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7 Best Family Tents for Camping

If you live in a big city you might not know the joy one can get from outdoor camping in nature. Just ask yourself, when was the last time you breathed clean fresh oxygen? The only way you can tell the difference in the quality of the air you inhale on a daily basis is to pack up your gear and go deep into the wilderness.

Your desire to take your family on a camping trip requires you bring along a well-constructed camping tent. This article will be reviewing some of the best tents for family camping. Listed are the buying guides we followed to bring you the top rated camping tent brands with high-performance metrics, and value for the money.

My first camping trip with my wife and two kids was a disaster in more ways than one. We found a good spot at a spacious campground during our visit to High Falls State Park, Jackson, GA. We set up our gear and camping tent that could accommodate up to six people.

While exploring the area we met a few campers on our way to the lake nearby. On the way back to our campsite it started to rain heavily. The rain was not what we expected, but the worst was yet to come.

The family camping tent I bought was not waterproof and the rain penetrated the tent material soaking through all our camping gear. Most of the gear we brought for camping got destroyed, including our portable beds. Since I did not buy the right solid floor for the camping tent, the inside of the tent was full of water.

It was then I realized that the camping tent I invested money into was not suitable for wet weather. My next research for a better-constructed family camping tent allowed us to purchase a better product, and what I learned from that experience is what made me write this family camping tent reviews.

Watch this video for the best tent for family camping we ended up buying for a better outdoor camping experience.


Buying Guide for Good Tents for Camping

Some of the best-rated camping tents do have certain features in common. The more you know about camping tents you can use in rain or all weather, the better your chances of purchasing a durable brand to last many ears.

Some of the principles that apply when looking at houses can also be applied here. You do not want to buy based on price but on the features needed for a good camping experience. Keep in mind the following features, when next you’re searching for a top rated camping tent for you and your family.

Pay Attention to Why You Need One

Why do you need a camping tent? Do not be dismissive of this question, for it can determine how you approach the buying process. Are you searching for a tent your kids can use in your backyard, or do you want one that can withstand the rigors of outdoor wilderness elements?

Do you want one that can provide most of the comforts you’ve come to expect when sleeping in your own bed, or can you withstand some discomfort while resting outdoors? If you’re buying one to accommodate other tent mates, make sure they can do with some discomfort just like yourself.

Is the Camping Tent Built for all Seasons?

Family camping tents are designed with so many different variations. Some are designed for use in all types of weather while some are only suitable for the summer months when the temperature is hot and dry.

Remember my experience with the camping tent designed for use in hot summer months, and it just happened to rain on the day of our camping trip. I would suggest you select a family camping tent geared for all seasons. It might cost you more, but at least you’ll be ready to handle all that nature can throw at you.

Consider Your Camping Sites

Pay careful attention to the camping sites you have in mind. You should know if the location gets more windy than usual. What about the floor of the camp site?

The one we visited had well-manicured grass but we still used a floor cover to keep out the elements. The camping sites might not come into play if you plan on using your tent in your own backyard.

Consider the Family Camping Tent Capacity

Not only should you buy a tent to accommodate everyone in your group, you also need one with enough room if you have overweight individuals coming on the camping trip with you. It is up to you to decide if obese members of your family will be coming on the trip.

My suggestion is to buy a family camping tent with more capacity than you need. It’s better to have too much room than not enough room. So for a family of four, I would suggest you buy a tent that could hold six or more people comfortably.

Buying a larger family tent than you need is also essential if you have those that toss and turn all night long or those that are claustrophobic.

Pay Attention to the Height of the Tent

Family tents come in all different shapes, heights, and sizes. Do not assume the height by just looking at the images. Make sure the best family camping tent you end up with is high enough for your height and other members of your family. The worst thing is to be inside of a tent cabin and constantly having to bend down simply because it is too short.

The Materials Used

Most rugged tents are made strong using poles and from my sad experience, ones made out of aluminum or fiberglass are sturdier. If you happen to come across a tent without poles, please do not even consider, as it is not worth the asking price.

It is better to get one with poles that can be detached once you’re done camping. This will make it easier to pack up the tent for storage. A family tent with its own floor is far more desirable than one without. Better to rest your sleeping materials on a man-made floor than grass or dirt.

Most of the top rated family tents you find online will be made out of Nylon, polyester or canvas materials. Some have speculated that a modern tent that’s made out Nylon is stronger and lightweight at the same time.

On the other hand, tents made out of polyester are better at shedding water faster. The tent you buy should be able to resist water while also offering protection against UV rays.

Additional Requirements for a good family camping tent:

A good brand will come with internal side pockets, which allows you to keep essential personal possessions of the floor.

You might want to buy a footprint floor, which is most cases will be an optional accessory. The interior of the tent should have a place where you can hang a lantern.

Below is an excellent video explaining some of the need features you want in a durable brand.

7 Top Family Tent Brands

Based on my personal experience, I was able to use the steps deployed to secure a good family tent to assemble some of the top tents for camping reviewed below.

1 – Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent AA50090872

When you look at family tents one can buy online the name Coleman keeps coming up, regardless of which camping tent reviews you’re reading. This company has many models, and this one is designed for use by eight people. The product weighs 22.4 pounds and covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Most of the current users say it is spacious and comfortable since it measures about 17- by 10-feet. It is available for purchase in three colors; red, blue, and black. It is made from waterproofed materials and can be used in wet weather conditions.

It is quite easy to assemble since it is light and compact. It comes with the right space for one to stand upright and walk around. This best Coleman family tent comes with a Cool-Air port, which includes a venting system with adjustable airflow.

2 – Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

This is another family tent from this great company and you can buy one in two different colors; green and blue. It is made from polyester materials, and can accommodate about four people. It comes with durable strength fiberglass poles.

To enable the movement of air in and out of the tent cabin it has a good ground vent and large windows. You can set one up in less than 15-minutes, due to the continuous pole sleeves, which is made to be snag-free.

Within the cabin of the tent, you’ll find storage pockets one can use to keep valuables secure. This family tent from Coleman offers the right canopy for the most appropriate rain and shade protection. You get a carrying bag for easy portability.

This is one of the best Coleman tents from all the reviews we looked at online. The product is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

3 – Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

This is another best Coleman tent with high-performance metrics and it is designed to accommodate up to six people. It is made from durable polyester materials and has taped seams. This best family camping tent is spacious enough for two queen sized airbeds. The center height reaches 6 ft. 2 inches.

This tent weighs about 24.9 pounds and comes with welded floors and inverted seams, all uniquely combined to help keep water out of the tent cabin. It comes with a built-in rainfly that is also vented. The rainfly covers the windows and doors.

From other Coleman tent reviews we examined, this model has waterproofed floors and comes with frames that are capable of withstanding strong winds. You get a limited one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

4 – Suisse Sport Dome Tent

Suisse Sport Dome Tent

Another brand you can find in any top 10 camping tents is from a company called Suisse Sport. The Suisse Sport 7 x 7-Feet dome tent comes with a rainfly and quite easy to setup from some of the camping tent reviews we looked at.

The dimension for this product is 48 x 84 x 84 inches and you get two poles with durable speed clips. While it is designed to accommodate up to three people, the center height only reaches 48-inches. This tent is more suitable for teenagers or pets due to the center height limitations.

Not only should you seal proof it, you should also get a tarp if you want to make it completely waterproof. We could not find a website for the product to confirm the warranty terms. It is quite cheap, but also missing some of the features that would make camping outdoors more enjoyable.

5 – Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent AA50012456

Now, if you have more disposable income and want a family tent to last for many years, this top rated tent for camping from Browning delivers impeccable performance based on all the camp tent reviews we looked at online. The material used is derived from polyester and it is supported by three fiberglass poles and sturdy steel uprights.

While the manufacturer says it is designed for two person occupancy, some of the current users confirmed it is capable of holding more people due to the tent area that requires 150 square feet. The center height goes up to 7-feet, 3-inches.

To ensure rugged weather protection, the fly and floor seams are factory sealed. This product is one of the best hiking tents based on analysis of some of the high ranking family camping tents reviews we saw online.

Browning family camping tent weighs about 30.75 pounds with the following dimension 87 x 180 x 87 inches. It has interior pouches for your valuables, and you get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which is the longest within the industry.

6 – Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent AA56766789

If you take your camping gear seriously and want the most trusted brand, this product from Kodiak Canvas will not disappoint. Forget polyester materials, for this tough tent, is constructed from Hydra-Shield canvas, which some outdoor enthusiast have described as the best to withstand strong winds and driving rain.

It has a center height of about 6-feet, 5-inches. The canvas material used to make this tent allows it to be breathable and watertight. This family tent can accommodate up to eight people. This tent from Kodiak Canvas comes with four windows and two doors.

This product weighs an incredible 84.65 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. If you can afford one, this is the tent we would recommend you purchase, for it is designed to last several decades.

7 – Tahoe Gear Coronado Family Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Coronado Family Cabin Tent AA56766789

The last product in our review is from a company called Tahoe Gear and it is designed to accommodate up to 12-people. It has a center height of 7-feet, and the fly seams are taped to help protect the occupants from the elements.

This 12 person dome family cabin tent has the following dimension 10.25 x 10.5 x 28 inches and weighs about 32 pounds. Based on the feedbacks from some of the current users, this family tent is quite easy to setup and the included fiberglass poles help to ensure better stability.

The Tahoe Gear Coronado 12 Person Dome Family Cabin Tent comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. This brand was included in this review because it is one of the top ten tents for camping one can purchase online.

Best Place to Buy a Tent

The top rated camping tents found in this review are not the complete product list. You can find other best family camping tents by clicking the images or link found underneath. Make sure you know how many people would be using the tent and where you intend to do most of your camping.

Camping outdoors with your family can be a rewarding and memorable experience, provided you have the right gears. A good family camping tent is the key factor when it comes to enjoying your time outdoors in the wilderness.