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The Best Floor Jacks Favored by the Pros that You Can Use in Your Home Garage

Those that are mechanically inclined will tell you talent and know-how cannot take the place of the right tools for doing automotive repairs. The best hydraulic jack for the car is the perfect lifting tool for reaching sections of your vehicle’s underbelly without getting injured. It creates an equal playing field for the garage mechanic that hates the outrageous prices charged by the service stations.

Just like any other automotive accessories tool finding a high-quality floor jack for basic car maintenance can be fraught with risk. In this information age, it is getting harder for manufacturers to get away with selling poor performing products unless the customer is not aware of the latest floor jack reviews like this one, or feedbacks from some of the existing customers.

The limitations presented by a well-constructed floor jack might be different from that found while using a car ramp for routine auto maintenance. A floor jack in action can be described as pure physics in action. Have you ever wondered how such a small tool can uplift a car weighing thousands of pounds?

The Types of Floor Jacks

Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

Before I answer the question of what constitutes a good floor jack, let’s look closely at the different types. A good quality floor jack can either come in two forms, hydraulic or mechanical. Both seem to perform the same task, but the way your car is hoisted up will be slightly different.

Mechanical floor jacks tend to be lighter in weight and compact. In a nutshell, mechanical floor jacks manipulate rotational input force by converting it into a powerful linear force so that the jack can hoist up your car as you rotate the handle.

Hydraulic floor jacks, on the other hand, are bulkier, heavier, and come with more internal moving parts for it to be able to lift the vehicle up for repairs. Within a hydraulic jack, you will find pressure chambers with pistons and fluids, all working in unison to create the needed force to lift up your car that weighs thousands of pound.

The most obvious difference between a hydraulic jack and a mechanical floor jack is how fast they can raise the car up. Mechanical jacks are a little slower in creating the needed force for the vehicle to be raised up, while jacks powered by hydraulic force will be faster. The former will cost you less and also require fewer maintenance routines to keep it running right.

Buying Guide for Durable Floor Jack

With dozens of brands offering different types of floor jacks, you have to be cognizant of what you’ll be using it for as your search for the right one for your home garage. The following key features should be kept in mind during your search.

How Many Pounds Can It Lift?

Floors jacks are rated based on how many pounds they carry lift up. Most manufacturers would gladly list the required tonnage capacity of the jack online. Knowing the weight of you auto makes it easier to select the right floor jack for your routine maintenance needs.

Aluminum or Steel Floor Jacks

You also have to decide what type of material you want your floor jack to be made out of. Personally, most types of floor jacks would perform admirably, provided the lifting capacity can handle your vehicle’s weight.

Warranty Terms

Like any other automotive maintenance product, you want a floor jack with the right warranty terms. While the reputation of the manufacturer matters, the terms and the length of the warranty should also be taking into consideration.

Feedback from Current Users

It is better to buy one with 80% or above ratings from the current users. Take a few minutes and read what some of the users have to say about the Floor Jack before pushing the buy now button.

Highly Rated Floor Jacks on Amazon

Floor jacks can be found in various shapes and sizes, including weight capabilities, but selecting the one that can help you lift up your car for basic auto repairs might not be that easy. The floor jack brands that delivered the most value for the money are:

1 – Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Floor Jack Review

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Floor Jack Review

It takes a lot of guts to take the name of a famous city as your brand name. The lower profile of the design makes it suitable for custom vehicles. It will not take much effort for this tool to raise up your automobile. Some of the notable features include a universal joint release for a perfect load control, a handle that is made out of steel for the surest grip, plus it is capable of holding up to 3 tons, which is about 6,000 pounds. The Pittsburgh 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Floor Jack can be used to create about two feet of floor space for easy access to areas underneath your car. While this tool is marketed to professional mechanics due to its industrial heavy duty construction you can also use it in your home garage for routine auto maintenance.

2 – Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

The Powerzone 380044 3 Ton is made out of a unique combination of steel and aluminum. The length of the handle allows for the right amount of torque as you turn it. To lift your vehicle up you turn the handle clockwise, which makes it easier for the valve to close and lift up your vehicle. To lower your car down you turn the sure grip handle counter-clockwise, which opens the valve for a steady, slow descent of the car. The rotating of the handle for the descent is the simplest I have seen. The materials this floor jack is made out of guarantees 6,000 pounds holding capacity. For those of you seeking where to buy the Powerzone floor jack, you can click on the image above or the link found below for the most amazing online shopping experience. It is light enough to fit into most car trunks and you get a one-year warranty with your purchase.

3 – 4 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack by Pittsburgh Automotive

4 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack by Pittsburgh Automotive

When you fix cars for a living some of the vehicle repairs will call for the use of a heavier floor jack, which is where the usefulness of this 4-ton jack by Pittsburgh Automotive comes into play. It is designed to meet numerous international standards. The handle position offers you the ability to control the load just the way you want it. Within the design are steel casters with extra width to enhance the stability. This is definitely a must have floor jack for any busy automotive repair shop or garage.

Safety Tips for Using a Floor Jack

A floor jack is only as safe based on the way it is utilized. Hopefully, you’ve selected one that meets your vehicle’s weight limitations. The following tips will help prevent injury while using any type of lower floor jacks.

1 – Read the entire owner’s manual even if you consider yourself an expert in the way floor jacks are supposed to operate. Manufacturers constantly make changes to design specs all the time, which means the newer model might look like the older model but it might have extra usage modifications, which you can only recognize by reading the instructions manual.

2 – Kids around floor jacks can lead to avoidable accidents both while lifting or lowering the car. If you love your pets make sure they stay away from the vicinity of your work area. Before lowering your vehicle with the jack look underneath to make sure nothing of value is present, especially human or pet life.

3 – Depending on the type of auto repair you’re doing you might find it is safer to combine the use of the floor jack with other car hoisting tools for a better work environment.

4 – Finally, your well-made floor jack will only remain so if you take good care of it. When not in use tuck it into a corner and do not let anyone use it as a play toy.

Conclusion: Best Floor Jack for the Money

If you like to tinker around with cars in your garage or even front yard, you should get your hands on a durable floor jack. Some auto repairs are just not possible without the use of this handy tool. It is indeed the fastest tool to use while changing car tires, which means it should be among the coolest things you carry in your trunk on long trips.

Exercise patience and caution while using this tool, especially when little kids are present. The best hydraulic jack is the product that would be reasonably priced and come with ease of use factors. I just presented a tiny sample of the huge selection of floor jacks, and you can read about other brands with high-performance metrics on AMAZON.COM.