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The Latest Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Review

When the Amazon Echo Dot was first introduced, people did not realize its potential neither did they give it much chance for success in this fast-moving technological age. Well fast forward a few years and the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation is kicking ass and moving unit numbers that would make any tech company envious.

Amazon is now the ultimate dealer in everything you need for both home and office life. The people that used to laugh at the antics of Jeff Bezos are not laughing anymore for he is out to control retailing in both America and other parts of the world.

The Echo Dot is quite smaller than what the image represents, but it is what it can allow you to do that makes it one of the hottest selling home gadgets this year 2017. Yes, the speaker inside of the device is tiny but it is the inclusion of a free downloadable Alexa App that gives it the power to alter the way you run your home for the better.

If you’re into loud sounds with great bass you’re able to connect the Echo Dot to external headphones or speakers using Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm stereo cable. In this Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation review we’ll discover how it packs a more powerful punch, much more than its size would reveal.

Forget the old fashion technology of remote control, the Echo is designed to respond to your voice. Not only that, it is capable of learning your habits and after just a few weeks will have your daily and weekly schedule down to the last detail.

This personal assistant small speaker from Amazon is smart, intuitive, and gets better the more you use it. It is capable of becoming your favorite alarm clock to get you out of bed in the morning and the list of sounds you can wake up to is growing by the day. You can use it to control smart home devices like LED light bulb lamps.

The voice recognition technology embedded inside this tiny device is far superior to what we expected. While it is available in both black and white color, there are optional cases you can buy to create the color of your dreams or match the decor of your living room or bedroom.

We’re going to break down the ability of this modern speaker one by one, but let’s start with the obvious pros and some of the cons.

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Review

Pros: Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation

The fact that it can be used hands-free should be considered one of its best design features.

Comes with a free Alexa App that makes it possible to have total control of your smart home devices, get timely information, create alarm settings to suit your lifestyle, play a different genre of music, and much more.

Comes with one of the most sophisticated voice recognition technology that is intuitive and learns your vocal intonations over time.

The Echo Dot Speaker is designed to keep a record of your needs and wants, which is why most of the current users say it grows with you. Each action is remembered for later use.

The most appealing aspect of this device is the automatic updates for the Alexa App, which means it will keep getting better and better.

Cons: Echo Dot

The internal speaker is very low in volume and you might experience distractions if you set it to the highest volume.

The Echo Dot is more suitable for USA and UK use, for a few of the foreign country users complained of incompatibility with their country.

If you happen to have an internet connection with data limitations, you might run into issues as the Echo Dot is data heavy.

The only true downside, in my opinion, is the lack of a built-in battery pack. If you want to make it portable you’ll need to purchase the Fremo Evo, which is an intelligent Battery Base for 2nd Generation Echo Dot.

What about the Design

Truth be told, when I first received the Amazon Echo Dot device, impressive was not my first choice word. This speaker plus assistant is tiny, measuring about “32 mm x 84 mm x 84 mm” and weighing less than half a pound. Due to its size, you can put it just about anywhere inside your home.

Until you start communicating with the Echo Dot visitors might not even notice it. The Amazon sigil is prominently displayed on the side with four distinctive slightly hollowed buttons on the top.

The buttons control volume up or down, action button and microphone off. Along the round edges are tiny holes where the 7-microphone array is embedded. Right next to the tiny holes you’ll find a light ring that emits different colors of lights based on the task you assign to the Echo Dot.

On the side of the device you’ll find two connection outlets one for micro USB power and the other for 3.5 mm audio output. When connected to external speakers the feedback will be received through such rather than the one inside the Amazon Echo Dot. There are Echo Dot sleeves you can buy to customize the outward color, but it is too pricey in my opinion.

Amazon Echo Dot Review

How easy is it to setup?

Apart from the simplicity of the design, you have to give Amazon credit for the easy setup routine that it comes with. The instructions for how to connect the device is quite simple. The first crucial steps call for plugging into an electrical outlet and downloading the Alexa free App.

Once the download is completed, the App will give you specific orders to follow and you can commence interacting with your Echo Dot. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection nearby the setup might seem seamless and trouble free.

How About Alexa

Alexa App is the brain that makes the Echo Dot device run right. What you can do with this tiny speaker is only limited by your imagination. Once it is up and running you can order food, check the weather stats, discover how long your commute would be to work and ask for weather updates for the day, all while still brushing your teeth or getting dressed.

The App is installed in the cloud and capable of self-updating. Alexa is getting bigger and better at interacting with human voices and needs. It is the dominant virtual assistance that is used in all Amazon devices.

Conclusion: Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation

The rate of technology advances is so fast that it is becoming hard to keep up. The Echo Dot speaker from Amazon is just one of a number of smart devices that are clamoring for the chance to run our daily lives. Some of what this device can let you do might sound creepy to some, but you’re always in charge of the functions you want to implement or not.

This is definitely a good addition to any modern home with a collection of smart gadgets. While I might have failed to mention it in this Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation review, most of the current users of this device love it, and you can read the feedbacks on Amazon.com