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The Best Cleaning Products for Bathroom that Can Get Rid of Soap Scum, Keep Tiles, Grout, and Toilet Bowl Clean

The bathroom is probably one of the areas of the home most people do not like to talk about. While women might bring up the need to have best cleaning products for bathroom, men tend to shy away from that conversation.

I know it is the place where you handle your “business” and you do not want the world to see or think of you that way. Well, I got news for you, everyone has a need to use the bathroom several times during the day, including the president, or the so-called celebrities.

The only difference is that the rich will hire a maid to keep their bathroom clean using some of the cleaning products mentioned in this article. For both you and me, we’re left with the responsibility of keeping this essential area in our home clean and free of germs.

So, there is no shame discussing or exchanging ideas about how to get rid of soap scum, remove mold and mildew from tile grout, and making sure the toilet bowl is free of dirty rings.

We, humans, spend more time in the bathroom than we care to admit, and if you’re not, there must be something wrong with your digestive organs.

You should be pooping at least two or three times daily to eliminate waste, and peeing should be done as it comes calling.

Cleaning Steps for Your Bathroom

Dirt will accumulate inside your bathroom at a rapid rate unless you have an established system of getting rid of germs on a daily basis. Here are the two ways you can use to keep your bathroom clean, but one happens to be my favorite.

Cleans as you Go

I give thanks to my parents for instilling in me the need to keep a clean surrounding, including the bathroom. If you adopt the attitude of cleaning up as you create the mess, I can assure you your life will be less stressful.

Do not postpone to later what you can do right away. It will take less than a minute or two to wipe down the bathroom sink after your hairdo.

It will also be helpful if you took the required minute to spray your tub tiles with soap scum remover as soon as you finish bathing.

Leave it for Later

Leaving stuff that you can do right now for later is a recipe for disaster. The soap scum you left this morning will be hardened when you get home, which makes it twice as hard to remove.

The black ring around your bath tub that you neglected to clean up this morning will be dried up with a flimsy residue. It will now take you twice as much effort to scrub it away.

Essentials Tools for Cleaning Bathrooms

While some of the cleaning tools for your bathroom are universally needed by everyone, some will only apply to those with the required accessories. In the average bathroom, there will be a need to keep the tub, tiles, medicine cabinet, shower curtain or enclosure, garbage can, and bath rug, clean.

I decided to dedicate certain cleaning products to cleaning a specific bathroom tool or accessory. Some of the cleaning products can also be used to clean several bathroom accessories, but for brevity sake, the division of task will make it easier to follow.

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Believe it or not, the toilet bowl is often the most neglected bathroom tool. Most people believe flushing the poop or pee will also remove the germs. The average toilet setup will include a tank that holds the water, a seat, the cover, and the bowl that collects the waste.

It is, even more, work to keep your toilet bowl clean if you use a rug on the cover. Rugs tend to collect germs faster than any other type of material. There are good cleaning products one can use to keep the entire toilet mechanism clean.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush

The brush to clean the inside of the toilet bowl is also popularly called a scrubber. You need a good brand if you’re to keep your toilet bowl clean.

Also, do not keep it close to the toilet bowl as water and pee will splash on the handle, which is true if you have male residents or guest.

1 – Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set Review

Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set Review

I choose the Mr. Clean caddy set because it comes with both the toilet bowl brush and a plunger. This cleaning tool is compact and neatly packaged, and will not take up much space inside your bathroom.

The base for the caddy holding both accessories is designed not to slip. The large brush is round and can be used to keep the inside of your toilet bowl clean. I am sure you know what a plunger is designed for.

It is designed to help you unclog your toilet bowl when the water will not go down the drain. It is also possible to get the brush and plunger separately, but this bundle will save you both money and space.

2 – Lysol Power & Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review

Lysol Power & Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review

While this product is advertised as being able to clean your toilet bowl without scrubbing, you’ll get better results if you also deploy the power of the toilet bowl brush after spraying the powerful solution.

I like the curved mouth design as it allows you to reach those hidden spaces inside your toilet bowl quite easily. I know it leaves a fresh scent and the manufacturer insists it can be useful getting rid of limescale and soap scum.

The most active ingredient used in its formulation is hydrogen peroxide and contains no bleach. Contrary to what most people think, bleach is not an effective cleansing agent.

Flushing alone will not leave your toilet bowl clean. Regular use of the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner will make it harder for germs to find comfort and residence.

3 – Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner Review

Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner Review

After cleaning the toilet bowl, the next accessories to tackle will be the toilet seat, cover, and the tank holding the water. I have found it is more effective to use a soft washcloth and a powerful spray solution to keep those surfaces clean.

I have selected an all-natural multi-surface cleaner with the power to get rid of the germs without any toxicity. The everyday cleaner solution from Mrs. Meyer clean day is probably as natural as you’re going to find when it comes to surface cleansers.

The most active ingredients include plants, birch bark extract, and natural essential oils. It will do an excellent job keeping your bathroom fixtures clean and smelling fresh.

It is available in five different scents and fully manufactured in the USA. It is the best natural product you can use to eliminate dirt and germs, while also neutralizing odors permanently.

Products for Cleaning the Bathroom Tub

Some might call it the shower tub, bathtub, or whatever name you choose to give it. It is often as neglected as the toilet bowl. I have selected the cleansing tools I believe would give you a better chance at keeping your bathroom tub clean.

Your bathtub will stay clean if you adopt the style of clean as you go. It will only take a minute or two after every shower to remove the dirt rings, or you can spray the powerful solution to eliminate the soap scum before it hardens.

4 – Tilex 01100 Mold and Mildew Remover Review

Tilex 01100 Mold and Mildew Remover Review

I would only recommend you use the Tilex mold and mildew cleaner if you save your cleaning duties for later. It is powerful enough to start showing results right away.

The only downside is that it contains Clorox bleach and might cause an allergic reaction to those with extreme sensitivity.

If you have fine bathroom tiles that are not very dirty, the solution from Mrs. Meyers’s will do an effective job getting rid of the surface dirt.

While the manufacturer says no scrubbing is needed once you spray the solution on the surface of the tile, I recommend you thoroughly rinse that spot with water, afterward.

5 – Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner Review

Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner Review

Another powerful solution you can use is the Better life all-purpose cleaner. It is effective at removing the stains that can be caused by hard-water.

Spraying on your bath tiles will also remove the soap scum present on the surface. This cleansing product is free of certain harsh ingredients like petroleum, surfactant, and volcanic organic compounds.

6 – Supply Guru Bathroom/Kitchen Tile and Grout Brush Review

Supply Guru Bathroom/Kitchen Tile and Grout Brush Review

Depending on the condition of your tile and grout you might need the assistance of a well-made brush like the one from Supply Guru. It has a rubberized handle that ensures an easy grip.

I would not suggest you use this brush if you have a fine bathroom tile setup as it might slowly strip the grout. This should only be deployed on stubborn tile stains that require tough scrubbing to get clean.

7 – Envision Home Soap Scum Buster Sponge Review

Envision Home Soap Scum Buster Sponge Review

Those with a nice bath tile configuration should use this sponge after every bath to remove dirt and other germs. The Envision Home soap scum buster sponge will not strip the grout out of your tiles.

It’s both soft and durable enough to do away with most tile surface stains. This is the sponge to use with the cleaning solution from Mrs. Meyers or the one from Better life that is reviewed above.

If you want this sponge from Envision Home to remain effective, it is suggested you rinse it thoroughly before you use it and after using it.

Other Best Bathroom Cleaning Products

There are many other products you can deploy in your need to have a sparkling clean bathroom. The following items cannot be adequately categorized but will come in handy.

Gloves – If you’re the type that waits for dirt and germs to pile up before summoning the cleaning “Gods” to give you the strength to get rid of them wearing gloves might make sense.

I do not wear gloves as I have very little to clean up every day, but some of you might need them. You can get a box of the disposable ones or get the reusable brands.

Fresheners for the Bathroom Air – The inside of your bathroom should have a refreshing smell to it, and there are two ways you can make that happen. If you want your bathroom to smell naturally clean, it should be sparkling clean and free of dirt, soap scum, and mildew.

As a courtesy or for your own use, it is wise to have an air freshener spray inside your bathroom at all times. The Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is one that I keep on the toilet water tank cover at all times.

The best cleaning products for the bathroom should be appropriate for your lifestyle. Try to clean up the mess inside your bathroom as you create them. Cleaning up as you go is probably the easiest way to keep your bathroom thoroughly clean at all times.