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Top Well-Made Moscow Mule Mugs that Influenced the Face of Drinking

Unless you’re into the many ways you can make vodka drinks you probably never heard about Moscow mule mugs. These type of mugs are usually made out of copper and claims to enhance the aroma and flavors in any mixed vodka drink.

While I am not an expert in mixing drinks, I do know a thing or two about copper mugs. I asked my bartender friend for assistance as to why Moscow mule drinks are now so popular.

The popularity of this type of alcohol drink might be traced to the movies, but no one knows for sure. It is also true that your Moscow Mule drink will not look or taste right unless it is served in one of the solid copper mugs evaluated in this article.

Apart from the appealing looks of the copper mug, it is also able to keep the cocktail vodka drink at a certain temperature. Some have speculated the use of copper mugs alters the acidic nature of the cocktail ingredients in such a way that it can make it taste better.

As you guessed right, I am not much of a drinker but recently won my own Moscow copper mug at my local bar during a charity event. I got interested in doing an in-depth Moscow mule mug reviews based on the number of comments from the guests.

I placed the mug inside a glass cabinet and it seemed to attract attention all by itself. Most of my guests that love vodka drinks will go as far as buy the ingredients to make the Moscow Mule drink just to taste the effect of the mug.

Why Use a Cooper Moscow Mule Mug

What are the best Moscow mule mugs?

Out of curiosity, I visited more bars and consulted with mixed drink experts to understand the popularity of these mugs. Do not let the name confuse you, for some of the Moscow Mule mugs are not made is Russia.

Based on my research, the best mugs for Moscow Mules are usually made in third world countries where labor is cheap and copper supply can be found in abundant quantities.

Some of the most compelling reasons why Moscow mule drinks are served in these type of mugs are:

It Can Affect the Temperature of the Drink

Another bartender at a high-end bar showed me how the mug creates an extra cooling sensation to the Moscow mule drink. Not to deny the fact, I did have to pay for the ingredients used, while the bartender supplied the copper mug.

If you pay careful attention when you make your own Mule drink, you’ll notice the most chilling action around the rim of the mug. I never tested this theory, but it is not unreasonable to assume the Moscow Mule copper mug will maintain the chillness of your vodka mixed drink even in outdoor summer hot temperatures.

Can it Influence the Flavor of the Drink?

Some have claimed that a good copper mug will enhance the flavor of your Moscow Mule drink, which in my case I did not notice any significant difference. I have my doubt if a copper mug can alter the aroma or flavor of any mixed alcoholic drink, but then again, your experience might prove me wrong.

My guess is that the usual design and size of the mug is what creates the extra buzz attributed to using it to consume a Moscow mule drink.

Even if you have a Moscow Mule recipe, using one of the copper mugs reviewed below will enhance the experience of anyone drinking it. I never did try to find out what a Moscow mule drink will taste like in a regular tumbler cup.

What are the Best Moscow Mule Mugs?

This is a fast growing niche market with dozens of brands competing for your hard earned dollars. It was quite difficult to choose the best from the brands recommended by mixed drinks experts including my online chatty friends that reside in Moscow, Russia.

To be on point and truthful, I based my selection of products found in this review mostly on design and current user feedbacks. The Moscow Mule mugs selected must have a rating of over four stars out of possible five-stars to make the cut, based on the Amazon.com rating system..

1 – A29 Moscow Mule 100 % Solid Pure Copper Mug

A29 Moscow Mule 100 % Solid Pure Copper Mug

Moscow Mule mugs come in all shapes and sizes but the A29 cup is in a class by itself. It is made from solid 100 percent copper with food grade certification, which means it is safe to use with ingredients to be consumed internally.

Since it is handcrafted you can be sure it is not manufactured in the USA. This is a mule mug with fantastic reviews on Amazon and you do get a free recipe booklet with your purchase. Some of the users gave it high marks for making ice cold drinks frost up within just a few seconds.

Since the inside of the A29 Moscow Mule mugs are unlined, some oxidation might occur, but nothing a copper cleaning product cannot eliminate. You get a set of four mugs with a bonus shot glass cup. The mugs each come with a 16-ounce capacity.

This drinking cup comes with a hammered design that enhances its appeal even when used as a decorative piece. It is made out of food grade copper and would make a great gift to someone you love. One thing you can count on is that the recipient of these awesome looking mugs for Moscow mule will always remember you regardless of use.

2 – Morken Barware Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Set

Morken Barware Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Set

Just like the Moscow Mule mugs from A29, this set is made from all copper. Do not be fooled by mule mugs that weigh heavier for some of them are lined with nickel inside the interior, which leads to less durability over time.

The Moscow Mule mugs from Morken Barware are manufactured in Uttar Pradesh, India, an area known for harboring thousands of skilled copper artisans. It is made with a sturdy hand grip, which will not affect how you hold your cold drinks.

While it is cheaper than the product reviewed above you only get two mule mugs with no free drink recipe booklet. While both Moscow mule mug sets come with the same quantity capacity, the product from Morken has a better copper shine to it.

This set of Moscow Mule mugs from Morken Barware would impress guest at any social gathering party. Do not be surprised if one of your guest leaves with the mug, yes it is that appealing. I am sure this item would make a surprise gift to anyone, including those that do not know what a Moscow mule is.

3 – Urban Vintage LA Moscow Mule Mugs

Urban Vintage LA Moscow Mule Mugs

The packaging for this product is probably the best among all the Moscow Mule mugs sold online. Apart from the awesome packaging, the mugs are made using only solid copper plus you get a shot small glass and a detailed drink recipe book.

Within the set are four Moscow mule mugs, each having a 16-ounce capacity. The cups are not lined with any other metal, which translates to the holding of cold drinks better. Since the handle is welded you can be sure that the attachment will not come loose over time.

You get a set of four mugs in this set and like the other two products reviewed above it will make an excellent gift. The Moscow Mule mugs from Urban Vintage LA will enhance any modern decor that is if you care to only use the set as a decorative piece.

Care Tips for Moscow Mule Mugs

Real Moscow mule mugs that are made out of 100% copper requires upkeep if you want the luster shine to last. Below are some of the tips you can use to keep your mugs looking like new. Keep in mind, the care instructions from the manufacturer should supersede the tips listed below.

A – Copper is affected by oxidization over time, but nothing a good copper cleaner cannot bring back to life.

B – It is unwise to put your Moscow Mule mugs inside a dishwasher machine of any kind. The dishwasher detergent might be too strong for the copper material and will eventually tarnish the luster shine.

C – If you need to use soap, find one that is very mild with no abrasive powers. Also, refrain from using scrubbing pads on your Moscow Mule mugs.

D – If your Moscow Mule mug is made out of pure copper, simply rinse it after each use and wipe away the water residue with a clean small towel.


If you look online there are many other brands of Moscow mule mugs with excellent features. The above three sets were chosen because they’re made out of 100% copper, which means better longevity and durability.

The only downside to owning Moscow Mule mugs is the theft factor. People do pilfer the mugs either knowingly or unknowingly. I once owned a set of four copper mugs, but I am now left with only two.

Moscow Mule mugs are unbreakable, so it is safe to assume someone did walk off with my mugs. This type of mugs are ideal gifts and they’re all affordably priced.