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Features Found in Laptop Backpacks With Durability

What should you put on your to-do list right after you purchase a high-quality laptop? From our expert opinion, you should be seeking to buy one of the best computer backpacks reviewed in this article. A case for your laptop goes by many names nowadays including laptop bags, laptop case, laptop backpack, laptop messenger bags etc.

Regardless of what name you call it, what you want is a product you can use to carry your laptop computer and other essential accessories without negative effects from the elements?

We searched online and found some of the most stylish and also fashionable laptop messenger bags you can use on a daily basis to transport your digital valuables, including your computing device.

Important Laptop Backpack Considerations

Before you start searching through hundreds of best computer backpacks found online, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind to increase your chance of getting a good brand that will serve your needs.

Best Laptop Backpacks AA507

1 – The Size of Your Laptop

Pay careful attention to the size of your laptop as you’ll need that measurement while shopping for a backpack for your device. You can find backpacks that can be used to carry portable computers like laptop, notebooks in various sizes and shapes.

Most of the bags for laptops do have other compartments you can use to carry other accessories like power cords, mouse, mouse pad etc. The key point is to make sure the bag is big enough to accommodate your laptop before buying it.

2 – Type of Carrying Strap

A good brand will give you two options in how you can carry the backpack or laptop case. If the case is built like a backpack you might be able to carry it like a briefcase or strap it to your body just the way a woman would carry a young kid.

If the laptop bag is designed like a briefcase it should have a regular carry handle including an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. If you want to go all out, you might also purchase a laptop bag that can be wheeled, which might come in handy if you decide to go on the road or travel long distance with your device.

3 – How About Padding and Insulation?

You will have to decide if you want a brand with tough insulation and padding materials to protect your laptop computer from the everyday act of life like knocks and hard impacts. It is safe to say that sooner rather than later, you might drop the bag on a hard concrete floor and it might be wise to get a bag with the right protective materials for your device just in case.

4 – Do You Need A Waterproof Laptop Bag?

There are several top selling laptop bags in the marketplace with waterproofing materials embedded within the design. Such computer laptop bags might cost a little bit more, but you’ll, at least, know that water splashing on the bag will not ruin your portable computer or other devices you might be carrying.

Other features to consider

Try not to base your purchasing decision on looks alone, for at the end of the day that will not provide the protection needed by your computer. The brands reviewed in this article happen to be stylish and very fashionable, but we all know everyone has different taste and style. Look closely at the materials used in making the bag, then the inner pockets or compartments.

7 Best Laptop Backpacks

To make this review suitable for as many readers as possible, we separated the content into three distinctive sections. We included a review of the best laptop bags for men, desirable brands for women and waterproof bags for those seeking the ultimate protection.

To complete the review we included a bag that is specially designed for those that like to travel with their computing device.

Laptop Bags for Men

1 – Samsonite Classic Two Gusset Toploader

Samsonite Classic Two Gusset Toploader

It is appropriate to bring you the leader in luggage manufacturing. The Samsonite classic two gusset 17 Toploader is one of the best laptop bags for men from all the reviews found online. It is lightweight and made from durable ballistic nylon.

The modern streamlined design has many pockets you can use to keep all your accessories well organized. The zippered compartment that holds your laptop is padded. It is capable of holding 17″ laptops and has many pockets for other stuff like your power cord, mouse, calculator etc.

This laptop computer carrying bag from Samsonite has a regular carry handle, plus an adjustable shoulder strap that can also be removed. The design and style are more geared towards how a man would like one to look.

2 – Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop/Sleeve Messenger Bag

Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop/Sleeve Messenger Bag

No review of laptop bags would be complete without the mention of the product from a company called Brinch. It is one of the best laptop bags for men based on sales and review from existing customers.

This shoulder bag from Brinch has a layered padding that is made from polyester while the included soft fabric lining will help absorb any shock and bump. This bag is capable of holding a laptop up to the size of 15.6-inches.

The included front pocket is made from Velcro and can be used to hold your smartphone, mouse, wallet etc. Apart from having a regular carry handle, it also has an adjustable shoulder strap. This best laptop bag comes in different colors, and there are two additional sizes (14.6 and 13.6) you can select from.

Computer Bags for Women

It is true that some of the best laptop backpacks for women are more fashionable than what a man would come to appreciate. Yes, it is true that women are now on the forefront of embracing the digital devices revolution.

Despite all the competing brands of computer bags for women we found, this two delivers the best bang for your buck!

3 – Leaper Casual Lightweight Canvas Laptop Bag

Leaper Casual Lightweight Canvas Laptop Bag

While the name for this computer bag might not get you excited, the materials used to construct the bag should definitely get your attention. It is made from lightweight and high-quality canvas material. Each bag has a different embroidery design on the front side.

The bag is capable of holding a laptop up to the size of 14-inches. The carrying strap is designed in such a way to provide comfort for your carrying shoulder. The bag itself weighs only 1.3 pounds. You have the option of selecting a large or medium size.

This computer bag comes in astounding 27 different colors, and it is true that one of the colors should appeal to your taste.

4 – Ogio Women’s Soho Laptop/Tablet Backpack

Ogio Women's Soho Laptop/Tablet Backpack

This is another laptop bag made from durable fabric and nylon. It is probably the only laptop bag that can hold up to 17-inch portable computer. It comes with unique padded pockets one can use to hold other digital devices like tablets, smartphones etc.

Looking through some of the reviews from existing users, the included large compartment can also hold binders, files, and books. You can buy one in three colors (black, red and terra).

This durable women computer bag even comes with a special padded slot for your power cord. The comfortable shoulder strap makes the purchase of this portable laptop bag a worthy investment.

Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Laptops are not cheap even if you have unlimited financial resources. If you constantly carry your portable computer with you, it might be appropriate to invest in a well-designed water resistant laptop backpack for better protection from the elements. Here are the two brands with excellent value for the asking price.

5 – Brinch Nylon Waterproof Laptop Case

Brinch Nylon Waterproof Laptop Case

You can buy this laptop bag with waterproofed materials in two sizes (14-inches and 15.6-inches). It is designed as a Toploader with a smooth gliding zipper, which guarantees you to have quick access to your device and other materials.

The convenient front pocket is suitable to store your cables, mouse, notepads, power cords and other accessories. The waterproofed materials used are reinforced with soft fabric lining including polyester foam padding.

This bag is not only built for protection from water but also offers durability and convenience. You can buy this bag in four different colors; gray, red, purple and black.

6 – Spigen Laptop Backpack

Spigen Laptop Backpack

This is a 15 inch Laptop Backpack with waterproof materials. It is the right number of inner pockets one can use to hold other mobile devices and other writing materials. The ergonomic design is enhanced with a padded carrying shoulder strap.

This waterproof portable computer bag can be used to carry large amounts of accessories, and you can buy one in three different colors (navy blue, gray and black). The Spigen laptop backpack has many zippered compartments and deserves your attention as a worthy investment.

Best Travel Laptop Backpack

Finally, we bring you one of the best travel laptop backpacks one can find online. We choose this brand because it met the guidelines established by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The guidelines were created to help travelers pass through the security lines with your laptop with much ease.

7 – Timbuk2 Commute TSA-Friendly Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Commute TSA-Friendly Messenger Bag

The name might not sound friendly or appropriate for a traveling laptop bag, but it does have the right design and construction to make it into our list.

This TSA compliant portable computer bag is tough as hell and it is made with the right weatherproof materials to keep your devices dry.

It is made from Codura nylon and is available in three basic colors (black, blue like and grayish). If you travel frequently with your laptop and would like to pass through the TSA checkpoints faster, get the Timbuk2 portable computer bag.

The bag is protected by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Best of all the included front pockets can be used to hold your smartphone and other digital devices.