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The Best Hand Trucks for Moving: The Top Brands Reviewed Can Also be Used for Other Activities

It is a fact that everyone will be confronted with the need to move to another dwelling within the same city or sometimes out of state. Since becoming an adult and responsible for my wellbeing, I have had to move about five times, three times within the same state, and twice out of state. It would be far easier and cheaper to move if you had your own best hand truck to use.

To move requires the coordination of too many moving parts, but you can participate or do your own moving if you had the use of one of the top dollies reviewed in this article. As you know, moving companies charges are computed on an hourly basis.

With a good hand truck for moving you can substantially reduce the charges from the moving company by arranging your personal belongings in such a way that the whole process takes very little time.

Other Names for Hand Trucks

The Best Hand Trucks for Moving AA1ASCVBN12

Just to remove any confusion, hand trucks for moving are also called dollies, carts, and trolleys. Do keep in mind that the word cart might also be interchanged for a moving tool that comes with no handle.

Hand Truck Types

The design for top well-designed hand trucks are similar, but there are few differences in how they can be used to move personal or commercial stuff from one location to another. There are two types of uniquely different hand trucks within the marketplace.

Continuous Handle Hand Truck

The name for this type of hand truck says it all, for it is designed to be used straight up and the handle cannot be adjusted. This is probably the most common hand trucks for sale online, and even the best ones can be mastered in just a few minutes.

Convertible Hand Truck

The name gives a clue as to how this type is supposed to function. While the handle can be used in a continuous manner, the addition of features to convert the hand truck into a flat moving cart is what sets it apart from the others.

When it is converted to a moving cart you can put more personal belongings on it and push with the handle. This type is quite popular as it offers much versatility, and can be used for other activities apart from moving.

Commercial Hand Trucks

The heavy commercial hand trucks with powered mechanisms to help move the load from one location to another are usually sold on a direct sales basis. Most will be capable of moving loads weighing 1000 pounds or more.

It is also possible for a company to custom order hand trucks to fit their mode of operation. If you have a chance to visit a busy warehouse, I am sure some of the hand trucks used will have unique features not found in the units sold to the general public.

Best Hand Trucks Reviews

When compared to ten or fifteen years ago, the prices of even the best convertible hand truck have dropped considerably, which is a good thing for consumers.

With the invention of the internet, it is now a global marketplace, and the manufacturers of hand trolleys must innovate and constantly improve their products, or they will be put out of business by more creative competitors.

For any brand to be included in this best hand trucks reviews, the product offered must be well made and the feedbacks from most of the existing users must confirm it is worth the money.

I must apologize ahead of time for there are many other brands that did not make it into this review, due to the rigid selection process.

When you click on any of the images or the provide product’s link you’ll find most of the other brands that were not included. The top 7 hand trucks one can use for moving and other activities are:

1 – Milwaukee 49180 Convertible Hand Truck Review

Milwaukee 49180 Convertible Hand Truck Review AA5090123457

This brand is actually named after a famous city in the USA. It is made to utilize 10-Inch pneumatic tires, which is a type of tire that is constructed from reinforced rubber, and compressed air is used to fill it up.

It is the right type of tires to handle heavy loads, even on rough terrains. The Milwaukee 49180 convertible hand truck has a load capacity limit of 800-pounds. From the other best hand trucks reviews found online, this brand is well trusted by most critics and consumers alike.

This is a convertible hand truck, and the conversion process from a two-wheel upright hand truck to one that uses four wheels for the platform position can be done quickly.

Another good feature is the inclusion of wheel guards, which offers the right protection to the tires from the load. This hand truck from the company called Milwaukee has a factory powder coated finish and will arrive at your doorstep fully assembled and ready to use.

2 – Cosco 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck Review

Cosco 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck Review AA5MHKLOP

While the name is similar to that company that charges a membership fee for the privilege of shopping there, we could not establish a corporate ownership link.

The Cosco 3-in-1 aluminum hand truck has an ergonomic design, which helps to reduce the chances of the user experiencing any muscle strain or fatigue.

It is also the right type of hand truck to lessen the chances of moving injuries from occurring. The conversion to flat free wheels can be accomplished with one hand. Not only is this best hand truck from Cosco easy to maneuver and versatile, it is also designed to carry loads up to 1000 pounds.

3 – Magna Cart Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck Review

Magna Cart Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck Review AA3ASDCGBNM

The Magna Cart capacity aluminum folding hand truck is not your typical moving tool, for it is more appropriate for office and home use. The collapsible design makes it lightweight and yet durable. The use of rubber wheels makes the hand truck sturdy and ready for quick movement.

It is made from rust-proof aluminum, and the folding mechanism makes it easier to take the Magna Cart with you on the road or put away for storage.

This hand truck from a company called Welcom is excellent to use when moving small loads and boxes. The thousands of current user feedbacks on Amazon.com certainly played a role why it was included in this review.

4 – Safco Products 4069 Tuff Utility Hand Truck Review

Safco Products 4069 Tuff Utility Hand Truck Review AA5SDVGHB

The Safco Products 4069 tuff utility hand truck is made from welded steel for those of you that still prefer the real thing. It is available for purchase in four different style choices, and one happens to be the continuous handle model.

The powder coated finish includes the use of scratch resistant materials, and it only weighs twenty pounds. The heavy gauge tubular steel used to make the frame is also reinforced with welded joints.

This utility hand truck from Safco Products uses rubber wheels, which contains ball bearings. This hand trolley that can be used to move your personal belongings has a load limit of 400-pounds. The hand truck will be shipped to you fully assembled and ready to rumble!

Best Hand Truck for Stairs

Not all hand trucks are suitable for use on stairs, especially when moving delicate personal belongings. The wheel design for this next brand is made in such a way that going down the stairs with several loads will not be a problem. The best hand truck one can use when moving from or to a residence with stairs is:

5 – Yosoo Stair Climber Hand Truck Review

Yosoo Stair Climber Hand Truck Review AA5BNMKLP

The name for this brand is not what I would have chosen, but the wheels of the Yosoo stair climber hand truck actually makes it possible to climb down several steps without falling over. The wheels are shaped like a star, which is the right type for going up and down any stairs.

The steel used to make this hand truck is derived from tubular steel, which makes it sturdy and easy to load. Apart from moving, this steel hand truck can also be used by farmers, regular delivery drivers, and in any warehouse where loading and off-loading occurs frequently.

This stair climber hand truck from Yosoo uses rubber wheels and can be used to carry up to 440 pounds.

Buying Guide for the Best Moving Dolly

When it is time to move everyone knows about the need for good moving boxes with the strength to hold your precious belongings as you move to another house or apartment.

While it is easier to rent the hand truck from the same place where you rent the moving truck, it might be cheaper for you to buy your own hand truck. Moving to any new residence is rarely complete when the moving truck leaves.

There are always heavy personal items that need to be shifted around, and you can get it done right, with a hand truck that you own. Below are some of the factors to keep in mind as you search online for the best folding hand truck to serve your moving needs.

The Design Style

You will have to decide beforehand if you want a hand truck with a continuous handle or one that can be converted into a pushable rolling cart. An upright hand truck will do fine for loads weighing less than 400 pounds, although there are heavy duty hand trucks with a continuous handle capable of moving double that weight.

When you look at what you need to move, it might be wise to consider the advantages provided by a convertible hand truck. Most will have four wheels rather than two offered by most upright units.

The advantages of being able to lay down your moving boxes mean less bending of your back and leg muscles. Most often, a convertible moving hand truck can carry heavier loads, which means it can be used for your furniture, refrigerator, and other heavy household appliances.

Hand Truck Construction

Any hand truck for moving that you select is only as strong as the material it is made from. While it is true that heavy duty steel is stronger than aluminum, most of the hand trucks available to the general public will be made out of durable aluminum.

Aluminum hand trucks are just as durable in my opinion, and there are several brands that can be used to move several hundred pounds with ease. The best hand truck that’s made out of aluminum materials is sometimes bonded with other metals to increase the number of pounds it can carry.

How Many Pounds Can the Hand Truck Carry?

You should think carefully about the weight of the loads you need to carry. Most of the hand trucks will at least let you know the maximum weight capacity for the unit, and it is up to you to stay within that limit. Placing a heavier load than what the hand truck is designed to carry might lead to breakage, injury, and a poor moving experience.

Other Features to Keep in Mind

Another key feature when choosing your own best-moving dolly is the warranty terms. Each brand has different warranty terms and it is up to you to take that information into consideration when making your final choice.

It is also a good action on your part to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and read some of the feedbacks from current users of the product. Reading the opinions of other customers is one of the best ways to stay away from brands with poor quality track records.

Commercial Hand Trucks

The way some hand trucks are built you can tell they’re suitable for commercial uses. Most will be able to carry heavier loads that are bulky. Also, the dimensions for most commercial hand trucks will be slightly larger than the regular ones.

You guessed right, they also tend to cost more with all the extra features. Two of the best hand trucks with commercial use features are:

6 – American Cart & Equipment Multi-Mover MM Review

American Cart & Equipment Multi-Mover MM Review AA521245

The American Cart & Equipment hand truck can be described as a moving tool that can be utilized to handle heavier loads that can also be considered oversized. This hand dolly is so versatile that limitation in use can only be attributed to lack of imagination of the user.

It is made to move loads weighing as much as 750 pounds. The included foot-plate that’s designed to fold out is 17-inches long and 24-inches wide. The 10-inch tires are made from closed-cell foam. This hand truck with commercial uses is fully made in the United States of America.

7 – Magliner Gemini Jr GM-16UA4 Convertible Hand Truck Review

Magliner Gemini Jr GM-16UA4 Convertible Hand Truck Review AA5SDFVBNM

The Magliner GMK16UA4 Gemini Jr convertible hand truck is also capable of moving your heavier loads with ease. Despite the high capacity of the hand truck from Magliner, it is lightweight and comes with a modular design.

This is a true convertible hand truck that can reduce the number of trips needed to move an entire apartment. The manufacturer claims the unique features embedded on this hand truck will reduce fatigue and muscle strain.

The materials used to make the Magliner Gemini Jr hand truck includes steel, aluminum, and magnesium, all uniquely combined to give it additional strength and durability.

It is also what allows the trolley to move up to 500 pounds when used in a continuous and upright manner, and up to 1000 pounds when used as a platform hand truck.

The list of accessories one can buy to extend the functionality of this hand truck from Magliner is quite impressive. For example, you can add climber accessories to it so that it can be used to climb up and down the stairs with ease.

Is this brand the best hand truck one can use for moving? It will depend on your needs, but it certainly should be included on any top 10 list of the top moving dollies one can buy online.