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What is the Most Energy Efficient Light Bulb? Different Types and Review of the Best LED Light Bulbs to use at Home

One of the home products we all take for granted is a light bulb. It is what gives every homeowner the ability to see in the dark. The unfortunate part when it comes to selecting the best light bulb for reading and studying is the negligence on the part of the consumer to buy one that uses less energy, which can lead to a significant reduction in your utility bill.

The type of lighting you have in your room can set the right romantic mood or make your potential partner leave early. We, humans, spend a great deal of our time indoors, so it is crucial you take the time to choose the right light bulb that could not only provide adequate lighting but also lift the spirit of the occupants.

While this review will be about the best light bulbs to use in a house, we’ll also be exploring the different types of light bulbs, including the factors you should consider during your search for the most durable and brightest brand.

While searching through dozens of brands to find the best light bulbs to include in this review, I soon discovered that some bulbs are energy “vampires”. While LED bulbs are designed to use less energy, which means less money out of your pocket when it comes to electric utility cost.

Types of Light Bulbs

What is the Most Energy Efficient Light Bulb

Most homeowners will choose light bulbs without giving much thought to the way they are made, or the quality of the lighting outputted. We all know that the best bulbs can be a reliable source of lighting, but there are different types with varied energy consumption capabilities.

Incandescent Bulbs

These are the traditional lighting methods that ushered in the modern manufacturing age. They tend to have a shorter lifespan but can be counted upon to output very bright, intense lights that might be just as bright as the sunshine.

While they can produce excellent warm glowing light, they tend to consume too much energy, which is why recent legislations are slowly phasing them out of the marketplace.

Halogen incandescent Bulbs

The popularity of halogen incandescent bulbs can be traced to the way they can help stimulate natural daylight. Another good reason why they’re doing a good job replacing regular incandescent bulbs is the energy savings they offer.

If you like the feel and look of intensely bright white light offered by the old style bulbs, halogen bulbs will do just fine. It is also true that most of the halogen incandescent bulbs in the marketplace today meets or exceeds the energy savings requirement by the government, which means they will survive the onslaught of LED bulbs.

Compact Florescent Bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are commonly referred to as (CFLs). Not only do they last longer, they also use far less energy than even the best halogen incandescent light bulb. You can find one in your local hardware store with different brightness levels.

It is also true that the temperature of this type of bulb is influenced by the brightness. The only downside to using this type of light bulb is the fact they contain a small amount of mercury, which means you need careful handling when trying to dispose of one that has reached its shelf life.

Based on the expert advice of my building contractor, compact fluorescent light bulbs should only be used in locations or rooms with ample air supply. You might not get the best lighting if you put one in a room with too much heat buildup.

LED Bulbs

Light emitting light bulbs are popularly known as LED bulbs and are at present, the most energy efficient bulbs one can buy in the marketplace. Not only will LED bulbs last longer than even the best compact fluorescent bulb, they also do not contain mercury.

The light emitting diodes are designed to output lighting in the most efficient manner, which makes them more versatile and durable. Light-emitting diode light bulbs can be pricey, but you’ll be able to recoup your initial investment with a reduction in your utility bill and the longer life span of the bulb itself. {1}

When you use less electricity mother earth benefits in more ways than one. Initially, LED bulbs needed the backing of the government agencies to make Americans purchase them. {2}

It used to be that you got government rebates to help with the high purchase price, but most are slowly been phased out as people get acquainted with the longevity of the bulbs and the fact they consume less energy.

Best LED Light Bulbs

1 – Philips 461129 LED Light Bulb Review

Philips 461129 LED Light Bulb Review

When it comes to finding the best LED light bulbs for a home that will save you a lot of money in the long run, the company called Philips is a force to be reckoned with in this niche marketplace.

Philips LED technology have been around for a very long time when it comes to manufacturing lighting systems, including light bulbs. They have dozens of LED bulbs in the marketplace, but this review will be about the Philips 461129 LED bulb. {3}

This LED bulb from Philips technology is designed to output warm white light that is bright and soothing to the eyes. Not only are the bulbs designed to last a long time, you’ll also experience a significant reduction in your utility bill, which will more than cover the initial investment cost.

It is one of the top rated LED bulbs you can use at home, and you can buy one in two different styles soft white or daylight. The truth about energy saving light bulbs facts is that Philips technology is a dominant player with a major share of the best energy saving light bulbs market.

The Philips 461129 LED light bulb will not only use less energy but also provide full brightness to any room in your home or office. The one I have in my den is still outputting bright lights after many years, which means I have recouped the initial cost of the bulb, and then some.

2 – SkyGenius LED Corn Light Bulb Review

SkyGenius LED Corn Light Bulb Review

The LED bulb marketplace is full of new firms and some have good products that are stealing market share from major manufacturers. SkyGenius LED corn light bulb is now a force to be reckoned with several products including this one.

Some have called it the Best LED light bulb for the bedroom with an affordable price. Not only will it deliver super bright lights to any room in your home, it has a lifespan of about 35,000 hours, which means at least twenty years or more of not having to buy another light bulb for that room.

The housing for the bulb is made using materials that are good at resisting corrosion. To ensure the dissipation of heat the right way, aviation aluminum is also utilized in the construction of the SkyGenius LED corn light bulb.

This lighting product is available for purchase from 9-watts up to 120-watts. The above YouTube video clearly shows how bright this light bulb can be. Let’s I forget, it is also capable of outputting bright light with no dead corner.

3 – TaoTronics LED Light Bulbs Review

TaoTronics LED Light Bulbs Review

Another new entrant into this lucrative niche lighting market is called TaoTronics. It might just be the best light bulb for reading one can find online at an affordable price.

It is designed to output bright lighting that would last about 25,000 hours, which means over two decades of not having to change the light bulb for that fixture.

The TaoTronics LED light bulbs are capable of outputting daylight type white light that will also be friendly to your eyes. It comes in a six value pack, which helps to reduce the per bulb cost for each room.

4 – TCP LED Light Bulb Review

TCP LED Light Bulb Review

This next brand in this review is one of the best LED light bulbs from a publicly traded company. The TCP LED light bulb is capable of delivering bright lighting for up to 25,000 hours. It is available for purchase in two styles daylight and soft white. The daylight style comes with dimmable features.

The bright lights outputted by this LED bulb will use at least 80 to 85% less energy that even the best regular incandescent bulb. This bulb that uses LED technology is also approved for use in damp locations.

This LED bulb from TCP is shatter resistant and free of mercury. The construction of this products adheres to or exceeds the criteria set by the American National Standards Institute. {4}

Features to Consider for the Best Indoor LED Light Bulbs

The light bulb marketplace undertook a significant change when the Federal Trade Commission created new light facts that changed the way wattage is used to determine bulb brightness.

Since 2012, wattage was moved aside, and now lumens are used as a determining factor when it comes to bulb brightness. This was done to introduce Americans to the effectiveness and energy saving features of LED bulbs. {5}

While the government regulation has its merits, you should not let it be the only determining factor in your selection of the most efficient energy saving light bulb with LED technology.

Below, are some of the key features you should keep in mind as you navigate the brightest LED bulbs marketplace?

Dimmable or Non-Dimmable

Even if your lamp or lighting fixture have dimming features you still need the right LED bulb to be able to dim your lights at night or during the day. A key factor in your buying decision is whether you like your bulb to be dimmable or not. Those with this ability will cost you a few dollars more.

Pay Attention to the Room Function

There are many different types of LED light bulbs and you should consider the room where you intend to install one, before making your purchasing decision. The super bright LED bulb that works for your kitchen might not be the best light bulb for reading.

Your bedroom should have softer lights to make it easier to get into the sleeping mode. If you have a den or study area for your kids the lighting in these areas should probably have an intense brightness to make it easier to read and write.

Be Mindful of Your Lighting Fixture or Lamp

LED bulbs can be found in different sizes and shapes, so pay careful attention to make sure it will fit your lighting fixture or lamp. A well-designed lamp will come with light bulb size and lumens recommendation, which I urge you to adhere to if you want it to output the best and brightest indoor lighting.

How Bright do you Want Your LED Bulb

Most manufacturers of LED bulbs will let you know the wattage equivalent of the LED bulb you intend to buy. It is not uncommon for a LED bulb with a 25-watts setting to output bright lights comparable to that of a 60-watts regular light bulb.

So, as you navigate the LED bulb marketplace pay attention to the listed lumens and the brightness and wattage equivalent.

Lifespan of the LED Bulb

Most LED bulbs will last at least ten years or more based on usage hours. Most LED bulb manufacturers will let you know how many hours the bulb will last, which can be easily translated into months or years.

The longevity of the LED bulb will be determined by your usage stats, but all will deliver bright lighting far longer than even the best incandescent light bulb.

Warranty and Customer Feedbacks

This is a fast evolving technology market and some of the new players have significant market share. What is the appropriate number of years for a LED bulb warranty? The bulb should at least be guaranteed for at least one year.

It will be wise on your part to take few minutes of your time and look through some of the feedbacks provided by current users of the bulb regardless of what you might have read in any best-LED light bulb reviews, including this one.

5 – Vivid Lighting LED Bulbs Review

Vivid Lighting LED Bulbs Review

Another best lighting for living room bulb with merit is from a company called Vivid Lighting. It is designed to supply lighting for up to 25,000 hours in both indoor and protected outdoor space.

This is one of the top energy savings bulbs since it will only consume 8-watts of electric current while OUTPUTTING up to 60-watts of bright lighting. This LED bulb from Vivid lighting is non-dimmable.

The energy savings you get from using these bulbs in your home will be recouped from the significant reduction in your electric bill. The instant illumination provided by the bulb goes up to 800 lumens.

6 – Tiwin LED Light Bulbs Review

Tiwin LED Light Bulbs Review

What a name for a good LED bulb company? Tiwin LED light bulb can be used in any room in your home like the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and hallways, to create bright lighting for the occupants.

Is it the best light bulb for reading at night? Probably not in my opinion, but it will deliver bright lighting that can last up to 20,000 hours.

Just as a precaution, it is suggested you unplug the lamp or turn off power to the electric fixture before installing this bulb from Tiwin. While it is available for purchase in a six pack, the bulbs do not have dimmable features.

7 – Philips 455717 LED Daylight Light Bulb Review

Philips 455717 LED Daylight Light Bulb Review

It would be a sin if I did not include another LED bulb from Philips. This product can be used in open pendant fixtures, floor lamps, and table lamps.

It is a high-quality replacement light bulb that can give you a significant reduction in your utility bill over a long period of time.

It is available for purchase in either daylight or soft white style. Best of all, the Philips 455717 LED daylight light bulb comes with dimmable features.