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Best Home Dental Care Products to Use Even if You Have Sensitive Teeth

The top oral hygiene products list is quite long, but there are some you cannot do without that is if you want to avoid bad breath and get cleaner teeth. While the best dental products will include toothpaste, mouthwash, electric or manual toothbrush there are more neglected ones like a water flosser or oral irrigator, teeth whitening systems, and so forth.

I have known quite a few individuals with bad breath and yet each spends a fortune on clothes. Like my Mother used to say, your health is your true wealth, which also includes the state of your oral hygiene. Contrary to what some might think bad breath does not develop overnight. It occurs due to many months of poor oral hygiene steps or using teeth cleaning tools not suitable for the task.

Regardless of the state of your current dental health, the products listed here will help get you on the right track if deployed the right way. After a brief definition of each tool, I have included a couple of products you can use to get your way to optimum oral hygiene health.


It is almost impossible to get a cleaner teeth without the use of a toothbrush. I am sure you all know what a toothbrush looks like but the debate revolves around using one with automatic functions and manual ones.

While my preference is for an electric toothbrush there is no denying the fact that top manual toothbrushes can also be used effectively to get your teeth sparkling clean. Your toothbrush will only be as effective as your brushing technique. So, unless you’re taken the time to reach deep into the sides of your mouth, the toothbrush might not be of much help.

What is the Best Electric Toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is one that is made to function with the push of a button. You either get one that uses electric power or battery. The biggest advantage offered by electric toothbrushes is the stronger rotating power of the bristles.

Some are capable of generating thousands of strokes per minute, which will be enough to clean up plaque and other debris that might be hiding in between teeth. Some of the top electric toothbrush brands with higher ratings include:

1 – Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

One of the cheapest and most durable electric toothbrushes is made Philips Sonicare. It will enable you to take you oral care to another level due to the use of sonic technology. The Philips Sonicare Essence 5600 toothbrush is designed to output over 30,000 brush stroke every minute, which means the tiny food particles hiding between your teeth will not stand a chance. The bristles are contoured in such a way that you can safely reach every section of your mouth. Another excellent feature is the smart timer, which ensures you brush your teeth for a whole two minutes. Each full charge will last about two weeks with normal brushing routines. If you want an electric toothbrush that can keep both your teeth and gum lines clean get the Philips Sonicare electric rechargeable toothbrush. My only suggestion is to stock up on additional brush heads as the powerful strokes delivered with every use depletes the bristles at a faster rate.

Best Manual Toothbrush

A manual toothbrush is still the most common type used all over the world. It requires you deploy better brushing techniques and have patience so that you can get to all the hidden food particles in between teeth.

I find that manual toothbrushes can present limitations as to how clean your teeth can get. Unfortunately, due to the rigors of moving the bristles from one section of your mouth to the next, most people do not brush for a whole two minutes, which is the recommended brushing time by the America Dental Association (ADA).

Having said all that there is no denying that your economic resources will determine the type of toothbrush you can afford, so, here are the manual toothbrush brands with higher ratings:

2 – Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush

At least if you’re going to insist on using a manual toothbrush it should be from a reputable brand like Oral-B. Some of the best home dental care products sold online are made by this company. I used the Oral-B Pro-Health Manual Toothbrush in college and it allowed me to have cleaner teeth regardless of my location. I kept one inside my book bag for those days I spent many hours at the library doing research papers. The bristles on the brush are quite flexible and the head will curve easily to your brushing style. The bristles are not hard, which means they will not cause any bleeding when they come in contact with your gum lines. The only downside to using a manual toothbrush like this one is the need to change it every month or two. You will know when the brush needs changing because the bristles will be bent out of shape.


Even if you’re using an electric toothbrush it is the quality of your toothpaste that will determine your dental hygiene progress. A good cooking-pot will allow you to make a type of dish, but it is the ingredients that determine the taste.

The Same analogy applies to dental care, for it is the toothpaste that will influence your brushing results. There are many variations of toothpaste and there are now brands made without the use of fluoride. It is also possible to find a toothpaste that will help make your teeth whiter or one formulated to care for teeth sensitivity.

Best Toothpaste to Use

The type of toothpaste to use on your teeth will depend on what you’re trying to achieve with your dental health. If you want to create a whiter teeth there are toothpaste brands formulated to make that happen.

It is also true you can find the right toothpaste with awesome cleaning power even if you’re dealing with teeth sensitivity. So, the two products reviewed below tackles the problem of yellowing teeth and the other is just for those looking for a cleaner teeth in general.

3 – Crest 3D White Radiant Mint Flavor Whitening Toothpaste

Crest 3D White Radiant Mint Flavor Whitening Toothpaste

The company responsible for this product is the same one that makes the Oral-B manual toothbrush reviewed above. Crest toothpaste is a branch of the Procter and Gamble brands. While there are many variations of Crest toothpaste you can buy online this one is formulated to make your teeth whiter over time. The manufacturer claims it is uniquely formulated tp strip away stains the more you use it. It also contains ingredients that will make your tooth enamel stronger while also keeping cavities at bay. The mint flavor creates foaming action as you brush, which is a good indication that the Crest 3D toothpaste is hard at work to make your teeth whiter.

4 – Sensodyne 24/7 Sensitivity Protection Extra Whitening Toothpaste

Sensodyne 24/7 Sensitivity Protection Extra Whitening Toothpaste

If you have sensitive teeth you should first have it checked out by a dentist to make sure it is not due to cavities or other dental problems. If you experience a tingling sensation when you consume hot or cold beverages, the Sensodyne toothpaste is just what you need. It is formulated to help relieve any tooth pain that might result. On the brighter side, it is also capable of making your teeth whiter. It is recommended you brush using the Sensodyne 24/7 Sensitivity Protection Extra Whitening Toothpaste at least two or more times every day.


I once asked my dentist if it was necessary to use a mouthwash solution after brushing my teeth. He laughed and smiled, before saying, if you’d used a good mouthwash to compliment your brushing you would not have to deal with your present cavity.

While I hated his demeaning answer, deep down I knew he was right. It was not the politically correct answer but it made sense. A mouthwash solution is formulated to remove germs and reach deep into the crevices in between your teeth.

You can also find a specially formulated mouthwash to help whiten your teeth. Gargling using a mouthwash should not replace the need to brush your teeth. In fact, your dental health will be vastly improved if you gargle with a mouthwash and then brush your teeth afterward.

What is the Best Mouthwash to Use?

The best mouthwash to use will depend on the current state of your dental health. If you have tobacco stained teeth, investing in a powerful whitening mouthwash will make sense. If you have bad breath, you should look for one that can relieve the symptoms without costing a fortune.

Among dental professionals, you often hear mouthwash called oral rinse, especially when it is formulated to help stop bad breath. The two most recommended mouthwash products are:

5 – TheraBreath Dentist Formulated Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

TheraBreath Dentist Formulated Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

It is essential you include the use of an oral rinse into your dental routine if you’re dealing with any type of bad breath. TheraBreath oral rinse is the leading recommended bad breath solution from the conversation with my dentist. While it is not the cheapest oral rinse you can buy, it is the most effective because it contains an agent that can neutralize bacteria. It is formulated to freshen your breath for many hours after each gargle. The ingredients list contains no artificial colors or flavors, no alcohol, and it is completely gluten free. This product was actually created by a practicing dentist Dr. Harold Katz. It is naturally oxygenating and will not cause any burning sensation, but each gargle is estimated to enable a fresher breath that will last about twelve hours.

6 – Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse

Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse

Another highly recommended mouthwash is the Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse. This is one of the real organic mouthwashes that can also be used as a toothpaste. This product is formulated to deal with many dental issues including teeth sensitivity, canker sores, bad breath, and others. Watch the video below from the founder of the company to get a better idea what this organic mouthwash can do for your mouth and teeth. The final product is certified vegan and free of gluten, and BPA materials.

Water Dental Flosser

Some might call a dental flosser a waste of money, but it might be the only way to get rid of tiny food particles stuck in-between teeth. Most are designed to use water as the loosening agent to get rid of the debris. I have used one in the past but found it to be time-consuming yet effective at what it is designed to do. Below is a dental flosser product that will not break the bank but yet help one get a cleaner teeth.

7 – H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser

H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser

The H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser has a resemblance to the Waterpik brand with almost the same setup but at a cheaper price. While there is a subtle difference in the design the functionality seems the same to me. The control for the amount of water dispersed can be found on the handle. A water flosser like this one will allow you to get rid of bacteria, food particles, and other bad breath causing bacteria trying to find a home in between your teeth. This product can be used on any type dental implants, including crowns, braces and other teeth supporting devices.

Conclusion: Best Home Dental Care Products

The oral hygiene products list is missing a few items that some might call hybrid teeth maintenance products. Another necessary item you should consider getting is a regular dental flosser. The ones that used to come in a string roll is getting outdated due to the fact you can now have one that functions as a toothpick with a dental flossing string attached to the other end.

You can find a pack at your local dollar store but if you want a larger quantity the PLACKERS Micro Mint Freshens Breath will do just fine.

If you’re suffering from heavy bad breath you might consider getting a tongue scraper to remove some of the accumulated junk from what you eat and drink. The Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner will deliver fabulous results if used the right way.

Remember that good dental health begins with a durable toothbrush that has bristles that can help you get rid of bacteria before they can cause bad breath. Your toothbrush will only do its job if it is complimented with the use of a powerful toothpaste product.

Flossing, using a mouthwash, and scraping your tongue are just parts of a complete dental hygiene. If you do all in unison you’re bound to have a cleaner, whiter, sparkling pearly whites, not to talk about the fresher breath that will be yours every time you speak.