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Top 7 Best Portable Jump Starters

If you drive and like to take trips occasionally, pay careful attention to my dead car battery incident on the highway before you make a decision if you need to purchase any of the best jump starters reviewed in this article. As a big guy, I love to drive Cadillac Escalade due to the ample leg room and ample amenities, all designed to make the driving experience pleasurable.

While I have every type of cleaning solvents for†the outside and inside of my SUV, not once did it even cross my mind to get a simple heavy duty jumper cable or dead battery car starter. My yearly membership in Automobile Club of America (AAA) was just enough protection, I always said to myself.

My journey started in New York City, and I was on my way to Atlantic City Casinos to try my luck. My girlfriend of three years was with me and the trip was going well until we decided to stop at a nearby restaurant in New Jersey.

On a desolate stretch of highway, my SUV truck just died. There was not even enough battery juice to put the flashing red light on and to make matters worse, only one smartphone was working and it was at the last bar before it goes dead.

Forget all the advertising about Verizon, which claims almost total cell phone coverage, but within that stretch of highway, we could not get any signal. I soon learned that most passing motorist will not stop to help a stranded guy, no matter how well dressed.

To prove my point, my girlfriend got us help within five minutes of stepping out of the truck while raising her hands to passing motorist. To make matters worse, the tow truck driver refused to jump start the truck because it was against the highway rules to fix any broken vehicle.

He towed us to the nearest service station and quickly collected his fee and drove off. I discovered on that day that my AAA membership was not good for certain less populated areas due to no service trucks.

The towing cost $250 plus the service station insisted I change the alternator that was depleting the battery juice. I spent $380 dollars that faithful day to get the truck back on the road again.

Can you imagine if it was in the middle of the night? A dead battery can strike at any time of the day and you do not want to be stuck paying exorbitant sums to get your vehicle moving again. A well designed dead car battery starter can pay for itself, and a good one should give you many years of trouble-free service.

Having a portable jump starter in your automobile is like having vehicle insurance, you might not need to use one, but it is better to have one in your possession just in case an emergency situation arises. That highway dead battery incident stayed with me, and the first thing I did was order my own portable jump starter with heavy duty cables.

What is the Best Jump Starter?

From the research, I conducted while looking to buy the car starter I selected, the following brand of jump starters because all will deliver high-performance metrics for the money.

1 – JNC660 Review

JNC660 Review AA5007658

The Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt jump starter is from a company called Clore Automotive. With many different models of car jump starters under its belt; this firm is a major player in this niche automotive products market. This unit will not only get your car started but can also charge the battery.

JNC660 jump starter comes with 1700 peak amperes with an indicator gauge to tell you the status of the battery. You get a DC outlet with 12 volts. The attached 46-inch heavy duty jumper cables make it ideal for jump starting all types of batteries including those on big trucks.

JNC660 best jump starter is legendary for its powerful starting power. It uses a specially designed Proformer battery setup that can deliver 425 cranking amps. When you call for automotive service due to a dead car battery, your professional mechanic will probably show up with this product to get your vehicle started.

The heavy duty jumper cable†is about 46-inch long, and will instantly transfer the needed power from the unit to your vehicle to get it started without delay or prolonged cranking time. It weighs about 18 pounds, and can easily fit into the trunk of your car.

This Clore jump starter cannot be sold or shipped to the Catalina Island. Neither can it be shipped to the state of California or Oregon due to the CEC non-compliant status.

2 – Jump-N-Carry JNC660C 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

Jump-N-Carry JNC660C 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

This is similar to the unit reviewed above but for the fact that it is CEC compliant, which means it can be sold in the state of California and Oregon.

The peak amperes is 1700 and it delivers 425 cranking amps, which is more than enough to jump start all type of passenger vehicles, including light to medium trucks. It is capable of not only jump-starting your vehicle but can also charge the battery to an optimum level.

The length of the heavy duty cables is 46-inches, and you can plug the unit into a DC outlet to keep the charging battery fully charged. The cable is powerful enough to transfer the charging needed even if your dead battery shows corrosion.

The Clore JNC660C is the ideal tool for a dead battery, and the built-in charger will stop once your battery is fully charged. This is the main feature that makes it possible to use the unit even when plugged into a direct electrical current.

Differences between the Clore JNC660 and JNC660C?

The main difference between the two units is the way they’re designed to consume power. The optimized features embedded within the JNC660C allows it to consume less power while the unit is been recharged or placed in standby mode.

The reduction of energy features present in the JNC660C makes it compliant with the state of California and Oregon environmental pollution laws. It is also shocking to find out that the non-compliant unit cost a few dollars more.

3 – Schumacher PSJ-2212 Review

Schumacher PSJ-2212 Review

Another great battery charger or jump starter is from a company called Schumacher. This firm is well known within the automotive parts industry for outputting durable products, including jumpstarters and other power sources.

Schumacher PSJ-2212 comes in four different models, which include one with 4400 amps, 3600 amps, 2200 amps, and one with 1800 amps. You might have guessed right, for the higher the amperage, the more costly the unit.

The 2200 amperage unit will output 330 cranking power, including 275 cold cranking power. The heavy duty clamps found on the strong cable comes with copper jaws that can be replaced. The inclusion of copper guarantees the cables will remain flexible even in minus-40 degrees weather.

For additional safety, the Schumacher PSJ-2212 car starter is encased in a polypropylene vented case that is both strong and durable. The DSR PSJ-2212 jump starter from Schumacher has an alarm system that notifies you if you hook up the cables the wrong way.

Best of all, you get to know the condition of your car’s alternator while using the Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR. The status of your alternator will be displayed on the unit. You can watch how the unit operates in this YouTube video below.

4 – Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL Review

Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL Review

This is another great unit from Clore Automotive industry, and it features less amperage than the other units reviewed above. If you have less of a trunk space or you own a regular passenger vehicle, the Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL jump starter will get the job done right.

You can find other JNC300XL reviews that mention it comes with full-size clamps, which are capable of transferring the needed booster power to the dead battery to get your vehicle started right away.

The clamps will penetrate through battery corrosion to deliver the charging power needed. Just like the JNC660 unit, you have the option of buying one that is CEC compliant or one that is not.

Not only do you get 12-volt power, you also get to use a very bright flashlight that is embedded within the unit, which should come in handy if you’re ever stuck on a deserted highway at night time.

Difference Between the JNC300XLC and JNC300XL Jump Starters?

The JNC300XLC is the unit that is energy compliant, which means it has the required features to help reduce the consumption of energy when the unit is being recharged, or when it is placed in stand-by mode.

The JNC300XL jump starter cannot be sold in the state of California or Oregon while the JNC300XLC can. It is also true that the JNC300XLC can be used while it is still connected to an AC outlet, without any negative effect.

Having said all that, the Clore JNC300XLC jump starter cost about 30% to 40% more than the JNC300XL unit. Both units each weigh about 9 pounds, which places them among the best portable jump starters one can buy online with ease.

5 – Performance Tool W1665 900 Amp Jump Starter

Performance Tool W1665 900 Amp Jump Starter

The name for this best battery jump starter is most appropriate. It is designed to reach a peak of 900 amps while also able to deliver up to 400 cranking amps. This unit also comes with an air inflator, which can be used to pump up the air in your tires, inflate balls, rafts, air mattresses, and many other products.

To prevent damage to your vehicle’s battery, the included reverse polarity feature will give you a beep signal along with a warning light, if the cables are plugged in the wrong way.

The included automatic shut off feature guarantees you would not over-charge your dead battery. The charging unit has LED indicator lights to let you know how much charging power you have left.

For increased safety, the jumper cables can be controlled with an ON and OFF switch. It is equipped with 2-12 volt power adaptor outlets, and it also comes with an inflator hose. Not only does it come with an owner’s manual, there is also a free version online that can be downloaded.

6 – Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700-Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700-Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

Among all the jump starters made by Clore Automotive industry, this model stands out for many good reasons. The Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700-Amp 12-Volt jump starter comes with a reliable power source and you can use the air compressor to inflate just about anything including your car or truck tires.

It has a superior recharging battery technology, which is capable of delivering high peak amps with a durable extended cranking power. This jump starter from Clore is commonly used by service shops and professional mechanics.

It is designed to reach 1700 peak amps, while able to output 425 cranking amps, which is more than enough to get just about any type of dead battery started. The attached 68-inch jumper cables come with industrial jaw clamps for superior transfer of charging power.

Also attached is a coiled air hose, which is about 12-feet long. The included Voltmeter feature will keep you abreast of the charging juice remaining. The Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR is an all-in-one Jumpstarter and compressor unit.

Make sure you have the required space in the trunk of your car as this best heavy duty jump starter weighs about 28.5 pounds. This unit cannot be shipped to the Catalina Island.

7 – PowerStation PSX-3 18Ah Jumpstarter

PowerStation PSX-3 18Ah Jumpstarter

This Jumpstarter also has the right appropriate name. The PowerStation PSX-3 18Ah Jumpstarter comes with a DC outlet and a USB port. The air compressor embedded within the product can also be used to inflate just about anything that requires inflatable air including your vehicle’s tires.

The length of the industrial jumper cables is about 36-inches, and will deliver about 400 cranking amps to jumpstart almost all types of automotive battery. Based on the feedbacks we looked at from existing customers, this unit can inflate tires faster than just about any other brand.

The included super bright LED lights can light up your working area, which is ideal when you’re stranded on a desolate highway at night with no city lights. The inclusion of a USB port gives it an added touch, which means you can also use it to charge your digital electronic devices.


Keep in mind that the top seven jump starters reviewed above are all capable of also charging your dead battery to full capacity. From the other jump starter reviews, we explored, the differences between each unit are subtle, but might be significant based on the type of vehicle you own, or if you want a unit for commercial purpose.

The best jump starters we included in this review can run you less than $100 or over $200, based on the features and the brand you choose to buy now. You can find out the best place to get your own dead battery jump starter by clicking the image or the link underneath the image.