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The Best Metal Detector For the Money with Beginner Friendly Features

A rich man once told me that if you watch your coins the dollars will take care of themselves, so I took up a hobby of finding gold and coins in public places. I have tried different types of metal detectors and I know the good brands and the ones you should stay away from.

Using some of the best metal detectors I have found over two hundred grand worth of gold, coins, and other valuables within the last five years. I will not be revealing my prospecting locations, but reading through the articles I will drop a few hints where you should go looking for your own treasure.

But come to think of it most of the readers on this blog do not know my state of residence, so it makes sense to tell you how I got started. I took a fine girl to the beach one day, and I saw a guy with this odd looking metal rod or machine and he kept pointing the equipment at the ground and occasionally, he will bend down and pick something up.

I told my girlfriend that guy must be homeless, but why is he at the section of the beach with fewer people at this time of the day I asked, nonchalantly? After several minutes of watching him do the same motions all over the beach area, I approached him and asked did he lose his keys or something.

This dude looked at me with intense eyes and just started laughing out loud and hard. He saw the look of disgust on my face and apologized. He told me to come closer and take a good look at his metal detector.

This is why it is never good to judge someone by what they’re wearing, for that guy with the bum clothes was far wealthier than I was, and he wore those clothes to keep prying eyes away from what he was doing.

He became my mentor and he taught me everything there is to know about metal detectors and how to select the good brands based on what you intend to hunt for.

As we became good friends I soon discovered that treasure hunting with metal detectors was a full-time job for him and he traveled from state to state picking up gold, rare coins, and other great valuables including diamonds.

Best Metal Detector For the Money

His rare coin collection is probably worth over $500,000 at a minimum and that his not counting the different types of gold pieces he has collected over the years. The middle class and poor Americans do not have a clue how to handle money, especially what they buy with it, he once told me.

He once visited a beach in California where the rich and famous like to go to, but he did not find that much stuff. The best places to look for buried gold or lost coin should be areas regular folks love to visit, party, and just hang out.

So this review of the best metal detector will be from my personal experience, and the brands reviewed are the ones that are easy to master. There are key features to keep in mind in your search for the most reliable top 10 metal detectors. But first, let’s describe how it works.

What do Metal Detectors Do?

The way a metal detector is designed to work is quite easy to figure out. When you pass the detector over a buried gold or rare coin a beeping noise will be emitted, which is a good sign for you to stop and start digging.

The metal detector will come with sensor coils that are powerful enough to detect metal objects underneath the sand under your feet. Having said all that, there are severe limitations on what can be detected and to what depth.

The limitations will be determined by the brand you choose to purchase and what it is capable of doing. There are even metal detectors that can send out readings of what is being detected, but be mindful of false readings. I have had my share of false detection readings that turned out to be good or bad.

The Most Important Features that Deserves a Closer Look

When you separate the design style and some of the fluff used to hide the limitations of a metal detector, it is what it can do that makes it either good or bad.

The following features should be kept in mind during your search for a really good metal detector you can use to start treasure hunting.

What do Metal Detectors Do?

The Price

This is probably where most people will screw up and end up with a product that is poorly built, but well marketed and won’t allow you to find much. This is one niche industry where you get what you pay for.

Determine what you want to do with the metal detector and then find a brand with all the right features that can make that happen.

Pay attention to the features before focusing on the price, which is one of the better ways of purchasing a truly great metal detector that can also find gold.

The features

There are many features to consider based on what you will be using your metal detector for. If you want to reduce the problem of false alerts get one that also sends out details about the metals detected.

The most important part of a metal detector are the sensor coils and the type of batteries it utilizes.

If you get one with a rechargeable battery pack you should keep in mind how long a full charge would last, and it would help if you brought along an extra battery pack just in case.

Some of the brands will throw in additional accessories to get you to purchase one but do not let that bait be the only basis for selecting that product.

Warranty Terms

Over the years I have had to return one or two metal detectors for potential factory defects. While the length of the warranty is important, the details of the coverage should be closely examined.

Luckily, with online commerce growing at an alarming rate, customer feedbacks would alert you to potential bad products.

Feedbacks from Current Users

I make it a duty to leave constructive feedbacks for all the metal detectors I have bought over the years. Feedbacks and ratings from customers is a good way to know good or bad metal detectors.

Take the time out of you busy schedule and spend a few minutes going over the written or video opinions of real users of the metal detector before pushing the buy now button.

Best Metal Detector Reviews

1 – Fisher F4 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F4 Metal Detector Review

For the first product to be reviewed, I have selected the Fisher F4 metal detector, which is one of the best performing detectors for finding different types metal including gold.

It is made by Fisher Labs, a manufacturer with an excellent reputation for outputting outstanding products over decades. Since it comes with ground balancing you’ll not have any issues with too much sensitivity.

It has a feature that zones in on a target and let you know what type of metal or junk you’re dealing with. There is an audio tone ID for the potential metal, which gives you enough time to decide if it is a good find or not.

The digital display on the detector will show you the numeric number or numbers that match closely to the metal detected. This feature alone allows you to hunt for treasures in highly visited public places like ball fields and parks.

The LCD display screen will also show you the corresponding metal to the number digits displayed. It will also let you know the depth of the found metal. Best of all, it will let know the level of battery “juice” remaining.

There are several crucial control settings that need to be mastered, which can be accomplished after just a few uses. It is the ultimate best metal detector for those looking to profit from this activity.

The F4 metal detector by Fisher Labs is covered by a five-year limited warranty. It is designed to run on two 9 volt batteries, which you’ll have to get on your own.

2 – Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Review

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Review

Another impressive product for anyone looking to get into treasure hunting is the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector. It is way cheaper than the Fisher F4 but has few limitations. I like the inclusion of a headphone jack.

But it lacks ground balancing feature, which means once in a while you might have to adjust the sensitivity settings due to too many false alerts. Turning down the sensitivity might also affect the depth reading.

On the other hand, it is the easiest metal detector for beginners. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable to carry, it also has an uncanny ability to display accurate buried treasure finds.

While there is only a two-year warranty to cover any factory defect, the support staff can be counted upon to answer your questions or inquiries in a timely manner.

For a beginner that is new to finding hidden treasure metals, this would be the brand I would recommend you start with.

3 – Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector Reviews

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector Reviews

This is probably the most appropriate name for a treasure hunting tool. It designed to be fully submersible and comes with a detection coil that can be interchanged.

The Ground Trac feature is truly a ground balancing technology that is far ahead of its time. This means the Bounty Hunter metal detector is able to adjust how it functions based on the conditions of the soil.

The LCD technology can be controlled with the touchpad and will display the type of target, the depth, the accuracy rating, the battery power level, and much more.

There are two models you can choose from. One only comes with the metal detector and all its regular features, while the more expensive version comes with additional accessories like a carry bag, pinpointer, headphones, and a kit.

The Time Ranger metal detector from Bounty Hunter is protected by a five-year limited warranty and fully manufactured in the United States of America.

4 – Garrett Ace 400 Waterproof Metal Detector Review

Garrett Ace 400 Waterproof Metal Detector Review

Another great metal detector to rival the Fisher F4 is the Garrett Ace 400. I must say it comes with a lot most accessories than the first product reviewed. Most important of all, the search coil itself is waterproof and you get a well-made carrying bag.

This metal detector from Garrett comes with the latest in electronic pinpointing technology, which gives you the ability to locate targets at the right location thus negating digging the wrong hole.

Built into the Garrett Ace 400 are five search modes with frequency adjustment. The 4 AA batteries needed for this detector to function are included with your purchase.

Also included in the accessories list is a headphone that is capable of outputting incredible clear sounds. The warranty is still just two years, which is the same terms that cover the Ace 250.