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What is the Brightest Flashlight in the World? Buying Guide for the Best Most powerful Flashlight Brands on the Market

Guess one of the most important things you’ll need in your home in case of an emergency situation? If you said a flashlight, you’re right on point. It is one of those household items most people forget to own or keep operational until it is needed. Before we get to the review of the best flashlight one can buy on the market, my personal story during a blackout situation should help you assess your preparedness to deal with an emergency blackout situation.

I was at home with my three kids when the blackout occurred in New York City in 2003. All of a sudden the lights were gone and the whole city went dark. As I looked around for some type of light to calm my screaming kids down, the heat and humidity in the apartment seem to go way up high due to the absence of air conditioning.

Luckily, I was able to light the gas with matches, which was still operational. I finally located a cheap looking flashlight but it was out of batteries. I left my teenage kids at home and ran to the nearby grocery store with the hope of securing some batteries.

Within one hour of the total blackout occurring, the stores close to my home were all out of batteries, flashlights, and many other food items. It was like a madhouse outside, with desperate people looking for the same thing, some type of lighting so that they could see through the night.

After walking several blocks, I found a group of enterprising young men selling packs of batteries for twenty dollars. In normal times, the cost for those batteries would be less than four dollars, but I ended up buying two packs, as I had no choice.

I am not telling you this true story to make you purchase one of the products found in this flashlight reviews. The goal of this buying guide is to get you to see the need for owning several flashlights just in case you happen to need one.

Uses for the Most Powerful Flashlight

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The need for a good flashlight will arise suddenly, and it can be caused by emergencies, local power outages, automobile breakdown on a dark highway, etc. At a minimum, you should keep one super bright flashlight at home, in your car, and one in your office desk.

While some homeowners would choose to invest in an old-fashion lantern or headlamp, a handheld flashlight is still the preferred light in situations like:

The world’s brightest flashlight is one of the best ways to get a direct beam of light in any situation.

Everyone can hold a flashlight, so controlling and holding steady the light will not be an issue. Even most teens will be able to handle the flashlight to assist mom or dad in an emergency situation.

If you happen to break down on a desolate highway, using a flashlight gives you the ability to signal other cars to watch out for your vehicle or to ask for help.

When you go camping or backpacking, a flashlight is one of those items you should have in your kit that is if you know the value of a direct light when outdoors in the wild.

Types of Flashlight

A good way to differentiate flashlight is the type of light bulbs they’re designed to utilize. Nowadays, with the rapid advances in battery technology, bigger does not equal the brightest flashlight in the world.

Lately, I am seeing flashlights that are smaller but with higher intensity direct beam that can be essential during any power outage. The most common flashlight types are:

Incandescent Flashlights

This is probably the most widely used type of flashlight across the globe due to their relative affordable pricing. The bulb used in an incandescent flashlight is usually gas-filled. The original flashlights were designed to function like this.

Apart from being inexpensive, some of the brightest flashlights in the world can be found in this type. A Flashlight made to use an incandescent bulb is a good addition to any emergency preparedness kit.

On the downside, this type will burn through your batteries pretty fast. It is also true that this type of flashlight waste energy due to the fact that heat is generated during the process of outputting light.

Lastly, incandescent flashlights are notorious for burning out bulbs faster than any other type. We found several products from some of the best flashlight brands on the marketplace.

Best Incandescent Flashlights

1 – Maglite Mini Flashlight 2 Cell-AA Reviews

Maglite Mini Flashlight 2 Cell-AA Reviews AA5NMKLP

The Maglite Mini Incandescent 2-Cell AA Flashlight is made in the United States of America, and the brand is owned by Mag Instrument, Incorporated. It was founded in 1979 by a man named Anthony Maglica and currently, headquartered in the city of Ontario, California.

The flashlights made by this company are famous around the world for being durable, dependable, and capable of producing intense brightness. This incandescent flashlight from Maglite comes in the color black, and it is designed to use two AA batteries to function.

The knurl design of the Maglite Mini flashlight is enhanced with the use of tough weather resistant seals. The Aluminum metal material used is anodized both inside and outside, which helps to increase corrosion resistance.

This flashlight weighs just 4.2 ounces and can be used for emergency car repairs, camping, walking your dog, or in any power outage situation. You’ll find an extra lamp bulb in the tail cap, and it is small enough to fit into an attaché case, car glove box, purse, and any emergency preparedness kit.

2 – SureFire 6P Original Reviews

SureFire 6P Original Reviews AA5FGHBNMJ

What a name for one of the best incandescent flashlights ever made? The Surefire 6P original single output incandescent flashlight was made to replace the highly popular 6P Classic from the same company.

Some of the major improvements include the addition of an anti-roll bezel and a lockout tail cap. The max output for this product is 65 Lumens, which is complete bright white light.

It has a coated tempered window with the ability to withstand impact. The anodized aluminum body is equivalent to the type used in making aerospace products, which means it is not only durable but also capable of resisting corrosion forces.

3 – Maglite Heavy-Duty Incandescent 2-Cell D Flashlight Review

Maglite Heavy-Duty Incandescent 2-Cell D Flashlight Review AA5MHKLOP

The Maglite 2 D-Cell Flashlight is a bigger version of the first product reviewed. The seals are made to be weather resistant and to increase corrosion resistance both on the inside and outer layers of the flashlight, anodized materials was utilized.

It functions with the aid of two cell-D batteries, and it is fully made in America. Keep in mind, while a spare bulb is included in the tail cap, the batteries needed are not. A good brand of Cell D batteries can be found – here.

LED Flashlights

LED is one of those key inventions that took the world by storm. The initial lightbulbs made using this technology were very expensive, but now LED bulbs are everywhere, and their longevity is one of the main reasons why.

Keep in mind that when LED lighting first became popular they were only available in two color choices, blue and red. LED is just an abbreviation for light emitting diodes, which can be correctly called a type of semiconductor.

Even a super bright led flashlight is more efficient because very little energy is wasted during the production of heat. Flashlights made using LED technology will come with no filament or glass.

It is true that the batteries and bulb used in incandescent flashlights have a shorter lifespan when compared to the ones found in top rated led flashlights. Some have also called LED lighting very natural and similar to daylight condition.

LED Flashlight Reviews

The best LED flashlight is the one that can deliver incredible brightness once you turn it on. Do not judge a LED flashlight by its size, for most are usually small, but pack an incredible brightness that will surprise you.

It is safe to say that the world’s brightest led flashlight can be found among the brands reviewed below.

4 – Hausbell T6 LED Flashlight Review

Hausbell T6 LED Flashlight Review AA5NMKLJOP

When you look at other led flashlight reviews online, this brand has certain features that make it popular. It has an ergonomic design and comes with a waist strap, which makes it easy to grab. You can focus the beam of the light due to the inclusion of zoom features.

It made from heavy solid metal and comes with five adjustable mode lighting features, which includes flashing SOS, strobe, low, medium, and high. It is the ideal flashlight to use when hunting, fishing, climbing, cycling, camping, and other outdoor activities you can imagine.

The Hausbell T6 LED Flashlight requires 3-AAA batteries to function, which is not included with your purchase, but here is a good brand with special pricing.

5 – OxyLED Super Bright 800 Lumens CREE T6 LED Flashlight Review

OxyLED Super Bright 800 Lumens CREE T6 LED Flashlight Review AA5SDFGHBN

OxyLED is another brand with a good percentage of the sales in this niche market. Certainly one can call it the brightest led flashlight in the world, due to the inclusion of rechargeable batteries, an AC charger, and a charger base.

This handheld flashlight uses Li-on battery, which is factory installed with built-in protection. It is made from aircraft grade alloy aluminum that has been anodized to make it resistant to corrosion.

Do not let the compact design fool you, for this LED flashlight is capable of outputting brighter lights, which also can be adjusted based on your needs. Some have called the light emitted the best natural lighting one can get from a LED flashlight.

There is also a zoom feature that helps with the way the intense light is focused on your target. You get a thirty days money back guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty against factory defects.

6 – Dorcy Waterproof LED Flashlight Review

Dorcy Waterproof LED Flashlight Review AA5VBMKLP

The Dorcy brand name is another maker of a good LED flashlight that’s worth the money. It is available for purchase in five different bright color combinations, and can be used for both commercial and residential needs.

The flashlight itself contains four LED bulbs that are capable of emitting super bright intense lights. The built-in carabineer clip gives you the ability to attach the Dorcy Waterproof LED Flashlight to your backpack or belt.

To ensure durability, stability, and a comfortable grip, shock absorbing rubber is used all around the body of the light and the head. It is designed to use 3-AAA batteries, and an initial supply is included with your purchase.

This floating waterproof LED flashlight from Dorcy is protected against any factory defect or workmanship by a one-year limited warranty.

Tactical Flashlights

The name itself is a clue as to how this type of flashlight is designed to be used. While a tactical flashlight can be used for other lighting needs, it is primarily designed for attachment to a high powered rifle that’s mostly used in hunting or target practice.

The best and brightest tactical flashlight will have a focused beam, and the material used guarantees it can withstand the nasty environmental elements. The top tactical flashlight based on our research is reviewed below.

7 – Outlite A100 CREE XML T6 LED Tactical Flashlight Reviews

Outlite A100 CREE XML T6 LED Tactical Flashlight Reviews AA5VBNMKL

Another brand in the best tactical flashlights list is from an outfit called Outlite. The Outlite A100 CREE XML T6 LED tactical flashlight has an adjustable focus, and the touch mechanism is made from water resistant materials.

The adjustable focus feature gives you the ability to shine the intensely bright light on long range targets, which might be a good or bad thing based on your activities in the wilderness.

You have two ways of providing power to the unit, one is through the use of an 18650 Lithium-ion Battery, or the use of three AAA batteries. Unfortunately, both battery types are not included with your purchase. You get a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty against breakage or factory defects.

Other Types of Flashlights

There are many other types of flashlights ranging from the ones you can put on your keychain to exotic or custom brands that can be made to fit your individual needs. Why would someone need a custom flashlight you might ask?

The military and huge security firms have unique needs when guiding sensitive spots around the world. It is possible to have a tactical flashlight that’s designed to fit certain weapons with more powerful batteries, which can make the beam travel much further distance.

If you happen to visit a nuclear power plant or a diamond sorting facility, the guards are usually equipped with custom flashlights that are capable of emitting intense lights not found among the brands sold to the general public.

Factors to Take into Consideration When Choosing the Best Flashlight

It is possible to find a brand that you can call the world’s brightest flashlight, but you need to keep certain factors in mind as you conduct your online search. A good high-quality flashlight would not just appear by magic, but the following factors will aid you in your search for the most powerful flashlight ever made.

How will you be using the Flashlight?

Why do you need a super bright flashlight? The question sounds simple and innocuous enough, yet it is one of the important pieces of information that requires a forthright answer if you want to end up with a good flashlight brand.

The light output you need for power outages or an emergency situation might be different from the needs of someone needing one for hunting or camping in the wild.

Pay Attention to the Power of the Light Output

A flashlight is just as good as the light it is capable of outputting. The power of the light outputted by any flashlight is mostly measured in Lumens. The higher the number of the lumens the brighter will be the light outputted. Keep in mind that very intense brightness requires more battery power, and it will also be depleting the power source much faster.

Do You Want Adjustable Beam Size?

This is probably a good feature to have since it can help you tailor the lighting to your needs, which ultimately will help conserve battery power. Currently, there are flashlight brands with beams of light that can be adjusted to high, medium, low, or SOS flashing signal.

What about the Battery Type?

A flashlight is just as good as the battery it uses to function. The cheapest and the most common type of flashlights will use disposable batteries that can come in all sizes. The brands with rechargeable batteries will cost higher in initial investment, but you should recoup it as you have no need to keep buying newer batteries to replace the old depleted ones.

The Size and Weight of the Flashlight

I can confirm that bigger does not always equal the brightest light by a flashlight. While size might make you feel good and secure, it is also possible to get intense bright lighting from a mini flashlight, especially if it is made to utilize LED technology. What you need the flashlight for should be a good guide to selecting the right size and weight.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

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The material the flashlight is made out of is also an important consideration since it helps to determine durability and longevity. If the flashlight is made to be water resistant, certain types of materials will be utilized during the manufacturing process.

The control mechanism for turning the light on and off might not matter to some but it can either be in the form of a push button or slide control. Both types of controls will require the use of your thumb or other fingers to get it working.

What is Your Choice for the Most Powerful Handheld Flashlight?

The products found in this flashlight reviews are some of the top selling brands one can find online. The best flashlight can only be called such if it meets your needs. Having one or several flashlights within your reach should not be looked at as a luxury, for the need for one far outweigh the initial cost.

Based on feedbacks and my own personal experience, you should at least have one good flashlight at home, one in your office and one in each car or automobile you drive or own. The information presented in this top flashlight brands reviews will at least put you in a better position to find your own brightest flashlight on the market.