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Reviews of the 7 Top Moving Boxes And Best Place to Buy Online

After you’ve decided to relocate to another complex in the same state, or you plan on moving out of state, moving expenses can take a huge bite out of your financial budget. There are many ways you can approach the way you move, and one of the most significant decisions will revolve around buying moving supplies.

Moving is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but you can save a bundle with careful planning and buying your moving boxes online. Before we get to the brands that made it into our moving boxes reviews, let’s examine some of the ways you can substantially reduce you overall moving cost.

Tips to Save Money When Relocating to another Residence

Unless you know what you’re doing, trying to conduct the moving task yourself can pose many challenges and you might end up spending more money as compared to hiring a professional moving company.

Do It Yourself Moving Tips

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Make sure you’ve carefully packed all your belongings before rushing out to rent the moving truck. The moment you sign on the dotted line, the charge meter begins to accumulate. This is the biggest mistake most homeowners make; they rent the truck first before packing all their belongings.

If you plan on using buddies and friends, try to ask more people than you need because some will not show up, or show up very late, which eventually cost you more money.

In most American cities, there are sections where you can find day laborers to help you out, but you might be playing with dynamite, if not handled the right way. Picking people off the street and bringing them into your home poses some risk.

You do not know who they are, and if they rip you off or steal your belongings, it might be difficult to get instant help. What we’re saying, do not endanger your families lives just to save a few bucks.

Using Moving Companies

This might be the best route for many good reasons. The moving firms have an established business, and it is possible to hold someone responsible if something should happen.

The responsible moving companies in your locality will have bonded employees and carry adequate insurance to cover any losses. Remember, when you rent the truck you also have to pay additional fees for the right moving insurance coverage.

Moving companies make most of their money from the little miscellaneous cost they charge you. Two of the biggest charges revolve around your need for moving supplies, like boxes and packing the boxes. Since the highly rated moving firm will charge by the hour, having them pack the boxes for you will substantially increase your total bill.

Better to get your own moving boxes from the brands recommended in this article, do your own overall packing, and then call the moving company. You’ll be asked what items you have to move and your answers will determine the initial quote you’re given over the phone.

You can leave the heavy stuff like your bedding, refrigerator, chest drawers etc, for the moving company help to dismantle and repackage once you get to your destination.

You do not have to move with everything you have, for some of the items are of no value to you and should be donated to your local charity or Goodwill stores. Holding on to old shoes, clothes, books will add to the number of boxes used, which ultimately leads to higher moving charges.

Moving Boxes Reviews

When you’re searching for the best quality moving boxes you have to keep in mind that durability and strength of the materials used make all the difference in the world. As a point of reference, the best place to get moving boxes cheap is Amazon.com.

The moving boxes reviewed are packaged in bundles, and I can assure you it is far better to have too many than be left without enough boxes to pack your belongings. Not only can you purchase boxes for moving on the same site, you can also buy tapes, wrapping materials, and other moving supplies and have it all delivered to your doorstep within a few days, or just two days if you belong to Amazon Prime Membership.

7 of the Best Moving Boxes

Now that you know where you can get moving boxes for cheap, lets’s examine the top 7 brands with good value for the money:

1 – UBOXES, LLC Smart Moving Boxes Kit & Packing Supplies with Tape, 14 Pack

UBOXES, LLC Smart Moving Boxes Kit & Packing Supplies with Tape, 14 Pack

This is one of the best deals when you want a complete moving box package. The inclusion of tapes for the moving box and the dispenser will help you get started immediately once your delivery package arrives.

You get 11 medium sized moving boxes with the following dimensions; 18 x 14 x 12, plus 3 large moving boxes measuring 20 x 20 x 15.

Included in your purchase of the UBOXES are 4 rolls of box tapes, including the right heavy duty dispenser for trouble-free packing.

To make this an even better deal, one black marker and 3 pounds of wrapping paper is included.

The best moving boxes from UBOXES looks solid and the feedbacks from most of the people that used them are quite impressive.

2 – Medium Moving Boxes (20-Pack) – From Cheap-Cheap Moving Boxes

Medium Moving Boxes (20-Pack) - From Cheap-Cheap Moving Boxes

This is a package of 20 medium moving boxes from a company called Cheap-Cheap Moving Boxes. What an appropriate name! All Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes are made in the USA.

Each of the included boxes come with the following dimensions; 18″ x 14″ x 12. You can use them to pack your linens, kitchenware, books, toys, and much more.

The boxes from this company are certified 32 ECT Quality, and each can hold up to 65 pounds. While it is cheaper in price, you do not get all the additional moving supplies like the one reviewed above.

3 – EcoBox Brand 18 x 18 x 16 Inches Genuine Medium Moving Boxes (Pack of 10)

EcoBox Brand 18 x 18 x 16 Inches Genuine Medium Moving Boxes (Pack of 10)

Another major player in the moving box marketplace is a company called EcoBox, and this package comes with 10 medium sized moving boxes with dimensions of 18 x 18 x 16 Inches.

Not only can you use the boxes to pack all your valuables, the inclusion of pre-printed panels on each box will make it easier to locate and identify needed stuff while unpacking.

This is probably the type of moving boxes you will get from a moving company if you were to buy from them at a higher price. Each box from EcoBox can hold up to 65 Lbs., and you get a pack of 10.

4 – Cheap-Cheap Moving Boxes Medium Carton Boxes (25 Mediums)

Cheap-Cheap Moving Boxes Medium Carton Boxes (25 Mediums) AA512376

Here comes another model from the Cheap-Cheap Moving Boxes Company. This one comes with 25 medium sized moving boxes, and each box measures 18″ x 14″ x 12.

The boxes are certified 32 ECT Quality, and each can hold up to 65 pounds of household stuff. The moving boxes are fully manufactured in the United States of America.

The boxes are durable and strong enough to hold toys, small appliances, linens, books, utensils, and a lot more.

5 – Wardrobe Moving Boxes (3-Pack)

Wardrobe Moving Boxes (3-Pack)

While this package is from the same company called Cheap-Cheap Moving Boxes, they’re uniquely designed to hold your wardrobe collections in impressive style. You can hang approximately 2-feet of clothes in the box.

They’re constructed from Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard materials, and each box comes with strong hanging metal bars. Each moving box in this package comes with the following dimensions 20″ x 20″ x 34″.

If you own a lot of suits or dresses you would rather not fold and wrinkle up, you should include this package in your moving supplies list. Each box comes with a 44 ECT Quality certification and fully manufactured in the USA.

6 – Bankers Box SmoothMove Fast Assembly Tape-Free Moving and Storage Boxes, Medium, 8 Pack

Bankers Box SmoothMove Fast Assembly Tape-Free Moving and Storage Boxes, Medium, 8 Pack

Another good brand of moving boxes to consider is from a company called Bankers box. It is designed with a unique enclosure that requires no tape.

The locking mechanism built into each box is strong and durable. The moving holes within the boxes are reinforced to make it far easier to move and lift them.

The Bankers Box moving boxes can be purchased in several packages including; 6-pack, 8-pack, 10-pack, and 15-pack.

The fact that no taping is required makes it one of the best moving boxes one can buy online.

7 – UBOXES Moving Boxes Medium 18x14x12-Inches (Pack of 10) Professional Moving Box

UBOXES Moving Boxes Medium 18x14x12-Inches (Pack of 10) Professional Moving Box

The last on our list is from the company that made the first moving boxes reviewed. It is almost similar to the first one reviewed but does not come with all the additional accessories and you also get fewer moving boxes.

You get a package of 10 medium sized moving boxes and each comes with the following measurement; 18 x 14 x 12.

It is the ideal box to pack your little one’s belongings, small appliances, books, kitchen utensils, and other home stuff you plan to take with you to your new dwelling.