality bathroom analog scale to buy. I have used an analog scale for many years, and it still works fine to this day.

It might not have all the bells and whistles found in the modern digital scale of today, but it does let me know my current weight with close enough accuracy.

While analog scales have round dials with large numbers that move as soon as you step on it, the digital bathroom scale delivers your exact weight instantaneously. The digital bathroom scale is faster at letting you know your exact weight.

When it comes to accuracy, the digital bathroom scale has an advantage over analog scales. You might strain your eyes and senses trying to determine what number the large dial on the analog scale is at while a digital scale delivers your result in an easy to read numbers.

Even a high-end analog scale would go off track every now and then, which means you will have to fiddle with the mechanism to bring the starting dial to zero. On the other hand, a well-designed digital bathroom scale always starts off at zero right before you step on it. The edge for easier maintenance goes to the digital bathroom scale.

Forget using your analog bathroom scale to take advantage of modern conveniences like social tracking or talk back. You can now find a digital scale that can talk to you while also letting you know about your current body fat, plus your weight.

Your digital weight can be used with convenient Apps, which allows you to keep track of your weight loss progress with available stats right at your fingertips. It is still amazing how some of the top rated digital bathroom scales are able to calculate body fat accurately.

A high-end digital scale will come with some type of memory, which can be used to store your weights over time. Some have several unique memory settings, which makes it ideal for more than one person to utilize the product.

The two main advantages of an analog scale for your bathroom is the cheaper cost and longevity. Bathroom digital scales do require batteries to perform optimally. If you forget to change the batteries the accuracy of the scale will not be precise, or it might not output any number in the first place.

It is also true that a low-end digital bathroom scale will cost a few dollars more than your high-end analog scale you can use in your bathroom.

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Key Factors to Help You Select a Good Brand

There are few considerations you have to keep in mind as you search for the best brand of bathroom scales with digital or analog features.

I will urge you to go the digital route for your bathroom scale, simply because you get more features, which means you can have better accuracy while it keeps track of other key body stats for better health.

The Design & Construction

If you go the digital route for your bathroom scale, try not to drop the device on a hard floor. Doing so might cause your scale to shatter in front of you. Today’s modern digital bathroom scale comes with so many unique design styles, which makes it more difficult to select the best one.

Fortunately, the sizes for the modern bathroom scale seem to be uniform within the industry. Some will come with an all glass design while others will give you carefully cultivated areas for your feet, and a see through glass to see the latest readouts.

Forget all the fancy designs, for what you want is a bathroom scale with a sturdy base. Even if you opt for a heavy duty bathroom scale, it should still have a slim design, and be able to deliver accurate results on most floor types.

Is it Easy to Use?

Trust me; there are a few brands that require a higher learning curve to get the digital bathroom scale working the right way. You want a product that is easy to setup with all the needed instructions right at your fingertips.

If it is a digital scale with Apps, one should not have to jump through hoops to get it downloaded onto your smart devices. A good way to find a top bathroom scale with digital features is to invest in one of the brands we reviewed in this article, or just use the metrics we mentioned to find a well-designed one.

How Accurate is the Device?

After all, accuracy is the main reason you’re investing in a bathroom scale to begin with. You can get an idea of the accuracy rating for the brand you have in mind by reading current feedbacks from existing customers.

What about Price?

When it comes to digital or analog bathroom scales you do get what you pay for. I have learned in life that oftentimes lower priced goods mean lower features and performance. Better to get a well-made bathroom scale with all the right features, which mean you’ll be truly satisfied, even if you spend more than you intended to.

Should You read Existing Customer Reviews?

From my experience and information gathered for this bathroom scales reviews, it is the right move on your part to do so. Most products will have a few disgruntled customers, but the high-end models will have the majority of the customers singing its praises.

Best Rated Bathroom Scales

To compile the list of the 7 best digital bathroom scales, we carefully looked at several performance metrics as mentioned above. The seven brands of bathroom scales reviewed below are solidly built with durable materials, and you should get many years of trouble free usage with the right maintenance.

1 – EatSmart Precision GetFit Review

EatSmart Precision GetFit Review

EatSmart is a major player in the digital scale marketplace. It might be safe to say they hold a significant market share with many different models of highly desirable digital bathroom scales like the model ESBS-06, which is an upgrade from another scale from the same company.


This best bathroom scale with digital features from EatSmart is designed to handle up to 400 pounds in capacity.

The internal memory settings can handle up to 8 different users data, which makes it perfect for a large household.

This brand is capable of measuring other vital health stats like your total body water, body fat, muscle mass, and bone mass.


Few users complained about the accuracy of the other vital health results like the body fat and body mass numbers.

It does not have additional support for using it on a plush rug setting. Some insist you should use it on a flat surface for better accuracy.

Bottom Line:

Great Video about the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Bathroom Scale

This digital body fat scale from EatSmart has a lot going for it. The vast majority of the existing users love the product. It has a solid rugged construction with technology for instant user identification.

You can easily recall your last weight readings even with multiple users. The built-in LCD display is blue in color and comes with white backlight to make reading the numbers as easy as can be.

This is a well-built digital bathroom scale from a solid manufacturer. It is designed to auto calibrate and auto power off. The unit runs on 4 AAA batteries, with the initial supply included with your purchase.

The included instructional manual for this best bathroom digital scale is easy to follow, and you get a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

2 – Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Review

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Review

Another good low priced digital bathroom scale with the ability to measure up to 400 pounds is from a company called Etekcity.

In all the Etekcity scale review we looked at, it is obvious this brand is solidly built, due to its heavy weight. Etekcity scale Bluetooth comes with precise instructions as to how to set it up and get it functioning the right way.


It uses Bluetooth technology and would not limit the number of users with personalized profiles within the product. This feature that allows for unlimited users is a huge selling point.

This high precision scale from Etekcity is made simple to use, and the digital readout is large enough for you to see what they are.

The power source is derived from only two triple-A batteries. This is probably the cheapest digital bathroom scale with Bluetooth features.


The only downside is that it is designed to measure just your weight, and will not calculate body fat or muscle mass.

Just like other scales costing twice as much you do need a solid surface to get the most accurate results.

Bottom Line:

If all you need is a well-designed digital bathroom scale to let you know your weight instantly at an affordable price, this model from Etekcity would not disappoint.

Despite the limitations in its features, the accuracy of the unit is never in doubt. It capable of shutting itself off, and has low battery plus overload indication feature.

It is hard to believe that this cheap digital bathroom scale also comes with LCD display with a backlight so you can easily read the numbers.

The exceptional sturdiness found in the Etekcity digital body weight bathroom scale is due to the use of tempered glass. You do get a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer to cover any defects you might encounter.

3 – BalanceFrom High Accuracy Premium Digital Bathroom Scale Reviews

BalanceFrom High Accuracy Premium Digital Bathroom Scale Reviews

This digital bathroom scale is just as affordable as the one from Etekcity but with differences in some features offered. Embedded within this scale are four uniquely positioned sensors capable of measuring your weight instantly and accurately.


Your last and current weight can be simultaneously displayed in color-coded fashion, which makes it easy to distinguish between the two numbers.

It is designed to turn itself on once you step on it, and will auto turn off after a few seconds of inactivity.

The included LCD display is quite large and the inclusion of backlight technology guarantees you would be able to read the outputted numbers easily.


Just like the other digital bathroom scales reviewed above, the floor where the unit is placed can affect the accuracy in subtle ways. Some users griped about inconsistent readings.

The need for four AAA batteries for the device to function might be too much for some people, but at least, you do get the initial supply with your purchase.

Bottom Line:

Not only is it affordable, but the inclusion of smart sensors gives the scale greater accuracy. The non-slip feature guarantees not to scratch your floors. Your current weight will be displayed in blue color while your prior weight would be displayed in green color.

The addition of backlit technology makes it possible to read the numbers even in darkness. The initial supply of batteries to get the unit functioning is included for your convenience. You get a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

4 – Kinzi Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Kinzi Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

This odd-sounding name for a digital bathroom scale was not the reason we decided to include it in our review. The higher approval rating from current customers did get our attention.


While it is not as cheap as the prior two reviewed above, it is still lower priced than many other brands. It is designed to handle up to 400 pounds of user weight.

The inclusion of technology that turns the scale on once you step on is quite nice, which means better accuracy every time you step on it.

The required calibration happens automatically, and the scale is designed to auto shut-off after a period of inactivity.

The best selling point for this bathroom scale is the included lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


It is quite disappointing that the needed 2 AAA in not included with your purchase. Also, the lack of information about the warranty length and term was shocking to say the least. We found it almost impossible to contact the manufacturer.

Bottom Line:

We have no doubt that this is a good weighing scale one can use to track weight loss goals, but the company needs to be more forthcoming about warranty terms and contact details. The current customers do love the product, but how do you get help after you’ve used the scale for a few months and it stops working?

Perhaps the contact detail for the manufacturer is included in the manual. The only contact detail included is an email address hello@ikinzi.com, which is not appropriate in this digital age.

5 – Utopia Digital Glass Bathroom Scale Review

Utopia Digital Glass Bathroom Scale Review

This is an even cheaper brand of digital bathroom scale from a company called Utopia. Despite the low price, it has an instant technology, which guarantees far better accuracy.


The main body of the scale from Utopia is constructed from 6 mm thick tempered glass, through which you can see the strain gauge sensors for accurate weighing. It is designed to handle user weight up to 330 pounds.

The included LCD technology will show any overload, the current weight, and the battery power status. After less than 30 seconds of inactivity, the Utopia tempered glass bathroom scale would shut itself off.


Since most of the major parts are made from tempered glass, dropping the scale is probably out of the question. This unit requires better care if you want it to last.

You only get a 30-day no questioned asked warranty from the manufacturer, which is far below industry standards.

Bottom Line:

We love the pricing of this digital bathroom scale from Utopia, but it does require special handling if you want it to last a very long time. The inclusion of instant step on technology and LCD display makes it a good buy for such a low price.

So far, it is the cheapest digital bathroom scale in this review, and the majority of the current customers love the product.

6 – DecoBros Precision plus Digital Bathroom Scale Reviews

DecoBros Precision plus Digital Bathroom Scale Reviews

This is another scale we included due to the higher approval rating from most of the current customers.


The inclusion of an extra-large LCD display gives it a unique design style. This scale for your bathroom is capable of handling up to 400 Lbs. of user weight.

No buttons to turn it on just step on and get your current weight. It also has a backlit feature to make it easier to read the numbers. It is designed to use 2 AAA batteries and the initial supply is included with your purchase.


We could not find any website for the manufacturer, and the information about the warranty could not be ascertained.

Bottom Line:

DecoBros Precision digital bathroom scale looks good and comes with higher ratings from existing customers. The pricing makes the product certainly affordable, but the manufacturer needs to step up to the digital age and provide more information for the potential customers.

7 – Vive Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Vive Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

The last bathroom digital scale is from a company called Vive. This unit is capable of handling up to 330 pounds of user weight. It does come with a button you can push to get measurements in stones or kilograms.


You get a two-year product warranty from the manufacturer, which is a good confidence builder to attract potential customers.

The included LCD display technology comes with backlit features for easier to read numbers.

It is sturdy and made from strong tempered glass, which makes it easy to keep clean. It is designed to turn on once you step on it.


This scale from Vive requires careful handling as it might shatter into pieces if dropped on the wrong floor. Few of the current users complained about inconsistent readings, which might be due to the floor placement. Some complained the batteries did not last as long as expected.

Bottom Line:

This bathroom scale impressed us with its design and a good warranty, but the pricing is not as cheap as we expected. It was also nice to see the manufacturer has a robust website, which is always a good sign of potential longevity.