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The Best Car Vacuum Cleaners With Amazing Suction Power

A car is the second most significant possession most people own right after a home, and regardless of how careful you may be, sooner rather than later the interior will get dirty. People go to extreme lengths to ensure their vehicle’s interior remains clean but how do you get rid of the dirt and germs that accumulate over time? The best tool to use is a well-designed handheld vacuum that is specifically made to reach all the tiny crevices in any automobile. Even if you have a strict no eating policy inside your car, it will be futile to try to control the dirt from shoes, hands, and even carry-on bags.

Unless you have the funds to get car detailing professionally done on a regular basis, a more suitable and cheaper alternative is to own one of the best car vacuum products reviewed in this article. A small car vacuum will give you the opportunity to remove dirt before they pile up, which ultimately will result in a fresher smelling car.

Why Own a Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Some of you might be thinking, why buy a car vacuum cleaner when you have one at home. Yes, home carpet cleaners might work fine but the attachments will be too big to reach the tight spaces where most of the car debris reside.

I have also seen regular home vacuums with special attachments made just for cleaning the interior of any car, but that will not negate the heavy weight or the need to get a durable and lengthy extension cord.

Would you be able to take your carpet vacuum cleaner with you on the road just in case your kids spilled French fries under the seat? No, for it will not make any sense even if you have the trunk space.

So in a nutshell, the best vacuum for car detailing is needed because it is portable, easy to handle, and more efficient at keeping your auto’s interior clean even while on the road.

Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

With so many brands competing in this niche marketplace you have dozens of good car vacuums to make your selection from. I have selected the top 4 vacuum cleaner you can use for car detailing. Presented below are the units with the best value for the money:

1 – Besteamer Car Vacuum Cleaner

Besteamer Car Vacuum Cleaner

I love everything about this car vacuum from its modern design to the assortment of attachments that come with it. The 100-watt motor gives it the ability to be used on both dry and wet debris. It lightweight, and the included 16-feet plus cord allows it to easily cover the entire interior space of any modern automobile. The Besteamer Car Vacuum Cleaner is designed to plug into the cigarette lighter space inside your car. The three handy unique attachments will make it possible to vacuum up the dirt between the seats or the ones that hide next to the console. The HEPA filter that it uses is washable. The inclusion of a tire inflation mechanism made me choose it as the number one car vacuum cleaner with value for the money. It also means you can use it to inflate bike tires, kayak, air-mattress, basketball, or just about anything that requires air pressure. This feature alone gives it an edge over other competing car vacuum brands.

2 – Vacplus 12V Wet & Dry Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car

Vacplus 12V Wet & Dry Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car

I have no problem with the name of this brand for I think it is actually appropriate. There are many things to like about this car vacuum cleaner from Vacplus and one of them happens to be the inclusion of an additional filter and a carrying case. The attached cord is just as lengthy as the one reviewed above. The Vacplus car vacuum comes with the usual attachments for reaching the tight spaces that are found in most modern vehicles. If you need to reach in between the console and front seats there is a lengthy attachment to use. Also, let’s not forget the small brush attachment that can be used on car seats to pick up debris from both adults and little kids. You get a full one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Keys Factors to Keep in Mind

If you take a closer look inside your vehicle it is obvious the tight spaces can only be reached by a vacuum that is specifically made for cleaning your automobile’s interior. Do not be confused by handheld general purpose vacuums, for the units we’re looking for will be small, portable, and yet powerful enough to pick up the daily mess that can accumulate inside your car. The key factors to keep mind while searching for a good car vacuum cleaner are:

Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


Your car vacuum will only function as long as it is connected to a reliable power source. You will have to decide if you want a unit that connects to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket or one that uses batteries. The battery model might be more portable but you never know when the suction power will be diminished.

Even if you get a unit that uses rechargeable batteries same principles will apply. Better to get a car vacuum that can plug into the socket where your cigarette lighter is located. It will offer you a more reliable power source provided the cord is long enough.


With the introduction of technology into the design of the modern car vacuum most of the units sold online will come with some type of a filter, but the ones using HEPA filters definitely performs better. Get a unit with a high-efficiency particulate air filter that can be easily washed and reused as often as you want.


The power of the motor in the unit will be displayed as wattage, and the units with higher numbers should be considered the most powerful. It is the power of the motor that determines the effectiveness of the suction power, so choose wisely.


Thanks to modern technology, the list of accessories available in top rated car vacuum cleaners are expanding every year. The car vac itself would not reach into the tiny areas in between the seats so you a special attachment. Most of the units included in this review come with all the needed attachments to keep the inside of your car clean at all times.

Brand Names

While the major brands are still represented in this niche market, it is the upstart firms that dominate, due to timely innovations and lower prices. A large company moves very slow, especially when it comes to implementing design and technological changes. Based on the feedbacks, the upstarts that have survived are doing a better job outputting durable car vacuum cleaners that will last a long time with the right care.


In this niche industry, the average warranty period is one year. A good car vacuum brand will at least provide a one year guarantee to make it easier for the consumer to make the initial purchase.

Current User Feedbacks

Rarely should you buy any product online regardless of the reviews you might have read without checking out some of the opinions of the current users? Yes; it is highly improbable that any car vacuum will have 100% satisfaction rating, but the good ones will be rated 75% or higher by the current users.

3 – Reteck DC 12v Portable Handheld Car Vacuum

Reteck DC 12v Portable Handheld Car Vacuum

The Reteck Portable Handheld Car Vacuum is available for purchase in four different colors, which increases the chance of finding one to match the color of your vehicle if that is what you want. The power cord on this unit is slightly shorter with a length of about 14-feet. It uses a HEPA filter that is washable and reusable. While this car vac can be used to suck up both wet and dry debris, the manufacturer cautions that wet debris might negatively impact the suction power until it is emptied. You get the usual accessories including a colorful carry bag.

4 – Onshowy Car Vacuum Cleaner

Onshowy Car Vacuum Cleaner

Try pronouncing the name of this brand three times in a row? The Onshowy Car Vacuum Cleaner comes with some enviable features, which includes the use of stainless steel as the main component of its air filter. This material will make the air filter last through many vacuums, which ultimately leads to a longer lifespan for the unit. The 116-watts motor translates into a more powerful suction power for easy vacuuming of your vehicle’s interior. The cord is not as long as we would have wanted but it is long enough to cover the interiors and trunk space of most modern automobiles. It is compact and lightweight, and yet delivers all the suction power you need to keep the interior of your car clean. Another notable feature is the inclusion of LED lights into the design, thus meaning you can see what needs to be vacuumed even in total darkness.

Tips for Keeping the Interior of Your Car Clean

After owning several automobiles during this lifetime, I know a thing or two about what steps you need to take to keep the interior clean at all times. The following tips can help you maintain a healthy and cleaner auto interior.

Step One

Refrain from eating inside your car at all times. It is probably the most difficult rule to implement because we humans are creatures of habit and we tend to copy what the masses are doing. You should also know that eating and driving at the same time can make you overeat, which leads to weight gain. The stench from most car’s interior can be traced to the many food droppings that fell in-between the front seat and the console.

Tips for Keeping the Interior of Your Car Clean

Step Two


Get a plastic mat to cover the regular mat inside your car. The amount of dirt we carry with our shoes will surprise most people. Having a plastic floor mat over the regular ones will allow the dirt to be accumulated on a surface that can be easily vacuumed. It is easier to remove gum from a plastic material than a carpet that is made out of fibers.

Step Three

If you have kids you should consider covering the back seats in vinyl that is if you want the original upholstery to last a long time. The vinyl covering can always be removed when it is time to sell your car and I bet you would get a higher price, due to its pristine condition.

Step Four

Refrain from smoking inside your car. Not only will the smoke from the tobacco be killing you from the inside, it will also destroy any normal smell your car might have. Cigarette smoke attaches to most things like glue but most smokers will not even smell the difference. If you smoke inside your car, your use of the best air freshener will not change the dirty smell of the interior.

Conclusion: Best Car Vacuum

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners

Keeping the interior of your car clean should be your goal since you spend a great deal of time inside of it, and one of the tools you can use is a well-designed and reliable car vacuum cleaner. You want a unit with a cord that is long enough so that you can reach the trunk and vacuum up the mess.

While regular home vacuum cleaners might do the job, most are not able to reach the tight spaces found in cars, which is where most of the food droppings can be found. This is just a sample of the brands that offered value at a reasonable price, and you can discover the rest by clicking the link below.