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Finding the Right Kind of Feeding Bowls to Buy for Your Dog

The joy of owning a dog is compounded by the need to keep the canine well fed and hydrated. Just like humans, dogs need good food and non-toxic water to drink on a regular basis. It is quite hard to feed your dog without using the right type of bowl, which is a subject of this review.

There are many brands claiming to be among the best dog feeding bowls, but some are not worth the asking price in my humble opinion. After owning dogs for over two decades, I have learned a thing or two about what constitutes a feeding and water bowl for a dog.

It is my opinion that after consideration for the type of material used to make the dog bowl, the breed of your canine should be the next big thing to consider. In this article, we’ll address the types of materials used in dog feeding bowl making and the different design types.

The Types of Dog Bowl Materials

In a nutshell, there are three types of materials popularly used in making dog feeding bowls and they include plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel. Most often, the type of material helps to determine the safety and style of the bowl, which in this day in age should not be taking lightly.

Dog Bowls Made Out of Plastic

Dog Bowls Made Out of Plastic

Regardless of your consuming habits, it is almost impossible to avoid the use of plastic products in your daily living. The cheaper dog feeding bowls are usually made out of this material, but one should be careful as some do come with leaching toxic ingredients that might negatively impact the health of your dog.

It is also true that plastic is easier to design and shape, which means some of the most colorful dog bowls sold online will comprise mostly of plastic materials. A sturdy and durable plastic dog bowl is also hard to break and some are made to be dishwasher safe.

On the other hand, bowls made out of plastic scratch easily and accumulate bacteria at a rapid pace. Would I recommend a dog bowl made out of plastic? That would depend on the brand, but there are healthier alternatives that would allow you to feed your pet in a toxic free manner.

Dog Bowls Made Out of Stainless Steel

Dog Bowls Made Out of Stainless Steel

Apart from the higher pricing, I find that dog feeding bowls made out of stainless steel last longer and pose no health danger to your canine friend. The durability is not the only positive factor for some are made to be dishwasher safe with non-skid materials in the bottom to prevent spills.

Since there are different grades of stainless steel, the lower grades will eventually develop rust unless they come with anti-rust coatings. The ideal way to care for any stainless steel dog feeding bowl is hand washing after every meal and wipe to dry.

Dog Bowls Made Out of Ceramic

Dog Bowls Made Out of Ceramic

Dog bowls made out of ceramic are not as popular like the two listed above, which might be due to the higher cost. Ceramic dog bowls are also harder to keep clean and some are prone to bacteria infestation.

Other Materials

I have seen a few dog bowls made out of stoneware and other less common materials. Keep in mind that the more exotic materials will break easily once dropped. If careful enough one made out of glass might even be more hygienic for your pet.

Your search for a durable dog feeding bowl should take into consideration the safety of the material used and the handling skills required to maintain one. If you’re prone to dropping glassware, it would behoove you to stay away from bowls made out of easily breakable materials.

The Different Types of Dog Bowls

Now that we got the dog bowl materials out of the way the next big consideration is the different types to make your selection from. I have classified dog bowls into four different types but there might be a few hybrid models not included in this review.

For brevity sake, after each type, I have also included one or two products with excellent feedbacks that can be bought online for a decent price.

Dog Feeding Bowls that are Elevated

Elevated dog bowls can be found in all shapes and sizes. This type will come with a supporting stand or device to make it easier for your dog to reach the food and water. Dog bowls that are elevated help to prevent neck strain on your pet.

The most popular design involves two bowls on a stand and the materials used can vary. Large dog breeds will find it easier to eat from this type of feeding bowl. The included supporting contraption makes it harder for your dog to push it around in feeding area.

Once placed against a solid wall, your canine will find it difficult to push it around, but more mischievous dogs will find ways to ruin your well-planned feeding space. The top elevated dog feeding bowls are:

1 – Pet Zone Adjustable Raised Dog Feeder Review

Pet Zone Adjustable Raised Dog Feeder Review

This is my favorite dog feeding bowl design because of the adjustability that it comes with. Just like it is shown in the above image you can successfully use it as a feeding station for different dog sizes. The inclusion of two stainless steel bowl makes it easier to place both food and water for the enjoyment of your pet.

The collapsible legs give you the ability to determine the right elevation for your pet and putting it away for storage is also easier to accomplish. The included two stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe. Additionally, the manufacturer claims each bowl can hold close to seven cups of dry dog food.

I never measure the amount of food my dogs eat but I do put them on a strict eating schedule. The adjustable elevated dog feeder from Pet Zone is made right here in America, which means more jobs for our citizens.

2 – IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder Review

IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder Review

It is quite hard not to like the stylistic design of the IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder. There are three sizes to choose from based on your dog’s size. The three color selection choices include tan, green, and black.

It’s probably the only affordable pet feeder with a storage space built into it. No more worrying about where to store your dog food with this elevated bowl feeding system. The included two bowls are made out of stainless steel materials.

Each bowl can hold up to two quarts of water or 64 cups of pet food that is dry. Just ensure you know your dog breed size before making your selection.

The only problem that might arise is choosing the right size for a puppy that will soon grow to become a large dog. The elevated dog bowl setup from Pet Zone is more appropriate if that is your situation. It is perfectly suited for indoor use.

Automatic Dog Bowls System

Most automatic dog feeding systems are designed to output food as long as there is some inside the storage space. It is not my favorite dog feeding system in my opinion, simply because it leads to providing your pet too much food and making her lazy.

But with technology moving at a rapid pace, some of the more advanced automatic dog feeding systems will come with programmable features. This type is not that popular due to the higher pricing.

If you leave your dog home alone for many hours at a time this type of dog feeder will allow you to ensure regular supply of food or water. Feeding your pet in person is the ideal way to go, but your situation might call for the use of automatic dog bowls.

3 – PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder Review

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder Review

Technology is evolving at a faster rate than most humans realize. The PetSafe Automatic Feeder comes with programmable features that afford you the ability to set how many times a day you want to provide food for your pet.

It is capable of outputting different sizes of dry or partially moist food for pets. The manufacturer claims it is pet-proof to prevent accidental openings. The included one bowl is made out of stainless steel. Some of the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Power for this device is supplied through the use of four D alkaline batteries, which is not included with your purchase. Unfortunately, the needed power adapter option is not included with this package but sold separately.

Dog Bowls for Slow Feeding

I remember when one of my dogs was a puppy he ate too fast and I used a slow feed dog bowl to try to reduce his feeding pace. The design style is what creates the barrier to help slow down how fast your dog can gulp down the food.

Some will come with ridges or other barriers that make it difficult to reach the food all at once. I soon discovered that my puppy was not too thrilled with this type of bowl and he started trying to turn it over, which he succeeded in doing, eventually.

The majority of this type of dog feeding bowls will be constructed from plastic or other hybrid flexible materials. It did not work for my dog, but I solved the problem of fast eating by instituting a strict regimen of portion control. My dog soon realized that eating too fast will not bring more food and he soon learned to eat slowly.

4 – Outward Hound Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl Review

Outward Hound Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl Review

The design for this bowl might make some of you wonder how it is possible for your pet to get to the dry food. The idea is to make the pet grab one piece at a time, which ultimately leads to a slower eating pace. You can find it for sale in three colors and two sizes.

The manufacturer claims over a million quantities have been sold, and you can tell it is a solid product from the thousands of feedbacks found online. It is made to resemble a maze of valleys and ridges, which creates the required hindrance to slow down your dog’s eating pace.

This dog feeder bowl is made out of plastic that is free of known toxic materials like phthalate, PVC, and BPA. It is dishwasher safe but should be put on the top rack only.

Dog Bowls You Can Travel With

My simple solution for carrying food for my dog when outdoors is by using a pouch. But there are dog feeding bowls with features that make them suitable for travel. The good ones are usually made to be collapsible. Below is a top travel dog feeding bowl with an impressive design set up.

5 – Serene Pet Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls Review

Serene Pet Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls Review

Serene Pet Bowl can be purchased in both a large and medium size. It is made out of food grade silicone that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It comes with two carabiners, which is a locking system to keep it away from the prying eyes of your pet.

It looks like the ideal product for those that bring along pets while away. It is designed to be lightweight and can be easily popped up or folded away for storage. You get a sixty-days warranty that includes 100% money back guarantee.