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The Healthiest Treats for Dogs You Can Use to Get Best Training Results

Some of our readers can relate to this scenario; the dog you just brought home is obstinate and lack any desire or motivation to obey your commands despite your best efforts. There are numerous products you can use to condition your canine to an obedient pet, but I find the use of dog treats to be the most effective.

You can even find dog treats for pets with sensitive stomachs or one made from only organic ingredients. Most canines behave like little kids for they only react to incentives just like any humans would. The most popular dog treats must be used cautiously, for if used too often, it can become a hindrance to your wishes and command.

The top 7 dog treats listed in this article should be used sparingly and only given out when your puppy obeys your command fully. You should have to decide before hand if you want to use natural treats for dogs that cost a few dollars more.

Top 7 Dog Treats

1 – Zuke’s Mini Naturals Review

Zuke's Mini Naturals Review

If you try to judge the merit of a dog treat product using feedbacks from current users the Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats is your favorite brand. This natural dog treat has over four thousand feedbacks with over 80% giving it 100% satisfaction rating, which is an enviable achievement in this internet age.

There are two sizes available for purchase and three distinctive flavors to select from. This high-quality dog treat comes in small sizes and your dog or puppy will follow your commands to get more of it. The manufacturer claims the roasted chicken flavor is made using real chicken meat.

Each treat delivers less than 4-calories. It is among the healthiest treats for dogs since it is free of soy, corn and wheat ingredients. The mini naturals dog treats from Zuke’s are manufactured in the United States of America, which in my opinion is a good thing as we need all the jobs we can get.

2 – Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Review

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Review

The Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats cost a little more than the one from Zuke’s, but there are features of the product you just cannot ignore. It can be bought in 8 different package sizes plus there are unique versions for both small and large dog breeds.

Some of the feedbacks gave it high marks for being one of the most healthy dogs treats one can buy online that truly delivers. If you happen to have a tough dog breed to train this brand would help you elicit the needed cooperation from your pet.

The manufacturer claims Milk-Bone MaroSnacks are made to be crunchy like a biscuit while also having the taste of a delicious bone marrow. Included in its formulation are calcium nutrients, which helps canines develop stronger bones and teeth. I also like the fact that it is made right here in the USA in Buffalo, New York!

3 – Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats Review

Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats Review

Another great product with excellent feedbacks from customers is the Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats. It is available for purchase in 9 flavors and 10 different portion sizes. This is more like a gourmet style dog treat that is made using real beef sausage slices.

Contrary to what humans might think, dogs understand commands the first time, but it is the right type of treats that elicits the right response from your pet. This dog treat from Milo’s Kitchen is made right here in America and complies with all FDA and USDA established standards.

4 – Triumph Dog Super Premium Review

Triumph Dog Super Premium Review

The key to getting your dog to obey your commands is the way you reward compliance. If you abuse the use of dog treats you’ll find yourself going broke before your dog is fully trained. The Triumph Dog Super Premium Dog Treats should be used sparingly, and listed for sale in two distinctive package sizes 24-ounce and 48-ounce.

The manufacturer calls it a healthy dog treat that is made from well-developed pea, turkey, and berry recipe. It is made using a grain free formula and can be used on canines with known food allergies.

Each treat is more like a full-length jerky strip, which should be used to get your dog breed following all types of training commands. You can get the list of total ingredients used and the type of calories contained in each treat on the manufacturer’s website.

5 – Blue Wilderness Buffalo Review

Blue Wilderness Buffalo Review

For pet lovers looking for low-calorie dog treats the product from Blue Wilderness will impress. You can buy it in several flavors and sizes, plus there is a flavor that is made from real salmon.

The dog treats from Blue Wilderness is free of grain and loved by most of the dog lovers that bothered to leave a review online. My next door neighbor used the Blue Wilderness Buffalo Dog Treats to successfully train several dogs.

6 – Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Review

Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Review

Building up a reputable brand name takes time and requires the right combination of products just like the dog treats from Old Mother Hubbard. It is claimed that the original recipe was created in 1926, which is over ninety years of creating delicious treats for canines.

The Old Mother Hubbard dog treats can be found online in 11 different flavors and 12 unique quantity sizes plus three unique biscuit sizes. It is made in North America using all natural flavors beloved by most dog breeds. It is also free of all known artificial preservatives.

7 – Canine Carry Outs Beef Flavor Dog Treats

Canine Carry Outs Beef Flavor Dog Treats

The dog training treats from Canine Carry Outs is just as beloved like the other brands reviewed above. You can choose from 9 flavors and 7 unique package sizes. The manufacturer claims they not only look like real beef but also have the taste.

I like that the design of the treat is small to be ideal for dog training outdoors. This brand manufactures all its products in the United States, which in my opinion should give it a leg up on other dog treats made overseas.

Canine Training Tips When Using Dog Treats

Some of you might not believe this, but dogs have great relationship skills. While they can be conditioned with different means to follow your command, it is more joyful when you employ a reward system using flavorful treats.

I have two well-trained dogs and the following tips should help you get the positive results you desire.

A – Keep your commands simple and straight to the point.

B – Speak in a firm voice, for a dog will not respond to a poor voice modulation or one that is wimpy.

C – Use the dog treats sparingly, or you might discover your pet only responds to your commands when treats are available.

D – Do not kick or abuse your dog in any shape or form. Yelling is okay, but make sure it is in relation to the dog doing something terribly wrong. Truth be told, I used yelling and treats to get my big dog conditioned to pooping at only designated places.

E – Repetition is the key tool to get your dog conditioned to follow your training command. Ensure the dog is proficient following one command before jumping to the next.

Training your canine using dog treats requires patience, dedication and a good plan of action. There many other brands with excellent products online and you can find top 10 dog treats on Amazon.com