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Best Camping Stove Reviews: We Found the Top Heavy-Duty Brands for Homestyle Cooking While Outdoors

As you prepare to spend a few hours or days outdoor in nature, your camping gear collection would not be complete without the best camping stove. If you believe in the merit of enjoying Homestyle cooking while camping, then the top outdoor backpacking stoves reviewed will appeal to you


Types & the Top Heavy-Duty Camp Stoves Brands for Homestyle Cooking While Outdoors

I must admit I have been to camping twice in my lifetime, once at the age of ten and two months ago with a good lady friend that happens to enjoy spending time outdoors. The camping with my parents when I was ten years old was one of the most miserable times spent outdoors in nature.

My dad and mom simply lacked the skills to adequately prepare for all the contingencies that might and did occur. I did enjoy watching them spend quality time together on the hanging camping hammock.

Not only did it rain on that day, our camping tent also leaked from the section of the stand. Worst of all, was the lack of hot meals, as we did not bring a camping stove to use. It was quite annoying to eat cold sandwiches and snacks for both lunch and dinner.

Not once did my parent care about how I felt for they were enjoying every minute of it, despite the lack of the proper accessories for camping the right way.

As nighttime approached, the battery for the flashlight my dad brought along could not be located. Both mom and dad soon realized the batteries were in the bag containing the kerosene for the lantern, and we forgot to bring it along for the trip to the wilderness.

Fast forward many years later as an adult, and my current girlfriend broached the subject of spending a day or two camping out in the wilderness. They always say memories are never erased, but sometimes forgotten until the right trigger brings them forward.

The horrible experience I had during that camping trip as a teenager came flooding into my memory with such clarity that I could still feel my anger on that day in question. God blessed women with the power of intuition for she sensed something was not right.

Despite trying to please her and satisfy her need for adventure, I tried every trick in the book to discourage another camping trip. First of all, I lacked the right knowledge about some of the items needed to make it an enjoyable adventure.

Truth be told, most guys do not stand a chance with a woman with a clear vision and a plan to enjoy quiet time out in nature. She confessed she had been on camping trips with her parents over a dozen times, and she had most of the gears we needed to have a good time.

Best Camping Stove Reviews AA3VBNMOP

She was very persuasive, and while going through her collection of camping gears we decided to invest in a brand new camping stove with double burners, which was how I came to accumulate the data and experience for this camping stove reviews.

So you see, the camping trip with my girlfriend was a successful one and we learned a thing or two about each other. Now I know why they say good memories can always replace bad ones if you take the time to create them.

While you can have a good time without bringing along a good camping stove brand, cooking Homestyle meals while outdoors can create bonds between people that will be hard to break.

Don’t get me wrong, your ability to improvise while living outdoors will also be tested and you better be able to think on your feet, or weird things might occur.

Now that I got that sad and happy little true story out of the way, let’s get back to this camping stove reviews, and the brands with the most impressive features. With so many different types of camping stoves, it might be difficult to catalog all of them.

But before we get to the types, we have to look at the features you need to be on the lookout for, if you want a good brand delivered to your home after making your purchase online.

What to Keep in Mind during Your Search for the Best Camping Stove

Know Why You Need One – Knowing why and how you’re going to use the camping stove will allow you to get one of the best brands with the right features, which can help enhance your cooking style while outdoor.

How many People in Your Camping Party – The type of camp stove you buy when it is only you and your girlfriend is quite different than the ones needed to feed a camping party of several people.

While a stove for outdoor cooking with one burner will be sufficient for one or two people that will not be the case if you have a crowd in your camping party. By a crowd, I mean three or more people. Bringing a kid or kids along also changes the dynamic of the type of camping stove to get.

Camping Stove Fuel – When it comes to camping stoves the fuel is the currency that makes the device work most efficiently. You have to keep in mind how many cooking hour/hours the fuel canister will last, and if you’ll be needing additional fuel canisters for your camping trip.

The type of fuel used in your camp stove will also determine the burn time and the average boil time.

Can it Hold a Cooking Pot – Some camping stoves are not as durable at holding cooking pots as others. If you buy the wrong unit you might have to invest in different cooking utensils to be able to cook on it the right way.

How easy it is to Operate – The ease of operation of the camping stove is another feature that should not be considered lightly. I would urge you to try out the unit at your home before embarking on your camping trip.

A successful camping trip can only happen if you know for certain the gears you bring along with you are ready to perform. Out in the wild is not the time to hope and wish your equipment will quit acting up.

While out camping with my friend we let the couple camping close next to us use our stove because they ran out of fuel for their unit. Do not count on borrowing for you might not be so lucky, and most of the campers you meet will only have limited quantities of stuff, which makes sharing, not such a good idea.

Affordable Pricing – This is one niche industry where it might be okay to say you do get what you pay for. Basing your buying decision on price alone might not lead to the acquiring of the best, most durable brand one can use outdoors to cook delicious Homestyle meals.

Reputation of the Manufacturer – There are dozens of camping stoves out in the marketplace, while some are very good, some will not perform as advertised. The reputation of the manufacturer matters a great deal when it comes to finding the right camp stove for your time outdoors.

Feedbacks from Current Users – Take a few minutes to read about the experiences of the current users of the camping stove brand you have in mind. The feedbacks provided by the current users will be helpful in determining the durability of a brand.

Our favorite site for purchasing your own camping stove is Amazon.com, and your camping stove brand should at least have four-stars rating or more, out of possible five stars in the feedback system.

The Types of Camping Stoves

It is quite hard to classify camping stoves into unique types. What you would find are different unique designs using different mechanisms to deliver the fuel needed to create the fire needed to cook your meal.

I have selected the unique types and what advantages you can expect with each brand. Keep in mind that the best camping stove must work for you, and should not create a need for unnecessary steps to get it to fire up while outdoors.

1 – Burner Style Camping Stoves

This is probably the most popular type of stoves you can find for camping outdoors, and the dominant company in this niche is Coleman industries. I remembered seeing a few pictures of this type of camping stove in the boy’s scout brochures left for my dad when I was little.

It is the right cooking tool for outdoors and can be used to feed several people, depending on the number of burners and fuel availability. The camping stove burners sold on the open market or online will come with one or two cooking surfaces. Single burner setup will be cheaper than the stoves with two burners.

The biggest advantages one can expect from a burner type camping stove are the ease of operation, durability, and longevity. Keeping the fuel lines clean will not be much of a problem, and most are capable of withstanding the rough treatment from outdoor use.

On the other hand, some of the camping stoves with this design configuration can be bulky and heavy to carry, especially when you have other camping gears to bring along with you.

Best Burner Camping Stoves

1A – Coleman Butane Stove Review

Coleman Butane Instastart Stove Review AA5ASDVFG67

This is a one burner type camping stove with a very good flame control mechanism that is also adjustable. The increased portability of this unit is made possible because of the inclusion of a carrying case, and good safety locking mechanism.

The Coleman butane camp stove is capable of outputting up to 7,650 BTU’s and the single cooking space can accommodate a 10-inch pot. The butane cylinder needs to be locked in before the unit can begin to send fuel to the ignition starter.

Just by activating the instastart ignition the stove will be ready to cook your delicious meals while in the wilderness. Some of the feedbacks from current users called the design lightweight, and yet it is powerful enough to boil a pot of water in just a few minutes.

It has a stable base that guarantees it will remain in one place as you cook. It is also nice to see the addition of a wind-shield, which helps to protect the flame from the winds while cooking outdoors during your camping trip.

A single 8.8-oz cylinder butane fuel from Coleman will allow for up to 1.25 hours of cooking time. The borane fuel is not supplied with your purchase, but here are good inexpensive fuel GasOne canisters you can use to get started.

For safety reasons, this highly-rated camping stove from Coleman is recommended for outdoor use only. Please do not light this up inside your camping tent, for there will be no fire department to help save your belongings.

1B – Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove Review

Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove Review AA5DFSGBHJ

This is another propane burner stove for camping but with two cooking surfaces. This unit is just as portable as the one reviewed above due to its compact design. Each of the burners can output up to 10,000 BTU’s of power.

This is the ultimate cooking stove for use while camping with several people. It is possible to prepare several types of meals due to the two cooking surfaces. It is designed to start instantly, without the use of matches or a lighter. The intensity of the flames can be adjusted to conserve fuel.

The Coleman 2-Burner propane stove is designed to use less fuel due to the use of a perfect heat distribution technology. The two burners from this best propane camp stove from Coleman will deliver consistent performance even in outdoor conditions some might consider extreme.

Each burner can accommodate a cooking pan as large as 10-inch. When you’re done with cooking, this camping stove can be folded and carried with the built-in handle. The cooktop of this stove is made from aluminized steel, which is one of the most durable rust resisting materials.

To make it easier to keep the 2-Burner propane stove from Coleman clean, the grill grates are chrome-plated and also removable. The butane fuel you need to use in this camping stove is not included with your purchase.

1C – Coleman Classic Propane Stove

Coleman Classic Propane Stove AA5VBNMKHLO

While this might be from the same company and looks similar to the camping stove reviewed above, there are differences in setup and design. First of all, this unit comes with wind block panels to help protect your cooking flames against the elements.

Trust me, for this feature is quite important as the winds outdoor can get intense and come at your cooking flame unannounced. Also, one of the cooking surfaces on the Coleman classic propane stove can accommodate a larger pot.

The flames can be started with the built-in ignition starter, and the chrome-plated grate can also be removed for easy cleaning. The cooktop is also made from durable aluminized steel, which means it is quite resistant to elements that can cause rust. The product is protected against factory defects by a three-year limited warranty.

2 – The Boiler Cooking System

This can be appropriately called a self-contained cooking unit with some limitations in use. The top camping stoves setup like this will come with the burner, fuel canister, pot, lid, and the stand, all in one. This type of camping stove is very good at boiling water, and less at cooking.

A cooking unit like this would do a fabulous job at reheating those dehydrated meal packs, which is why some backpackers prefer this unit to others. Isobutane canister is the most common type of fuel used in this type of camping stove.

It certainly would be futile to use one for preparing a gourmet style home cooked meal, but you’re welcome to give it a try. It is suitable for those looking for an easier way to boil water and other ready to eat meals that can be heated in boiling water.

2A – Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System AA5VBNMKL

This is a camping cooking apparatus with a fanciful design. The manufacturer claims the heating system for this unit is more efficient at generating and regulating the dispersion of heat. This cooking system from Jetboil can bring two cups of water to a boiling point in about two minutes.

Not only is the cooking cup made from hand-anodized aluminum, it is also well insulated to ensure it connects directly to the burner. The Jetboil flash personal cooking system comes with a built-in windscreen, which helps to ensure optimal performance even in extreme weather conditions.

Another good feature is the external temperature indicator setup, which operates through color changes. It is designed to function through an electric igniter. The heat of the burner is also adjustable, which is a good thing since your ingredients might require less heat.

Unfortunately, for those campers that would like to use a pot on this camping stove, a durable pot support is required, which will cost you additional funds. The Jetboil cooking system is available for purchase in eight different colors.

3 – Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range

Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range AA3CVBNGHJK

If you like the setup of a traditional cooking stove like you have in your home, this brand comes with all the right features that will allow you to cook all the Homestyle meals your heart desires. The easy availability of the fuel system is also a good reason to consider getting one.

The design itself looks simple but highly functional for preparing meals outdoor in nature. To keep winds from putting out your cooking flame there is a well-configured screen that offers adequate protection.

The hose and the regulator to use with the propane tank are included, but not the gas itself, as I doubt if the government would allow that to be shipped.

There are accessories you can purchase to increase functionality, but I would suggest you keep the unit as it is, except for the need to buy your own propane tank, which you can get at some gas stations.

Each of the cast aluminum burners can output up to 30,000 BTU’s, which is more than sufficient to cook just about any type of meal. The cooking surfaces found in this highly-rated camping stove can also accommodate larger pots and pans.

4 – Cuisinart CGG-240 Roll-Away Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-240 Roll-Away Gas Grill AA5SDFGTRH

This is another camping cooking stove that brings the type of flames you’re used to at home outdoors for easy meal preparation. There are two design styles for the Cuisinart CGG-240 gas grill, one with a roll-away stand and one designed to rest on a table top.

The type of foods you can prepare on this cooking stove is probably only limited by your imagination. It has a 240-square inch cooking grill surface, which is made out of cast-iron. The loop burner is made out of stainless steel and capable of outputting up to 15,000 BTU’s.

The Cuisinart CGG-200 tabletop or roll away gas grill uses an electric ignition system, along with a temperature gauge system. To make it easier to prepare your meals, both of the stove sides have stainless-steel folding tables that can be easily activated.

The high-quality construction guarantees this camping stove will last for generations if properly maintained. Just like the other brands with the same setup, the propane tank needed for it to function is your responsibility.

5 – Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven

Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven AA5000987

If you refuse to settle for just hamburgers and grilled foods while camping, you can get a camping stove that also includes an oven with a thermometer. Just one pound of propane gas can allow you to cook for about five hours.

The oven temperature can go as high as 400-degrees. The unit weighs about 35-pounds, which might limit how far into the woods you can take this ultimate outdoor cooking machine. Also, the adapter needed to connect a bulk propane tank will cost you extra.

Just looking at this camping stove will get your imagination flowing as to what type of foods you can prepare. Make a long list, because nothing is out of the reach of this camping cooking giant of a stove. From all indications and the current user feedbacks, this is the best camping stove one can buy online that could last generations.

The Camp Chef camping outdoor oven uses a matchless ignition system. The use of stainless steel for most of the parts is enhanced by the addition of an enamel cooking surface that is non-stick.

When needed, the side arms of this cooking stove can be utilized as wind screens to protect the cooking flames. This outdoor camping stove oven is protected by a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.