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A Better Healthcare Alternative to Both the Republican Health Care Plan and Obamacare

The current state of health care in America is not worth praising. A doctor friend recently told me, the true death rate among both older and middle-aged Americans are not being reported. I would get to some of the juicy details of our secret conversation.

Before we get to the meat of this article, let’s discuss a few facts. The US government currently spends billions of dollars on health care and if divided equally among its citizens each of us should get over $9, 000 based on a recent article in NPR.

Why is it that in this technological age, the Medicaid program is not allowed to negotiate drug prices with manufacturers? This anomaly alone adds billions of dollars to the health care cost. Despite the higher cost of health care, Americans are getting sicker on a daily basis? Why is that?

Why Obamacare is Failing

Obamacare is failing because it did not address the real cause of diseases in this country. When the government is only focused on treating sick people, it will just create more sick people. Offering citizens any type of health care without adequately addressing the real reasons why people get sick will not work.

More and more people will continue to get sick unless a common sense approach is adopted to address sickness causes. It is just like trying to lose weight without addressing eating habits or toxic lifestyle choices. It will not work neither did Obamacare.

The Republicans Health Plan

The Republicans health care plan is also doomed to fail, without the right approach to containing what creates illnesses in most people. It is not the amount of money spent, neither is it the number of legislation passed. Just look at all the trillions of dollars spent on the war on poverty, and yet, millions of Americans are still poor.

Politicians from both parties are dishonest, to say the least. Most are beholden to special interest groups that love to keep the status quo. Drug manufacturers will hate the day when fewer people are getting sick. Neither will medical doctors be happy with fewer patients to practice on.

Republicans hear this loud and clear, your health care bill will not work, and I can guarantee that more Americans will continue to die needlessly, just as the powers that be want it. Contrary to want some of you might think, the sickness industry is a huge business and they contribute millions of dollars to politicians, and the last thing they want is healthier Americans.

Reasonable Health Care Plan

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is called insanity. Yet we all pretend things will change with the new bill when we’ll all know that it is just a camouflage for the real issues. I am not going to approach the health care debate using statistics or useless debate points that only serve to prolong the agony of sicker Americans.

The real idea behind this article is to get my fellow Americans thinking about suitable alternatives. My approach calls for the creation of two health care bills, one to address sickness and the other to deal with wellness. I even have suitable names for both bills; sickness care and wellness care.

Sickness Care

It is estimated that about 20% of Americans are responsible for over 80% of health care spending from an article written in 2012 in politifact.com. That number is astounding if you want to know the truth.

The sickness care policy will group those Americans into a pool with suitable insurance plans to address these issues. What I see currently with sick people is a revolving door of moving from one sickness to the other.

They might contain your lung cancer but the drugs used will give you other illnesses that would soon lead to further doctor’s visit. Have you noticed how cancer rates are rising despite all the billions raised over fifty years to find a cure? It is a shell game and the drug manufacturers know this.

Just treating sick people is not the ideal way to keep Americans healthy. The sickness insurance plan would probably be the most difficult to administer, simply because it is the driving force for more health care spending and the special interest groups making billions in profit every year will not allow true reforms to be enacted.

I recently lost my Ex to breast cancer and what the doctor’s put her through is just a perfect example of why health care spending is off the charts. First, they removed both breasts and then they made her sicker with intense radiation to kill the cancer cells.

She became a shell of her former self and more diseases just emerged to increase her agony. She probably would have lived longer and enjoyed a better life without all the so-called experimental cancer treatments.

She died within three years of starting the treatments, and there are thousands of American women and now men going through this torture. In my opinion, a treatment that creates for more diseases should be avoided at all cost. What is the point of curing your foot if the treatment creates more problems for your heart and other body organs?

Wellness Care

A portion of the current health care spending should be devoted to wellness care. First, let me ask you, do you really know what is the true cause of any type of illness? The major reasons why people get sick can be traced to drinking alcohol, smoking, poor eating habits, environmental pollutions, electronic devices, Wi-Fi antennas, carcinogens in our water supply, deadly chemical sprayed by clearly visible airplanes (Chemtrails), and mind control programming that is prevalent on most television shows.

If the politicians truly want to help Americans get healthier they should start by addressing some of the cause of illnesses all over the country. They should start by teaching the kids how to eat healthier. A class called proper nutrition planning should be adopted in all public schools.

People should be taught the ingredients used in popular drinks and fast foods and what they can do to the body. Why are food manufacturers including corn fructose in almost all the products sold in supermarkets? What does corn fructose syrup do to the body?

Why is it that we now have fruits without seeds and what are the consequences from the genetic manipulation going on in secret labs all over America? Children should be taught the real meaning of ingredients despite all the sweet sounding scientific names.

It is also time to shine a brighter light on the ways animals are raised and slaughtered in this country. We’re now been sold lab engineered food rather than real food and most Americans are just going along like sheep to the slaughter.

If you took the time to analyze all that is making people sick you would be able to connect the dots. Do you know that when cell phones were first introduced it was widely known that a certain percentage of users will develop brain tumors?

Read this Newsweek article to get some of the juicy details about a recent Italian court case involving brain cancer and excessive cell phone use. My doctor friend confessed to me that the rate of brain tumors seen by medical doctors is growing at an alarming rate.

The real data is not widely publicized as they want more people to keep adopting additional devices. Another hidden fact is the growing threat posed by Wi-Fi antennas, which can be found all over the country. This article written in 2014 will give you some of the facts.

The apathy among my fellow citizens is quite surprising. The distractions from knowing what is really making us sick are growing at an alarming rate. Wellness care policy should be reserved for our citizens that are still healthy.

To get the lower insurance rates certain health scores should be established. The simple requirement for the wellness policy is that you get a blood test to confirm your health status. If you’re a smoker or obese, it is obvious you’ll soon be developing few diseases and that should be taking into consideration.

It is estimated that women use more health care services than guys do, and that means they should pay more. You want equality, you got it! Men are charged more for automobile insurance because it is estimated we cause the majority of the car accidents.

Men are charged more for life insurance because it is claimed we die at earlier than the opposite sex. So it is quite reasonable to conclude that higher health care use should come with a higher premium that is if you want to be fair when talking about with true equality.

Just like your driving record is considered while seeking insurance for your automobile, your daily lifestyle choices should be considered when buying a wellness care policy. It is just a fact that certain things you do will make you sick sooner rather than later.

While there are exceptions or the lucky few, that should not be the rule. Every alcohol drop you consume affects your liver and kidney in a negative way. Have you ever asked yourself why fluoride is included in our water supply despite its classification as a poison?

Do you know that the FDA requires warning labels to be put on all toothpaste tubes containing this deadly substance. Here is another post about the dangers posed by fluoride.

The wellness care should be very cheap and be designed to reward those that probably will not be paying a visit to a medical doctor due to better lifestyle choices while increasing premiums for those that will soon be dealing with a myriad of health issues.

We can wait for the diseases to manifest themselves before charging exorbitant prices for health insurance plans. The idea of the pricing scale is to discourage certain behaviors while encouraging healthier choices.

The government should not deter citizens from consuming anything just as long as they’re aware of the consequences. Just like most of us will not commit a crime due to the presence of jails, higher health insurance rates should be used as a deterrent for certain lifestyle choices.

What to do With the Poor and People that Refuse to Buy a Health Insurance Plan

After watching how our government spends billions of dollars on a yearly basis with the goal of eradicating poverty, I am convinced no one can do for the individual what he or she should be doing. Have you noticed how government programs are designed to deal with symptoms rather create an effective cure?

Rather than address what creates and drives poverty, they create programs to deal poverty symptoms, and yet we wonder why the results have not changed much despite the huge investment of resources over decades.

I will not get into the debate of what creates poverty, but I can assure you no amount of government spending will solve the problem unless the causes are dealt with in a truthful and sensible manner. So what to do with the poor that cannot afford any health insurance policy?

I am of the opinion that as long as you’re able bodied and have all your body parts functioning you should work for any government dollars received. Most human beings are lazy by nature and if given a choice they will let the government take care of them from cradle to grave.

Have you noticed how at the supermarket some of the people using food stamps are using iPhones or other more expensive digital devices? How the hell can you maintain a car and yet qualify for food stamps or other government goodies?

It is not fair to the “schmucks” that play by the rules and struggle to make ends meet. So if you’re able bodied and cannot afford to buy health insurance policy, the qualification for free health care should be strenuous and arduous to discourage the free loaders.

At present, all hospitals are required to treat anyone that shows up at the emergency room regardless of health insurance policy status. Emergency room health treatment for people without any insurance plan is not cheap and the cost is passed on to other health insurance holders in the form of higher premiums.

What should be done with people without insurance that shows up at emergency rooms all across the country? I am open to suggestions, but I urge you not to forget the human psyche, which is, why pay for what you can get for free.

Should the United States Adopt Free Health Care for All

That might sound appealing to some of you but that comes with profound consequences unless it is a well thought out plan. Would people behave more recklessly since they assume treatment will always be around regardless of cost? Canada and Great Britain are dealing with issues we do not presently have.

In those two countries, the government has a panel that can deny you care, which means the patient will eventually die. The idea is that some treatments are a waste of money, due to the nature of the disease.

Do you know that same “death panel” requirement is tucked into Obamacare and will soon be instituted unless it is entirely repealed? Do you want the government to be in charge of who lives or dies? That is the question to be answered.