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Best Bird Feeders Reviews: Brands with the Most Beautiful Squirrel Proof Design Features that Will Attract Both Small and Large Birds

A very good friend of mine once used to call me nuts for having bird feeders in the backyard of my home, but then it dawned on him that the first thing his kids want to see during their visit to my residence are the feeders, with both large and small birds going at it to see who can eat the fastest and the most.

It took him a few years to notice why his kids preferred the company of my kids over his other friends. The jokes about my wasting money feeding annoying birds soon stopped once he realized the love and affection his children have towards the friendly flying animals.

The products found in this best bird feeders reviews where the ones we researched together, during his search for a good brand to put in his own backyard. Watching the birds feed is a hobby of mine, and I have watched as my kids learned about the relationship between humans and animals.

I have watched helplessly as a sick bird suffered in agony from diseases I know nothing about. When flying birds get sick or injured, they groan and moan just like we humans.

It is quite hilarious when you observe two love birds chase each other, which bears similarity to what we humans do on a daily basis. My kids have learned a great deal about mating, love, and sex, just from observing the behavior of both the large and small birds.

Contrary to what we humans think, birds have a language of their own, and they’re rigidly organized in their own ways. Have you noticed how it is quite rare to find just one bird flying alone?

Just by putting a bird feeder in my backyard that is designed to keep squirrels away, I have learned the type of foods they like.

I have enjoyed watching the birds that like our cold winter weather, and the ones that simply disappear as the weather gets colder. I wish I could ask them where they hibernate too, once they reappear during the spring.

Watching both small and large birds feed through the squirrel resistant bird feeders can be enjoyable, relaxing, educational, and satisfying spiritually. With the help of the birds, I have learned how to understand weather patterns.

Birds have extra sensory powers that we humans can only dream of. Birds are quick to fly away to safer destinations before extreme weather changes occur.

Best Bird Feeders Reviews

Best of all the reasons to get your own best squirrel proof bird feeder can be found in the amazing pictures I have taken over the years. It is true that birds have a playful and respectful nature in how they treat each other.

The only conflict I have observed among birds feeding through the feeders I have installed in my backyard is between the large and small birds. The small birds usually respect the larger birds and give space for them to eat as much food as they want.

But I have also seen packs of smaller birds chase away few big birds to get to the food on the bird feeder pole. After watching several conflicts over the years, I took it upon myself to install a bird feeder for small birds only on one side, and a bird feeder for large birds on the other side.

While some humans might enjoy the violent encounter that might ensue from a pack of birds fighting to get at the food inside the feeder, the separation of the feeding areas solved that problem for good, permanently.

The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Depending on your location, squirrels might see your bird feeder as a source of food, which means you will have to get a unit they cannot easily get into. I have about four acres of land in my backyard and the squirrel population is quite low.

Squirrels have predictable behavior and most will leave your bird feeder alone if you take the time to get the right brand with squirrel resistant features. Apart from the listing of where to buy bird feeders, I will reveal some of the required features in a top rated brand.

I took into consideration the number of units sold, the reputation of the manufacturer, and the overall ratings from present users of the squirrel proof bird feeders.

I have divided the best-rated bird feeders found in this review into two sections, one for smaller birds and the other for larger birds.

Best Bird Feeder for Small Birds

If your backyard is large enough I would urge you to make a bird feeder for small birds only your first purchase. I have discovered that small birds outnumbered large birds by a ratio of three to one. You can find your own bird feeder for Small birds from the brands listed below.

1 – Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder Review

Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder Review

When it comes to bird feeders that are friendly to small flying birds and resistant to squirrels, this product from a company called Brome is not only a bestseller but also comes with all the right features.

It is my favorite small bird feeder of all time since I have been using one in my backyard for many years. This small bird feeder that is resistant to squirrels can be easily cleaned.

This squirrel resistant bird feeder is capable of holding up to 3 quarts of bird seed food and can be hung just about anywhere since the access to the seeds will close from the weight of the squirrel.

The Brome 1024 squirrel buster plus wild bird feeder is good at attracting different types of small birds, especially the ones that like to cling or perch.

While the manufacturer claims it is dishwasher safe, I urge you to consider the merits of hand washing the unit. If you’re still looking for the ultimate reason to buy one today, you should consider the lifetime warranty that it comes with.

2 – Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder Review

Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder Review

An appropriate name for this bird feeder should be “Beautiful”. It has a perch design style, which makes it possible for different types of small birds to feed using multiple angles. The cap for this feeder is locked, which means squirrels will try, but not get to the seeds.

The Perky-Pet 312 Panorama bird feeder is capable of holding up to two pounds of bird seeds. It suggested you clean the panorama bird feeder with soap and water every two weeks to ensure it is free of germs and healthy for birds to eat from.

3 – Brome Squirrel Buster Classic Review

Brome Squirrel Buster Classic Review

If you want only the small sized birds to visit your backyard, you should get this bird feeder from Brome. It is one of the most highly rated anti-squirrel bird feeders at this price range.

While the squirrels will not be harmed, neither will they be able to get access to the bird seeds. After several tries, the squirrels will give up, and let the other members of the clan know to leave it alone.

This is the right feeder to use if you want to witness how colorful birds like to eat and socially interact. Birds are much kinder to each other, especially if they’re of the same type.

It is quite easy to keep this feeder filled with bird food, and keeping one clean will not take up much of your time. The Brome Squirrel Buster Classic bird feeder is covered by a two-year limited warranty.

4 – Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7536 Review

Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7536 Review

The design style for this bird feeder from Woodlink gives it a shape like that of a little house with side holes. The setup of the food dispensing system will make it tough for rodents or squirrels to get at it.

Some of the current users have called this product one of the most desirable squirrel deterrent bird feeders one can buy online at a reasonable price. Squirrels cannot get to the food because their weight will instantly close the access to the seeds.

The Woodlink Absolute II model 7536 comes with double sided feeding areas, which will not only increase the rate of consumption but also attract more birds to your backyard.

The top of this feeder includes a locking mechanism, which provides the only access needed to fill it with bird seeds. It is capable of holding up to 12-pounds of bird food.

This bird feeder can be hung or pole mounted, and the required accessories are included with your purchase.

Other Durable Bird Feeders

The following bird feeders can serve the food needs of both large and small birds. The links provided below the images will take you to the complete products page where you can explore other brands with excellent performance metrics.

5 – Stokes Select Sunflower Seed Screen Bird Feeder Review

Stokes Select Sunflower Seed Screen Bird Feeder Review

While the Stokes select bird feeder is marketed as good to use with sunflower seeds, I have used other types of bird foods with good success.

You might be surprised to know that birds are picky eaters and certain seeds will be attracted, while some will not visit again until you change the type of bird food.

This bird feeder cage is designed to hold up to five pounds of sunflower seeds or similar sized bird food seeds. This is a good, no squirrel bird feeder, at an affordable price. It has a weather resistant powder coated finish.

The twist-lock tops will keep rodents like squirrels out of the bird seeds and the design style makes it easy to keep one clean. The included drainage holes will allow the right amount of moisture to keep the seeds fresh.

6 – Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder Review

Nature's Hangout Window Bird Feeder Review

I am quite familiar with this bird feeder that you can hand on your window with the aid of three powerful suction cups. It is capable of attracting all kinds of birds including squirrels if they can get to it.

While it did a great job at feeding both small and large birds, it also created a mess around my window, and the noise became unbearable. Contrary to what some might think, there are birds that love to eat at night and some can be quite large.

Birds can eat and shit at the same time, and they poop just whenever and wherever they like, without any prior warning. Despite all the heartaches that can come with keeping one clean, you’ll get the most fun from attaching this feeder to your window.

The seeds are easy to get to and birds will come at it with hunger both day and night. I have taken some amazing pictures both during the day and at night. Truth be told, there are some scary birds that do come for food during the night time.

If you don’t mind the cleaning up duty, Nature’s Hangout window bird feeder will attract the most beautiful birds’ right to your window. Their playful nature will relax you, and your guest might actually think you built a bird cage right into your window.

7 – Homestead Triple Bin Party Bird Feeder Review

Homestead Triple Bin Party Bird Feeder Review

It is true that different bird seeds will attract different types of birds, which means you need a bird feeder like this unit that is designed to hold up to three types of bird seeds at the same time.

If you’re looking for one of the best large bird feeders for sale online, consider yourself lucky to have come across this brand. My very good friend ended up buying the Homestead triple bin party bird feeder to attract large birds to his backyard.

You’re able to fill it with bird food through the removable roof, and it is capable of holding 11.5 pounds of different types of bird seeds at the same time. Some of the feedbacks from current users called it sturdy and durable.

This bird feeder can be mounted or hung, and it is constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel that is strong enough to resist rust.

Hopefully, this best bird feeders reviews have provided you another good reason to get one for your backyard, which is the fact that it is completely made in the United States of America.