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The Best Heavy Duty Extension Cord for Your Home, Garage, and Outdoors

Despite all the talk about the power of Bluetooth technology to help with the functionality of different devices without direct electrical connection, it has not had an impact on how extension cords are utilized.

On the other hand, the vast improvement in battery technology is making it possible to use hand tools for many hours with any direct electrical connection. A good extension cord is still worth its weight in gold because it is the easiest way to bring electrical current to distance areas of your home or office.

The use of a power cord is even more crucial when a permanent electrical outlet is out of the question, or simply not possible, or just too expensive. Without an outdoor extension cord with heavy duty features, I probably would not be able to mow my entire front and backyard lawn.

Purchasing a long heavy duty extension cord should be approached with the seriousness that it deserves. With worldwide internet commerce between nations at an all-time high, many products like extension cords are now made with questionable materials, thus the need on the part of the consumer to know what you’re buying.

Top 7 Power Extension Cords

Even a newly minted electrician will know that extension cords are not created equally. It is the consumer that usually assumes the equality of extension cords. This is not a product you want to buy based on price alone.

The cheapest extension cord might look good but not have all the required features to ensure the safe transfer of electricity from one location to another. You might be thinking if it is available for sale on the market the right government agency must have tested it?

Wrong again, most government agencies have being rendered toothless to effectively police this industry. What we have is industry self-policing through third party organizations that get significant funding from the same manufacturers with products to be tested.

Truth be told, the third party testing organizations have done a good job creating standards by which all manufacturers seeking approval must adhere to. Pay careful attention to the extension cord country of origin, since some countries have corrupt organizations in charge of policing the industry.

To come up with the heavy duty extension cords found in this review, I have taken into consideration the number of units sold, reputation of the brand, and the feedbacks from current users of the product.

The most trusted heavy duty extension cord brands with the highest performance metrics are:

1 – US Wire and Cable 65025 Heavy Duty Extension Cord Review

US Wire and Cable 65025 Heavy Duty Extension Cord Review

The extension cord from US Wire and Cable is either made in the USA or China, which we got from the company’s official brochure for the product. It is capable of supporting up to 15 Amps and offers medium flexibility.

This extension cord from US wire and cable can be used either indoors or outdoors, with no problem at all. It has double insulation, which gives it the ability to resist abrasion forces. {1}

It is also protected from the environmental elements like sunlight and moisture. One of the best reasons to buy this product might be the lifetime warranty that is included with your purchase.

2 – Coleman Cable 02408 14/3 SJTW Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord Review

Coleman Cable 02408 14/3 SJTW Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord Review

If you’re looking for the best extension cord that meets or exceeds the latest OSHA specifications this product from Coleman Cable would do just fine. Not only is it very easy to install and use, it also very durable, based on all the feedbacks from current users.

This vinyl extension cord from Coleman Cable is made to be resistant to abrasion, oil, moisture, and grease. It is fully manufactured in the United States of America. {2}

Apart from meeting OSHA standards, it is also cUL and UL certified, which means it has been tested by an independent third party organization and found to be safe to use both outdoors and indoors.

If you find yourself constantly using power tools this is the right power cord to bring along. The only disappointing aspect of this product is the short warranty period, which is only one year but covers all factory defects that might arise during that period.

3 – GoGreen Power GG-13700BK Review

GoGreen Power GG-13700BK Review

The GoGreen Power extension cord is available for sale in three unique lengths 25 ft, 50 ft, and 100 ft. It is designed for outside use and comes with the latest ETL listed certification.

Another good reason to get one for your power extension needs can be found in its ability to resist moisture and keep the forces of abrasion and sunlight from negatively affecting its performance. {3}

Key Features When Searching for the Best Heavy Duty Extension Cord

The best extension cord for air conditioner would be different from the one needed to just provide the needed current for lighting a bulb. Listed in this guide are some of the key questions you want answers to before making your buying decision.

Apart from safety concerns, there are other key features one should take into consideration buying investing in any brand that claims to manufacture the safest extension cord one can also use outdoors.

Best Heavy Duty Extension Cord

Read the Manufacturers Warning Label

Before you buy an extension cord, you should read the warning label that is included with the main tool you’ll be using it with. Some will list minimum power requirements for any extension cord utilized.

It is also true that most extension cords will come with a detailed guide as to what it can be used for, and what not to do with it.

If there is any conflict between what is written in this article and the guide from the manufacturer of your home equipment or extension cord, you should go with the higher authority, which in this case will be the manufacturer.

How Would You Use the Extension Cord?

As basic as this question might sound, it is the foundation for your desire to get an extension cord that would provide electric currents safely to places you do not have adequate power outlets.

It is dangerous to use a cord that is designed for use inside your home outdoors. An extension cord that can withstand the outdoor environmental elements will be equipped the all the right features to ensure the safety of both the user and the equipment.

In my opinion, the extension cords with thin wires should be kept for use indoors and only to power simple electrical devices like light bulbs, fans, toasters, and other small appliances, or a laptop computer.

The extension cords made with heavy gauges are more appropriate for use outdoors or to power appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, flat screen television sets, and many others.

If your intention is to use your heavy duty extension cord when mowing your lawn then you should get one designed for use outdoors. The best outdoor extension cords will be capable of withstanding moisture and temperature changes. I have seen a few that come with complete waterproof features.

The Design Style

Some of the most durable and reliable extension cords will either come in a 2-prong or 3-prong style. The maximum power rating will be clearly displayed, which also will include the gauge of the wire and the overall length.

Keep in mind that the length of the cord will affect the way it carries electrical current to distance locations. The lowering of the current carrying capacity due to the length will be subtle and probably not noticeable, but it is real and should not be ignored.

Safety Listing

While you should be concerned if your extension cord comes with the right certification from independent testing organizations, most of the top and widely recognized ones are industry supported.

The safety decal attached to any extension cord means it has been tested and found to meet established electrical standards.

The top certifications to be on the lookout for are Intertek (ETL), which might also come under the name Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL); Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). These are the top third party testing organizations for products sold in North America. {4} {5} {6}

Reputation of the Brand

Nowadays, it takes a long time for a manufacturer to build up a brand name and the smart ones take the time needed to only output reliable products that would serve the needs of the consumer the right way.

The best heavy duty extension cord from top brands names in this niche market might come with a slight premium in pricing, but at least you know the cord will perform just as advertised.

So, pay careful attention to the reputation of the manufacturer before pushing the buy now button for a good extension cord you can use at home or the office.

Opinions of Current Users

With the rapid expansion of online commerce comes information overload, which means you have to seek out the most reliable power extension cord reviews and feedbacks before making your final choice.

I have found that the current feedbacks from some of the current users do provide the most reliable gauge as to the effectiveness of the power extension cord you want to purchase.

4 – Prime Wire & Cable LT511930 Heavy Duty Extension Cord Review

Prime Wire & Cable LT511930 Heavy Duty Extension Cord Review

This is probably the name I would have chosen for an extension cord that performs just as advertised. It is said to be ultra-flexible, and resistant to both the forces of oil and water. This cord is also designed to keep corrosion at bay.

I like the inclusion of an indicator light, which lets you know the cord is properly connected and filled with electrical power. It is designed to perform at temperatures ranging from -58-degree and up to 221-degree. {7}

This is probably the most trusted heavy duty extension cord by contractors and homeowners alike. You get a lifetime warranty, which guarantees any factory defect that arises will be taken care of by the manufacturer.

5 – Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Lighted Extension Cord Review

Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Lighted Extension Cord Review

While the name of this manufacturer might sound like they make physical fitness equipment for home, they do make one of the most desirable heavy duty extension cords one can buy online.

It is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. If you find you need extended electrical power for your lawnmower or gardening equipment this power cord would do just fine.

The Iron Forge extension cord is available in four different length sizes 2-feet, 25-feet, 50-feet, and 100 ft. It said by the manufacturer to be water resistant and can withstand the forces of abrasion, moisture, and sunlight.

The inclusion of reinforced blades within the prongs ensures it will not bend or break easily. Apart from the CETL AND ETL certification of this product, you also get a lifetime warranty against any factory defects that may arise.

Differences between a Power Strip and an Extension Cord

A power strip will come with multiple outlets you can use to connect several devices, while an extension cord will have one, maybe two, or at the most three outlets for connecting your devices.

Power strips tend to be used to extend the number of AC outlets available in a room or office, while an extension cord is usually used to carry power to further distances within your home or outside.

A power strip can be considered the ideal unit to split just one electrical outlet into several units. The best power strip might also come with surge protection features.

An extension cord, on the other hand, is quite capable of carrying that single electrical outlet to further distances so that you can plug in any equipment needing electricity to function.

6 – Watt’s Wire Heavy Duty SJTW Lighted Extension Cords Review

Watt's Wire Heavy Duty SJTW Lighted Extension Cords Review

This is probably not an ideal name for an extension cord with excellent performance metrics, but it was included in this review due to what it can allow you to do. It is available in 7 different length sizes.

This heavy duty extension cord from Watt’s Wire is capable of serving the needs of a busy contractor and that of a homeowner with outdoor power needs. Since this power cord is made with an SJTW vinyl the manufacturer claims it can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 130°F.

This electric extension cord comes with Intertek ETL listing certification, and it is designed to meet the standards set by OSHA for both outdoor and indoor use of such products. {8}

Best of all, the lifetime warranty provided covers any or all manufacturing defects that might arise during use, which should be a good reason to get one today!

7 – Fellowes 99595 3-Prong Heavy Duty Indoor Extension Cord Review

Fellowes 99595 3-Prong Heavy Duty Indoor Extension Cord Review

Occasionally, you might need to use an extension cord for a major appliance that is just located too far from the closest outlet. This is a three-pronged heavy duty outlet from Fellowes and can be used to power most major appliances.

It is available for purchase in two distinctive sizes 9-Ft. length and 15-Ft. length. This is a 14 gauge, 15-amps, and a 125-volts extension cord with UL and cUL certification, which means it meets or exceeds the standards set for electrical power cords before they can be sold in Canada and USA. {9}

Usage Tips for your Extension Cords

I assume you bought one of the extension cords reviewed in this article, which means they came with the latest Underwriters Laboratories symbol. The following usage tip can be helpful to both beginners and veterans, especially when it comes to what to do and not do with an extension cord.

A – Never use an extension cord that is designed for indoor use, outdoors. Not only will you be exposing yourself to electrical shock, your device might also be permanently damaged.

B – Try to purchase a heavy duty extension cord with far more Amps than you need. The length of the cord plays a significant role in how the electrical current travel and at what percentage. Always buy an electrical extension cord that can carry more power than you presently need.

C – Even if the cord is designated as safe for outdoor use, be careful when using it around wet areas or heavy moisture. It is true that water and electricity do not mix well, so always err on the side of caution if in doubt.

D – If you’re using the cord to power tools like your lawn mower or chain saw, make sure the length is clearly out of the way. Accidentally cutting the wires to your extension cord might not only be hard to explain but can also be deadly.

A good extension cord

E – Try not to use several extension cords to increase the length. I know people do it often, but it is not the safest way to carry electric current from one area of your home to another. A popular name for this type of set up is called a daisy chain. Better to buy the right length than to utilize several cords to create a longer one.

F – The use of extension cords or power strips should only be considered a temporary solution to your electrical needs. The connections must be instantly removed once you’re done using it, this is even more so if you have little kids in your household.

Trust me, the law will not blame the kids if an accident should occur, but the blame would be placed on the actions of the careless parents.

G – Do not continue to use an extension cord with a cut or hole showing the internal wires, regardless if it still works or not. Once part of the internal wires is exposed that means the insulation will also be negatively impacted during use.

When it comes to using extension cords the right way you should always exercise extreme caution. Do not suspend common sense even if you’re using the best heavy duty extension cord money can buy.

Electric extension cords can be used safely provided you follow the guidelines included with the product. If you’re in doubt if you should plug it in, do not do it. It is far better to ask for help and be laughed at than to do it wrong and cause a deadly electrical shock or explosion.