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What are the Best Camping Accessories? The List of Cool Gadgets You Need for Your Next Outdoor Outing

Outdoor camping is one of those activities that can become an acquired taste. With the right cool camping gadgets, you certainly can have fun while exploring the wild parts of your state. While it is certainly not for everyone, but the must have best camping accessories listed in this review can turn you into a believer, provided you at least try it once

The List of Cool Gadgets You Need for Your Next Outdoor Outing

Up until a few months ago, my bad memory from a horrible camping trip with my parent when I was ten years old was everything I knew about camping until my current girlfriend convinced me to go on another camping trip with her.

Initially, I did try to get out of it but her persuasive powers made me change my mind, despite the presence of that awful memory from childhood. Thanks to her mastery of the different cool camping gear gadgets and accessories, we had a great time.

The camping equipment list we created together will be the basis for this article, and I have also included a few must have items that could have enhanced our fun during our time outdoors.

Even if you have vast experience with camping, my take on what you need to bring with you can open your eyes to many ways to create fun times while in the wild.

Truth be told, camping is not for everyone, for even with the right camping gear essentials some will not be able to deal with the ruggedness required to survive outdoors.

The environmental elements occupying those camping sites will not be welcoming your presence, to say the least. Pesky flying insects and mosquitos will try your patience, but there are products to keep them away from you.

What are the Best Camping Accessories AA5ADEWQSA445

Basic Questions for your Camping Trip

There are questions you need to answer accurately, before compiling the best camping equipment list with all the required essentials. The questions are just to get your imagination flowing in the right direction.

The Number of People in Your Camping Group

It is an innocent question that requires the most forthright answer because that would help determine the best backpacking gadgets you’ll need. Rarely do someone travel alone on camping trips, but there are those individuals that enjoy solitude and use it to think about life issues.

Do not guess as to the number of people in your camping party. If you belong to a group and it was decided everyone should bring their own stuff, be prepared for the lazy ones among you to forget stuff and try to borrow yours.

Compiling your unique camping accessories is a thorough exercise, for out there in the wild it is rare to run across other campers that would give or lend you stuff because that would be impacting negatively the fun they might have.

I would suggest you limit your camping group to just four people. Two couples on a camping trip would be ideal and easy to plan for. Best to coordinate the list of the cool new camping gadgets both couples would need to have a good time.

It is also true that going camping with your kids requires a different set of planning, which might call for another blog post. While you can include kids in your desire to camp outdoors in a park reserve, be prepared to be both parent and guardian at the same time, if you know what I mean.

Selection of Your Camping Location

The List of Cool Gadgets You Need for Your Next Outdoor Outing

This is a very important decision as that will influence the type of camping gears you invest your funds in. Appropriate camping locations can range from parking your recreational vehicle in a Federal Government protected park area, hiking to isolated areas of a wild reserve, your local park, nearby beaches with extra land for tent camping, etc. the list can go on and on.

Use your imagination to select your camping ground, but in my opinion, a good camping trip is one that is far from home and contains enough challenges to test your endurance and ability to improvise.

Do keep in mind that your camp site selection will influence the type of camping equipment you get. The worst thing you can do is start buying camping gear stuff without first settling on an ideal location with all the members of your camping group.

Are there any Bathroom Facilities?

It might surprise some of you that some camping sites have good bathroom facilities. Usually, parks set up on Federal land will be well cared for and one of the available amenities will be bathroom facilities for both men and women.

Do keep in mind that the bathroom facility might be quite a distance from your camping site. If you’re going to be pitching your good tent for camping just in an empty land with no bathroom facility, you need to bring along certain gears to at least not make it an unpleasant experience.

How long do You Plan on Staying?

The average camping trip is usually over a weekend, which means two days or three depending on your arrival date. The length of your stay would help determine your camping supplies. It is far better to bring more stuff than you need, especially when it comes to water and food ingredients.

How do you Power your Digital Devices?

Digital devices might keep you connected to the outside world and you might be surprised how fast the battery to your iPhone will die when you need it the most. So unless it is your duty to protect the gold reserve at Fort Knox, leaving your communication device at home or in your car would make sense.

When I went camping with my girlfriend we made a decision to not bring our smartphones along, which was a wise move, as it allowed us to talk and interact without interruptions from distant relatives or friends.

How would you get to your Camping Location?

Getting to your camping location is another consideration before investing in top camping gears. Will the campground have general parking and then you trek the rest of the way? Find out how long of a trek it will be, for you might need to bring a trolley along to help move your gears.

Are there any Cooking Tables?

Camping site Cooking Tables?

Some campgrounds will have concrete or wooden tables for cooking scattered all around the camping site. If they have tables, the type of cooking stoves you bring along might be different than if they do not have any.

I am glad we decided to cook our food during the camping trip instead of just surviving on sandwiches and snacks. Your lifestyle might be different, but cooking outdoors create a binding experience that will be remembered for many years to come.

Those are just some of the questions I jotted down while assisting in the planning of our camping trip, but some might apply to you, while others might not.

The aim of the questions is to get your creative juices flowing in the right direction so that your camping trip would be a success. If you have other pertinent questions that should be added, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

Guide to the Top Camping Accessories

The list of must have camping equipment can be quite lengthy, but you do not need to get all of them to have great fun while sleeping outdoors in the wild. I have tried to divide the coolest camping accessories you’ll need into identifiable sections, to make it easier to follow.

The sections were created based on unique needs while outdoors, and I have also located good products that would fit those needs if you do not already have the gear at home.

The reviews for each of the listed camping accessory will be brief, but you can find out more information by clicking the image or the link found underneath the image.

1 – Housing for your Camping

While it would not be like a regular house, a camping tent should at least offer the right protection against the environmental elements that would love to disturb your need for some fun times out in nature.

The most common form of housing while camping is a tent and you can find a detailed review of – some of the best camping tents.

Before I get to the best camping tent reviews, there are some features you want from the brand you ultimately will buy online. Good tents for camping will let you know the occupancy capacity and I suggest you use that as a guide, but do not exceed it.

Some of the cool tents for camping will come with waterproof features, which might come in handy should it rain while you’re trying to enjoy your time in the wilderness. Some will come with flooring to cover up the sandy dirty floor.

The top camping tents sold online will have useful interior features like pouches or sections for your valuables, a hanger for your lantern, etc. Pay close attention to how easy it is to setup and try your best to invest in a durable brand, as that would influence your camping trip experience.

Best Camping Tents

1A – CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent AA5XXCVBNM90

This is one of the most amazing camping tents and it is manufactured by a company called CORE. While it is designed to sleep eight people comfortably, I say four people will have more than enough room to frolic around.

The manufacturer claims this camping tent can accommodate two queen-sized air mattresses, which means it will do just fine for a large family with kids or just two couples that don’t mind sharing the same sleeping quarters.

The CORE instant cabin tent comes with the hook needed to hang your lantern, plus the included wall organizer is large enough to use for some of your most valuable camping gears. You get privacy panels to be used on the doors and windows.

It has an electrical access port, which can be closed when not in use. I like the fact that the poles come pre-attached to the tent body. The fabric used is said to be water repellent and the seams are sealed.

You also get tent stakes, rain fly, and a carrying bag, which comes in handy with all the camping supplies you have to log to your site. The included venting system in this camping tent will pull in cool air while the mesh ceiling is capable of allowing hot air to escape.

1B – Sundome 4 Person Tent

Sundome 4 Person Tent AA5CVBNM790

One of the top camping tent manufacturers is called Coleman industries and some of their outdoor gears are marketed under unique sounding names like this camping tent. The manufacturer claims this housing tent for camping is more resistant to water than other brands.

It has two windows, which creates better ventilation and amazing views of your location. You have two colors to choose from, navy and green. While it is marketed as a camping tent that could accommodate up to four people, I would say two or three people max should find it roomy enough.

I liked the fact that it has a polyethylene floor and welded seams, which means leaky floors will not be a problem you experience while using the Sundome tent. You get a one-year limited warranty for protection against any potential factory defect that might arise within that period.

2 – Sleeping Products for Camping

After you get what type of housing tent you want for your camping trip the next most important accessory is the sleeping gear. There are many do-it-yourself ways of creating a camping bed, but the products found in the marketplace can be classified into three distinctive segments; sleeping bag, inflatable air mattress, and camping cot.

Each one you select will have advantages and disadvantages. I will examine each sleeping product and explain some of the obvious pros and cons. Two camping products that will enhance your fun while sleeping outdoors will also be reviewed for each type.

Sleeping Bags for Camping

I have lost count of how many sleeping bag brands there are on the internet and each one claiming to be the best. Sleeping bags should be purchased based on the nighttime temperature of your camping site.

Also, if you’re outdoor camping during the rough winter months, the sleeping bags you select should be able to keep you warm up to certain degrees. The materials used in the construction of durable sleeping bags can run the gamut from regular fabrics to very exotic blends.

I would advise you choose one that is also easy to keep clean. It would help a great deal if your camp sleeping bag is washable. From my limited experience, individual sleeping bags offers the right features for peaceful rest at night.

Keep in mind that washing sleeping bags in washing machine requires you read and follow the care label instructions from the manufacturer.


You can buy one in bright colors and the blend of fabrics offers warmth not found in other sleeping products for camping.

Most will weigh very little, and the brands with a carrying bag make it easier to carry with you on your camping trip.

Some are machine washable, which translates to easier clean up time.

A Sleeping bag for camping is probably the cheapest product you can purchase that will also offer protection from the cold weather.


If the sleeping bag is not washable, it becomes more of an arduous task to keep one clean.

It might not be comfortable enough for those with back problems as the cushioning is not heavy enough.

The Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

2A – Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag Review

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag Review AA5VVVBC

If you can get past the funny name of this sleeping bag you’ll discover is has all the right features for a good night’s rest while outdoor camping. The high-quality materials used are derived from polyester and cotton. If you’re going on your camping trip as a couple this sleeping made by Ohuhu will be an excellent choice.

The Ohuhu sleeping bag has some water resistant capabilities and can offer you warmth and comfort at the same time. The most important feature is the versatility of use. The double sleeping bag from Ohuhu can be used individually or zipped together to create a roomy space for two people.

The zipper configuration is quite impressive. You also get two small pillows along with a carrying bag, which makes it easier to carry on your camping trip. The manufacturer claims it can offer warmth in cold weather temperature as low as 23 degrees.

2B – Outdoor Vitals OV-Light Sleeping Bag Review

Outdoor Vitals OV-Light Sleeping Bag Review AA5SDFFRTGH

The most compelling feature of this brand is the unique guard for the zipper, which the manufacturer claims is state of the art. If you buy two or three of this sleeping bag it is possible to zip them all together to increase the warmth.

The 35-degree sleeping bag from Outdoor Vitals weighs only 2.2 pounds and can be purchased in four different color configurations. It is said that the type of materials used will keep water from penetrating through the lining of the bag.

The above video about the OV Light 35 Degree backpacking sleeping bag is illustrated by the founder of the company, and it goes into further details about how it can help enhance your camping trip experience.

3 – Air Mattresses for Camping

If you can bring an air mattress with you to camping, you’ll feel well rested and rejuvenated. During my camping trip, we used a queen sized air mattress and it was comfy. We used a fitted mattress pad cover to create better cushioning and it felt like my regular bed at home.

Even the best air mattress for camping outdoors will come with different types of configurations, but try to stick with brands that come with the mechanism needed to inflate it. Also, it would be nice to buy one with a carrying bag. It is also commonly referred to as air beds.


A good sized air mattress will allow you to get the feeling that you’re at home in your own bed, which most likely will lead to a positive experience during your camping trip.

It is quite possible to create a larger sleeping surface from the product inside that small carrying bag.

The best air mattress for camping gives you the ability to use other materials to increase the cushioning, which is almost impossible with even the best sleeping bag.


The bigger sizes can be quite heavy to carry along with your other camping supplies.

The cost of an air mattress might also be a deterrent, since it is far cheaper to get a sleeping bag for the one or two days you’ll be staying outdoors.

You have to be careful while using one, as it can be difficult to keep it clean.

Best Camping Air Mattress

3A – Lightspeed Outdoors Air Bed Review

Lightspeed Outdoors Air Bed Review AA5CDFGY79

Not only do I like the name of this brand, but I also like the fact that it is made from PVC and Phthalate free materials. The manufacturer claims the user is able to adjust the firmness of the airbed since it comes with a patented stabilizer system.

Due to the materials used to make this air mattress it is capable of resisting extreme temperatures that might impact the operation of the sleeping bed negatively.|1|

The Lightspeed Outdoors air bed is also resistant to abrasion. The dimension for this camp air bed is 6.25 x 55 x 79 inches and it weighs about six pounds.

While you get a pump to inflate the mattress that is battery operated, the initial supply of batteries to make it work is your responsibility. This air bed for camping will accommodate two people comfortably, and you get a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

3B – SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress Review

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress Review AA5SDESWRTY

I like the fact that this brand uses a rechargeable air pump to inflate the mattress. It is available for purchase in two different sizes queen and twin. The manufacturer claims this product is ideal for use in camping in the wilderness due to the included air coils, which creates better stability and durability during use.

The full inflation of the mattress should only take about three minutes and it comes with a carry bag, which makes it easier to transport. The battery for the pump can also be charged using any electrical outlet or a car charger accessory.

Your purchase of the SoundAsleep camping series air mattress entitles you to a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

4 – Sleeping Cots for Camping

Sleeping cots for camping are similar to regular bedding, but with less plush materials. To get the comfort needed for a good night sleep, it will require the use of a sleeping pad on top of your cot.

While I am not a fan of using sleeping cots, people do buy them, which means they must deliver excellent performance metrics.

I have included two brands below with different configurations. One actually comes with the pad needed to create a regular bed like effect, while the other one does not.


Some of the top most durable brands will offer sleeping cots that create the feeling of using your own bed at home.

Since most will come with a raised platform you can use the underneath as storage place for your other camping gears.

The fact that you’ll not be sleeping on the ground might be a good thing, especially in the colder winter months.


The weight for a camping cot might be the biggest deterrent, especially when you have a long road ahead to your camping site.

The cost of owning one might be an issue, as some of the most durable brands cost more than a good air mattress.

Best Camping Sleeping Cots

4A – Teton Sports Outfitter Cot

Teton Sports Outfitter Cot AA5CVBNGHYUIOP

This is good sleeping cot because it also comes with a durable pad to create that regular bed like effect. It has a rugged steel frame, and measures seven feet long and three feet wide.|2|

Some of the feedbacks stated this camping bed is not only durable and comfortable but also very easy to deploy and setup. The manufacturer claims the sleeping surface on this product is larger than that offered by a twin size mattress.

The Teton Sports Outfitter cot is designed to support user weight up to 600 pounds. The cot itself weighs 26 pounds and the sleeping pad weighs about 9 pounds, which might create carrying issues while trying to reach your camping site.

4B – Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot AA5FGTYHU

This is called an oversized sleeping cot for a good reason, for it has an 84″ x 33″ sleeping surface, which some have called comfortable and easy to deploy.

It has two drop-down pouches that can be used to store your sensitive electronics like your smartphone, laptop, and other personal stuff like your keys and wallet.

The user weight for the Kamp-Rite oversize Kwik cot is limited to no more than 400 pounds. You also get a carry bag to make it easier to transport to your camping site.

5 – Camping Light

When camping, the quality and brightness of your lights can only enhance your outdoor experience. The types of camping lights cannot all be listed in this best camping accessories review, but the most popular ones will be included.

Not only do you need lighting inside your tent, but you also need lighting while outside of it. I would suggest you use a LED lantern for the inside lighting needs and other lighting devices for the outside of your tent.

When you camp by yourself, you probably can get by with just one source of lighting, but that will not be the case with a couple. That was one thing we did not take into consideration during our camping trip, for the single lantern almost created an argument.

Unless you enjoy going camping to hunt other animals, night time is probably the scariest and most boring part of any camping time. The weird sounds from all the animals will take a while for you to get used to hearing them.

Do also keep in mind that the brightest camping lantern will also attract pesky flying insects including mosquitos, but there are products to make sure they do not look at your flesh as a food source.

I would suggest you try not to use any type of candles or open flames inside your camping tent, for the fire department will not get to your location in time to save any of your valuables. Open flames can be very tricky and how it happened to reach your tent materials will not be fully determined.

Go with lanterns that use batteries at least for the lighting needs inside of your tent. You can pretty much use any type of camp lighting to illuminate your tent’s surrounding area.|3|

Now, let’s look at some of the best products one can use to provide bright lighting both inside the tent and outside.

Good Products for Camping Light

5A – AYL StarLight Review

AYL StarLight Review AA5WER33421

For starters, this lighting product is water resistant and shock proof, which means regular rain should not impact its performance negatively. It is battery powered, and the manufacturer claims it can last six days straight.

I choose this brand because of the 600-lumens of bright light it can generate, which makes it one of the brightest camping lanterns one can buy online.

The LED bulbs used in this device is guaranteed to last past through 100,000 hours of regular use, which translates to over 4,166 days or over 11 years.

You can use the three usage settings to help conserve battery power. Best of all, the reason to get this lantern from AYL StarLight is the lifetime warranty that it comes with.

5B – Supernova 500 Ultra Bright Camping Light Review

Supernova 500 Ultra Bright Camping Light Review AA5DCV443256

Another good lighting for your camping tent is from Supernova and it is capable of emitting up to 500-lumens of bright lights. One of the most impressive features is the fact that it generates very little heat while in operation.

The manufacturer claims the Supernova 500 ultra-bright camping light can be used for up to 3-days, continuously. Just like the brand reviewed above, this LED light will give you at least 100,000 hours of regular use, which translates to over eleven years.

The compact of the lantern from Supernova is supported by the use of sturdy plastic and rubber molding, and it has the right type of water resistance features. You get a five-year limited warranty, which provides adequate protection against any factory defect.

6 – Best Camping Headlamps

Another type of good lighting product you can use while outdoor camping is a headlamp. Do not judge it by the fact that you have to wear is around your head like a coal miner, for some of the best headlamp brands are capable of outputting powerful beams of light to illuminate dark places.

With the contraption around your head, both of your hands will be free to do other things, rather than holding a lantern. Make sure each person in your camping group their own headlamp, for it is one of the best illumination devices one can use while outdoors.

That was one of the best camping accessories we regretted not bring along on our camping trip. The illumination from even the cheapest headlamp can shine bright lights around your campsite or illuminate your path if you venture out into the woods.

6A – Vitchelo Best Led Headlamp Flashlight Review

Vitchelo Best Led Headlamp Flashlight Review AA5SDFT57890

This is another camping gear product with a hard to pronounce name. The Vitchelo headlamp flashlight uses 3- AA batteries and it has waterproof features. There is a simple switching mechanism for the different light modes.

The manufacturer claims the high beam light emitted by this headlamp can travel as far as 110 meters, which is slightly over 120 yards. The six lighting modes you can choose from includes flashing or steady red, which is the recognizable signal for distress call or danger.

This headlight is also good for use when hunting, fishing, running, hiking, and other outdoor activities that will involve darkness. It is available for purchase in six different colors, and it has all the right RoHS and CE certification.|4|

6B – Aennon Headlamp Flashlight Review

Aennon Headlamp Flashlight Review AA5XCVB5790

Another top headlight with an enviable feedback and sales record is the Aennon headlamp flashlight. The manufacturer claims it is easy to use and can light your pathway as you fish, hunt, hike, or do other activities common with outdoor fun.

Truthfully, a headlamp offers better performance metrics than using a regular flashlight. The manufacturer claims the beam of light emitted by this device can travel up to 164 feet, which is impressive based on industry standards. The headlamp flashlight from Aennon comes in three distinctive color choices.

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